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1) Sure have! 📚 The Haunting of Blackwood Manor, 2 cook books (one of which I hugged when I found it), Gravity Falls Journal 3, and an Illustrated Brief History of Time.

2) No bookish items yet this year.


TheSpineView Thanks for playing! 😊 2d
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I‘ve finished my first complete read through, but I will be coming back to this book often in 2020! I have already begun to use what I learn to enhance all of our meals.

Would anyone be interested in me sharing some of the meals I prepare using the tips, techniques and recipes in Samin‘s book? It definitely has a new, prized place on my cookbook shelf! 👩‍🍳

#booked2020 #liveandlearn
#pop20 : subject you know nothing about

wanderinglynn 🙋🏼‍♀️ YES! Please do! (edited) 3d
MissAimz_55 Yes! 3d
KarenUK Definitely 👍😊💕 3d
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Mrs_B YES! Need all the help i can get! 😂 3d
JamieArc Yes! 3d
Lindy I‘m always up for kitchen talk. 👍 3d
MallenNC Yes. I‘m curious if this would help me! 3d
Bookwormjillk For sure! 3d
Amandajoy Yes! 3d
Chrissyreadit Yes! I have this book but it is still on #mttbr 3d
Bklover Yes-definitely! 3d
youneverarrived Yes, please share 😃 2d
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I'm not sure if this happens to anyone else, but sometimes I will encounter a recipe, and it will stick with me. This cake is one Turshen makes for her wife. I was intrigued by the simplicity of the recipe and the strange (to me) ingredients in the frosting. I liked that it tasted better cold. The combination of chocolate and raspberry probably moved it up a few notches.

Prairiegirl_reading I keep thinking about the award winning bar in Kitchens of the Great Midwest. I really should just try it. 😄 3d
Simona Nom, nom ... 3d
Lcsmcat So what‘s in the frosting? Inquiring minds want to know. 😀 3d
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Zelma Agreed! I am very curious about the frosting. 3d
MatchlessMarie Very curious since I suck at making frosting no matter how well I stick to the recipe lol 😋 3d
ReadingEnvy @Prairiegirl_reading I think about that a lot too. We all should just make the dang things. 3d
ReadingEnvy @Lcsmcat @MatchlessMarie @Zelma sour cream, melted chocolate, and maple syrup! But it whips up into this amazing consistency and has this tang that pairs well with the raspberry. http://jennybakes.blogspot.com/2020/01/happy-wife-happy-life-chocolate-cake.html 3d
Lcsmcat @ReadingEnvy That sounds delicious! 3d
ReadingEnvy @Prairiegirl_reading I looked up the peanut butter bars and it looks like similar ingredients to peanut butter balls, buckeyes if you're in Ohio, Georgia cookie candy if you're in Georgia, just in bar form. It would be tasty! 3d
Prairiegirl_reading @ReadingEnvy I read that one in October and I‘ve been thinking about it ever since. I read The Lager Queens of Minnesota and I‘ve been craft beers since then so I guess it‘s only fair I try these tasty treats. 😉 I live in Manitoba and I was thinking maybe we would call them peanut butter slice but that‘s the stuff with the marshmallows but regardless we call anything like this dainties. (edited) 3d
ReadingEnvy @Prairiegirl_reading Dainties! I love that. 3d
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Feeling very inspired! This book has given me so many ideas of not only creative ways to use pesto in recipes, but to get inventive with the sauce ingredients itself...... Using a basic principle and ratio of plant, oil, nut, cheese or cheese alternative, garlic and seasoning..... the varieties are endless! Can‘t wait to start creating! 🌱

Cathythoughts Pesto 💚💚💚Love it 4d
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#QuotsyJan20 #expert

I can spend almost as much time in a spice store as I can in a bookstore & Penzey‘s is a favorite. I recently bought this on e-book deal by the granddaughter of the founders. She goes on to say that even though her grandparents were experts they continued to learn from their customers about how spices are used in other countries & how they compliment each other. Even for experts “there is always more to learn on a subject.”

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A foodie themed stack for a lazy afternoon on my patio..... 💕

Tamra Mmmmmm Pesto 4d
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When dinner happens to coincide with the section of the cook book I am currently reading! Hubby picked dinner tonight:

