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HEX | Thomas Olde Heuvelt
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The Whisper Man | Alex North
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Let‘s talk about some more creepy books! Check out my Halloween Song Book Tag video: https://youtu.be/RmPVXirsXBY

#booktube #booksforoctober #creepyreads #psychologicalthrillers #scarybooks

EadieB @Butterflyamore 1. Thriller - Page Turner - I just finished a book that was a page turner but part of a series 2mo
EadieB 2. Somebody‘s Watching Me - Creepy vibes - true crime book from NetGalley 2mo
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EadieB 3. Vampire - Soul Sucking - could not finish bad language etc. 2mo
EadieB 4. I Put a Spell on you - Witchcraft or Magic - series about magician 2mo
EadieB 5. This Halloween - Favorite Snack - I‘ve been eating some Ginger Snap cookies with hot tea. 2mo
EadieB 6. Time Warp - Halloween re-Read - 2mo
EadieB 7. Hungry Like a Wolf - devoured book - 2mo
EadieB 8. Adams Family - Dysfunctional family Book - 2mo
EadieB 9. Scary monster, super creep - genre I particularly do not read - 2mo
EadieB 10. Twilight Zone - Unique Premise Book - 2mo
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I am so ashamed of myself for just now getting around to my first post of October!! This is my favorite month of the year and I've seriously failed to show it the proper respect so far.🤦 Alright, I promise to do better from now on 😂
Just featuring some of my horror shelves today! #sundayshelfie #shelfie #horrornovels
I'll get my #octobertbr posted very soon. #scarybooks #octoberisforhorror

Linsy Sounds yummy 🎃 2mo
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Slender Man | Anonymous
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#Screamathon #Readathon books.
I trailed my shelves and pulled out most of my horror book's through out October many of these will be read! (Side note: Read this in a spooky scary voice)
I have put aside all other books with the exception of library books to read only my horror books. I'm starting with #slenderman #horror #readingmyownbooks #scarybooks #reading #books #anonymousauthor ⚰️🔪💀👻☠️🗡️🦇🙈🙉🙊👹🕷️🕸️🎭🃏⛏️📚💣🔞🚫⛔☣️

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I‘m basically scared now. This book is freaky!!
#scarybooks #spookybpoks #halloween #octoberreads #october #AHeadFullofGhosts #scary

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Psycho | Robert Bloch
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Day 26: Classic Horror Novel - It always amazes me that this novel was published in 1959. #bookishwackyholidays #octoberbookchallenge #geauxpsycheaux #horror #horrornovel #scarybooks #murder #gopsycho #psycho #hitchcock #halloweenreads #scaryreads

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Burntown | Jennifer McMahon
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This book scared the crap out of me and I'm only on page 29. I guess I'll have to keep it in the freezer tonight like In that Friends episode 😳

#currentlyreading #scarybooks

Reecaspieces It is a good one!! 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto 😂😂 sometimes I put my book in the living room and shut my bedroom door. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 2y
LauraJ Sounds fun! 2y
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DimeryRene I love when people make that reference! 2y
ruthemmielang @DimeryRene I watched A LOT of Friends as a teenager 😀 2y
ruthemmielang @Ashley_Nicoletto lol I guess we both have overactive imaginations 😳 2y
Kwizgiver 😂 2y
monkeygirlsmama 🤣🤣🤣Stacking. 2y
EvieBee Hahaha! Was it The Shining in that episode? 2y
JacintaMCarter I stayed up super late to finish that book because I couldn't handle going to sleep wondering what was going to happen. 2y
mdm139 So I had to look up that scene of friends since I never watched it, and got the whole Shining v. Little Women debate. I laughed so hard. _____ dies in the end. Omg that debate was so me and my hubby, he tells me that so and so dies in the end all the time. 2y
ruthemmielang @EvieBeeReads Yes, I think it was the shining! 2y
ruthemmielang @JacintaMCarter I think I'm going to have that same problem 😊 2y
ruthemmielang @mdm139 oh no! 😮 2y
coffeenebula Off topic - someone's been Krogering 😂 2y
ruthemmielang @coffeenebula Haha yep! Had to get some Simple Truth popsicles 😄 2y
JillyMann Ohhhh, I‘ll have to add this to the list! Looking for a good scary book. Thanks! 1y
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The Haunting of Hill House | Shirley Jackson
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Saturday breakfast and book 📚 ☕️ trying to finish this one up today. I've been reading the physical copy at home and listening to the audiobook while in the car. I can't decide which one is creepier 😱 #amreading #thehauntingofhillhouse #shirleyjackson #scarybooks #breakfastandbooks #saturdaymorning

charissharpe Ohhh I haven't read this one 👻 2y
Zelma This one is on my list for creepy fall reads. 👍 2y
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It | Stephen King
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Okay, Mr King, bring it on!!! 🤡🎈 #rereadingthisafter25years #buddyreadlongread #scarybooks

SoniaC This is going to be awesome! 3y
Mammaletterario Absolutely fantastic! I just finished that book so I'm ready and waiting for the new version of the movie to come out! 3y
BibliophileMomma I am so excited about this! 3y
VioletBramble This book made me afraid of plumbing for weeks during and after reading. 🛁💀 3y
TheLudicReader I loved this book back in the day. Scary & heartbreaking. 3y
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