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I am so ashamed of myself for just now getting around to my first post of October!! This is my favorite month of the year and I've seriously failed to show it the proper respect so far.🤦 Alright, I promise to do better from now on 😂
Just featuring some of my horror shelves today! #sundayshelfie #shelfie #horrornovels
I'll get my #octobertbr posted very soon. #scarybooks #octoberisforhorror

Linsy Sounds yummy 🎃 2mo
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When your #secretsantagoespostal match‘s favorite genres are ones you don‘t know well...

I‘m pretty set for the non-book items (all ordered) but struggling to think of what books to get.

GypsyKat Can you go off of their TBR on here or on Goodreads? That‘s what I would do. 2y
Louise I second @GypsyKat on this. Also, it's nice to share a book that means a lot to YOU. It's a great way for Littens to discover books they might not otherwise have picked up. 2y
Leniverse I'm completely blank on my match. Thanks to my Litsy followers I now have a stack of books to send, but I still have no idea what extras to send. I'll just get generic stuff, I guess. But maybe ask Litsy like I did, if you can keep it anonymous enough? 2y
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JenP @GypsyKat unfortunately not much to go on here and the goodreads name they gave me has like 50 people with the same name so I‘m not sure which one is the right person 2y
JenP @Louise that‘s what I‘m going to do for one of the books. I think in general the types of books I like are listed as this person‘s least favorite genres 😬 2y
JenP @Leniverse that might be a good idea. I might look at the recommendations you got since I think that was one of the genres this person listed. 2y
Leniverse Ask one of the coordinators to ask your match to provide a link to their Goodreads rather than just the name? 2y
JenP @Leniverse yes, I just did that this morning. Thanks! 2y
Amandajoy Check Book Riot to see if they have lists specific to those genres. Their lists are usually pretty diverse & have titles that tend to fly under the radar. 2y
Leelee.reads Also search litsy hashtags (#romansty, #horrornovels...) I needed a cozy mystery for book club and had never read one, and scrolling through reviews under the #cozymystery hashtag is how I discovered authors and titles. 2y
JenP @Leelee.reads that‘s a good idea 2y
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