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I read this gem at the beginning of 2017. It was a fun and quick read. Loved the twist, it was not what I saw coming, and I had several theories playing through my mind. #thegirlonthetrain #paulahawkins #suspense #thebookisbetterthanthemovie #bookworm #idowhatiwant

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One of my favorite parts of this book. Talk about a power move. #idowhatiwant #yasqueen

It | Stephen King
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About halfway through the year I realized that I would never make it to my reading challenge goal if I kept picking up 700-800+ paged books... But for some reason, I keep straying back to them 😭 Anyone else ever say screw your goal and read what you want to read? 🤷🏼‍♀️

maggie_azevedo I couldn't agree more. Read what you want! It's so much more fun! 1y
kristincatastrophic Exactly, screw the goal and read what you want. Or, you could change your goal to "pages read" instead of "books read". It's funny that you posted this because my mom and I were talking last night about whether or not I could meet my next goal if I read The Stand next. 1y
Stephuhhnieee @kristincatastrophic This is my first year actually taking my goal seriously and it‘s a partial fail, lol! The pages idea is fabulous! I love looking at the litfluence and seeing all the pages read. Please post your thoughts on The Stand when ya finish! I‘ve been told that it‘s the best SK novel by a few people. (Other few have said it‘s boring.) 1y
Stephuhhnieee @maggie_azevedo yaaaaaas🙌🏻 1y
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It wasn‘t exactly an impulse buy as I‘ve had it in the back of my head since the console was released, but getting it TODAY was not exactly, um, planned. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ #adulting #idowhatiwant #gamergirl #gaymergrrl @Lost_Boi

ErinSueMreads #idowhatiwant 😂😂😂😂 I say that constantly in the cartman voice. We are going to make that hashtag trend across the internet. 1y
kgriffith @ErinSueG I‘ve seen maybe a half dozen episodes of South Park and I do the same 😂 1y
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8 am. Not a single regret right now.

TheWordJar Perfect! 2y
Eggs Cookies for breakfast-that's how we roll 😉🌟❄️🎄😍 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto @Eggs Definitely the holiday season. 😂 2y
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JenReadsAlot Nope! They look yummy 2y
aschermetz Calories don‘t count in December anyway. 😂🙌 2y
Ashley_Nicoletto @aschermetz They sure don't! 😂😂 2y
coffeenebula I had pie with my coffee ☕️ 🥧 #Idowhatiwant 2y
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I tell him to get off my books and he sticks his tongue out at me! 😂😂📖

Tamra Bah! 2y
TheLibrarian So cute!! 2y
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GondorGirl ❤😹❤ 2y
DGRachel 😹😹 2y
gossamerchild Good kitty! 😻😻 2y
Cupofjo 😂 2y
CouronneDhiver Aw! Silly kitty 2y
Nerdfins 😝 2y
Libby1 😻 2y
kspenmoll 😻😻 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks 😹😹😹 2y
Simona 😂 Cat with attitude 😍 2y
TNbookworm Too cute😸 2y
Bookdodger Love Gruley‘s work! 2y
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Final Girls | Riley Sager
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Pizza, wine and a book. Second night in a row. #idowhatiwant

heikemarie Arugula on pizza is the best thing. 2y
TheKidUpstairs That pizza looks fabulous! 2y
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It | Stephen King
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I started reading IT years ago but never finished. I still remember bits and pieces of what I'm reading so I haven't reached a part that I haven't read (yet...about 20% in). I am really liking this though! Not sure why I put it down before. Life got in the way, probably. Anyhoo...onward I go! #readwhilethekidsnap #ishoulddocalculus #imnotgoingto #idowhatiwant

Crash I just finished reading it. I think the last time I read it was about 20-25 years ago? 2y
ItsAngel @Crash Did you enjoy it? 2y
Andrew65 @Crash How long does it take for the nightmares to go away? 🤣 2y
Crash I did enjoy it. I decided to reread it after seeing the movie two weeks ago. @Andrew65 what nightmares lol 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Since I work on my birthday tomorrow, I am having a Sunday funday today that will hopefully include reading many of these books! #allthebooks #idowhatiwant #perfectday ❤️📚

LauraBrook Happy early birthday!!! 🎉 2y
Morr_Books @LauraBrook Thanks!!!! 2y
Libby1 Happy birthday! ⭐️ 2y
Morr_Books @Libby1 Thanks! 😀 2y
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