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1. Work 3 days and I have a Master Food Preserver class.
2. Backyard, fence, neighbor's house.
3. California Bay Area, temp was 73F.
4. Done
I tag @NataliePatalie .

#MotivationalMonday @Cupcake12

Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in x 11h
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#motivationalmonday @cupcake12

🌼I live in what they call garden apartment which means I live in a hole😳😂the last apartment in a five story building. I have a small patio but in front of my living room (glass sliding door) I only see the balcony, part of my small patio, wood fence & some trees behind the fence🤷🏽‍♀️but I love this privacy🙌
🌼Caribbean Puerto Rico 🇵🇷Today was a rainy day, less hot than usual, 84 degree 84% humidity 😳

Gissy Thanks for tagging me @sleepswithbooks & @Read4life 🥰♥️♥️ 16h
Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in x 11h
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Carrie | Stephen King
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1. Had to help with fixing the rain gutter yesterday. Like to get my daily writing word count up, and try to catch up on reading goals.

2. My porch, lawns, cars, and houses.

3. Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Been warmer with more sun for a couple days. Right now it‘s around 70°.

4. Should be finishing this today.


Parable of the Sower | Octavia E. Butler
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#motivationalmonday 1. Have new dishwasher installed (old one broke last week) and celebrate younger son‘s 19th birthday 🎂 2. Dark now, but our covered patio furniture 🌖 3. Dublin, Ohio, suburb of Columbus - warm and sunny today 😎 4. Tagged 👆🏻📖🎧

Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in. Have a great week x 1d
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1. Between paid work, volunteer work, and school work, I have SO MUCH to do. And my son has a band concert Wednesday, so that's fun.

2. The dusty table and chairs on my back patio.

3. Southern California. Kind of chilly for April, but reasonably sunny.

4. I'm not really liking this one.


Cupcake12 Thanks for joining in and good luck with your busy week xx 2d
ImperfectCJ @Cupcake12 Thank you! I took a break and took a walk, and even though I still have a lot to do, it feels less overwhelming, at least at the moment 1d
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Shades of Milk and Honey | Mary Robinette Kowal
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Thank you @Eggs for the #MotivationalMonday tag! 🤗

1️⃣ Flying to Hilo Friday for a meeting I‘m presenting at, good-bye party for boss😢&👶🏼shower for one of my direct reports. Lots to do for it!

2️⃣ Clouds from the skylight by my desk (I work from home). The other day a large male 🦆was up there tapping on it.

3️⃣ East Honolulu Hawaii —we‘ve had it all today🌧️⛅️& wind gusts. My neighbor‘s patio umbrella just sailed into my yard! 😱

4️⃣ ✔️

Cupcake12 Great post. Hope you have a good week and thanks for joining in xx 2d
Eggs Beautiful skylight view 👏🏻👏🏻 1d
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1. My mom is on a cruise this week so I have the house to myself and I‘m watching the dog. It‘s okay because I like being by myself. I‘m going to take my dog for a walk every day, watch a livestream tomorrow afternoon that I registered for, watch The Masked Singer on Wednesday night and read.

2. This picture that I‘m showing here is from my bedroom window today.

3. I live in TX,USA. It‘s cloudy and cool.

4. Tagged


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Read4life 💙💙💙 2d
Cupcake12 I love the Masked Singer, thanks for joining in. Great photo. Have a good week x 2d
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The Lower Power | Michele W. Miller
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1. Yup. A trip with my boo from Friday till Tuesday next week. Looking forward to that 😊
2.Nothing atm, as it's night outside and the blinds are closed. At daytime: neighboring houses, a backyard with some fir trees.
3. Stuttgart, Germany. It's been overcast today, about 55 degrees Fahrenheit. About an hour ago, a storm has broken loose... 🌬️☔
Perfect for reading on the couch!
#MotivationalMonday @Cupcake12
#stormyweather #April #surprises

Cupcake12 Great answers. Thanks for joining in. Have a good week x 2d
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Zorrie | Laird Hunt
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1. I am off to Denver for a week with my daughter who has big plans for us….cleaning out the garage. 🤣
2. The mountains
3. I am in Colorado in the Rocky Mountains and it‘s getting ready for anow tonight. 😝

@Cupcake12 #MotivationalMonday

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Lesliereadsalot Can you tell me how #MotivationalMonday works? 2d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Have a safe trip!! 2d
Cupcake12 Have a good time in Denver. Thanks for joining in. Xx 2d
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