Him: We‘re having Irish Stew
Me: Yay! I just read about the correct way to brown meats and make stew. We‘ve been doing it all wrong.
Him: Ok
Me: You‘re doing it incorrectly right NOW
Him: Do you want to make dinner tonight?
Me: 🤐🤣

ljuliel Doggone ! You‘re married to someone who cooks ? If my husband made supper, we‘d have pop tarts. 5d
Nebklvr Bless your hubby. Sounds like you two have a good time! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @ljuliel 🤣🤣 Yep! We share all household duties. And we each have dishes that we make better than the other. He does lamb, beef, seafood and pork really well. I make the vegetarian, chicken, soups, curries, international dishes, and one pot meals. And eggs. He does not do eggs well. 😁 5d
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eanderson 🤣 This sounds like a conversation in my house. 5d
4thhouseontheleft @Nebklvr We do. 🥰 @eanderson 🤣🤣 5d
ljuliel That is NIFTY. When the Hubster retires ,we will split all the household chores 50/50 .I‘m not sure 🤔 how they will be designated yet, but if he gets to retire, so do I. I highly doubt he will cook . In 42.5 years, he has made himself hotdogs once. He waited for the water to boil before placing them in the pan. He made Mac and cheese once and put the macaroni into cold water, THEN sat it on the stove to cook. CRUNCHY. He can have dishes.I‘ll cook 5d
Crazeedi @ljuliel my hubby would cook if I let him, but I would have a big mess to clean up so I do the cooking, unless I'm sick. 🙄 5d
4thhouseontheleft @ljuliel sounds like he needs to sign up for a cooking class. 😄 Don‘t be an enabler! 😇 It‘s not rocket science. When my mom was diagnosed with BC and started treatment 2 yrs ago, I had a come to Jesus moment with my dad. Told him he HAD to learn some basic cooking skills, or else. He did. 😄 5d
ljuliel @Crazeedi Well, I‘ll give him a gold star for trying. 🌟. You should tell him whoever cooks also does dishes ! 5d
ljuliel I‘ve already told him ANYONE can cook. Especially in today‘s world. Directions are on everything ! Even frozen pizzas say : remove plastic before placing in oven. Do not eat before cooking. . *I have yet to meet anyone who would start gnawing on a frozen pizza straight out of the freezer * 5d
Crazeedi @ljuliel have you seen his attempts to "clean up" the kitchen? I have and it's not pretty! Lol 5d
ljuliel And good for you for giving your dad a talking-to about helping out ! ♥️ 5d
Crazeedi @ljuliel I have to say when I dont feel like cooking hes fine with finding something to eat! 5d
ljuliel @Crazeedi Gosh, it must be bad. I‘m wondering how he makes a worse mess by washing dishes. Does he flood the kitchen sink ? 5d
ljuliel @Crazeedi My husband has said that a few times, but then he either doesn‘t eat , or he eats a sack of pretzels. 😱 5d
Crazeedi @ljuliel he just doesn't see everything to wipe up! But I appreciate that hes willing to feed himself!! 5d
4thhouseontheleft @ljuliel honestly, he didn‘t have a choice. I live 9 hrs away. It was either step up, or step out. 💪🏼 5d
ljuliel Yes, we‘ll give him a gold star for that 🌟 @crazeedi 5d
ljuliel @4thhouseontheleft That‘s great that you‘re such a good daughter. Most couples our age ( 60s) , that I know of, the Little Woman is still the housewife, while the man is a bit like Archie Bunker. Comes home, sits down, and waits for supper. My husband isn‘t that crabby ( in fact, I‘m more like Archie 🤨) , but I‘m a combo Archie and Edith. Although I can sit wherever I want and don‘t allow him to boss me around . I DO sing like Edith. 5d
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Brought this one home from the library today and the lemon yogurt dressing was so appealing I made it right away. I have chickpeas in the Ipot, so I‘m all set! (💜 Ipot)

Eggs Beautiful tableau @Tamra 👏🏻💗 7d
Christine Yum! 7d
BookNAround Lemon yogurt dressing sounds delicious! 6d
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(Pic from the book)
This is supposedly what we‘re having for dinner tonight! And it‘s from the slow cooker! I‘ll update in the comments later if it turned out as promised... I‘m hopeful!

MoonWitch94 Yummy 😋 1w
rachelm Pretty good!! 1w
Tamra Crossing fingers! 1w
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I love rainy days when I don‘t have a lot of things to do, like today! So I can spend the whole afternoon curled up with a 📖 and 🍵!


Emilymdxn Great book and great reading set up! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @Emilymdxn Everyone is going to get tired of me talking about this book soon, lol 😂 1w
JamieArc I‘ve been debating whether or not to buy this book and your posts have helped make the decision. Love seeing them :-) 1w
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kgriffith @4thhouseontheleft @brandybear22 based my Christmas gifts on my obsession with this book 😂 I‘ll post a pic of them today and tag the book 😊 1w
4thhouseontheleft @JamieArc Glad to be of help! (except to your wallet perhaps 😂) 1w
4thhouseontheleft @kgriffith I would love to see that! Tag me too so I don't miss it 😃My kitchen shopping list is definitely growing longer, luckily it's more pantry ingredients than tools. 1w
Kimberlone This is one of the best cookbooks I‘ve ever experienced! The corresponding show on Netflix is also worth a watch. Samin has such a positive personality! 1w
4thhouseontheleft @Kimberlone We just watched the first episode tonight! Now I‘m hungry again 🤣 1w
Kimberlone @4thhouseontheleft my favorite episodes were salt and acid! 1w
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