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@mabell @Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn #readinthenewyearswap

I knew it was a bad idea starting a #bujo! The top stickers are for birthdays (from TheLipstickPlanner on Etsy) and the washi tape to tick off tasks (from rowantreessupplies also on Etsy) arrived today, but I bought the rest today on a mooch round Poole!

Maewyn I have SO many stickers and washi tape. And somehow I find that I don‘t have exactly what I want at times. Just got to buy more... 2w
mabell I‘m so glad I could be a part of this spiraling out of control 🤣🤣 It‘s going to look terrific! I might have to start one now! 😄 2w
SupTeaReadBooks Welcome to the madness! 2w
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Chrissyreadit You are totally inspiring me to reinvest in a journal I started. 2w
SaturnDoo Nice supplies!!!I have been sharing/posting a lot of my reading bujo pages the last couple of months. Glad to ser you joining in on all the bujo fun 😊❤❤❤ 2w
TheAromaofBooks It becomes swiftly addicting!! 😁 2w
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First purchase for my new #bujo arrived today - stickers to remind me I have a hair cut! 😂😂😂 @mabell @Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn #readinthenewyearswap

mabell Fun!! Custom stickers is a great idea! 2w
rubyslippersreads Planner stickers are so much fun! 2w
Chrissyreadit 🤣😁😂love it! 2w
Lizpixie Where do you get them from? 2w
jenniferw88 @Lizpixie ellenbeemakes on etsy! 2w
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The Sunday Girl | Pip Drysdale
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@MeganAnn this came today!!! 👏🏻 👏🏻 Thank you! #readinthenewyearswap Pumped for this one!

MeganAnn I'm go glad it arrived!! It's been a crazy busy week at work, but I did get your email and will reply when I get a chance. ❤ 2w
guinsgirlreads @MeganAnn No worries! Hope it's a good one! 2w
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Holy cow thank you so much for everything!! I can‘t believe that everything fit in that super cute bag!! And the cookies are delicious!!! I can‘t wait to start reading my new books!! I‘ve definitely got a bookmark for each one!! Lol!!! Thank you again💜💜💜 @Graciouswarriorprincess #readinthenewyearswap

Chrissyreadit Wow!!!!!😍❤️😍 2w
MeganAnn Awesome package!! ❤️🎉✨👏🏻😍 2w
Graciouswarriorprincess @KaylaD I am so glad that you liked everything! It was fun. Honestly, I put it together as soon as I got your name and boxed it so I couldn‘t remember everything in there. Lol! Happy new year and Happy reading! 🥰 2w
MissAimz_55 Happy Litversary ! Looks like we have the same one !! 7d
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Sorry I missed opening day, I‘m just now able to post my wonderful #readinthenewyearswap package from @Dawnrod1970! I love everything! You spoiled me & did way too much!! I ❤️ the socks, tea, candles, & candy!! I‘ve been meaning to get another coloring book, so that‘s perfect! I have really been enjoying classics lately, so this poetry classic is perfect! And Helen Oyeyemi has been on my TBR forever. I‘m so excited to read this! Thank you SO much!

Chrissyreadit Those socks😍😍😍 2w
BookishMarginalia Love the socks too, @Chrissyreadit ! 2w
MeganAnn Oh yes, those socks are awesome! 😍🎉✨❤️👏🏻🎆 2w
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lele1432 I just realized what I thought was candy is peppermint caramel corn?! Heavenly!! 2w
Dawnrod1970 I am soo happy you liked everything! I love that popcorn as well lol 2w
Curly_Caffeinated_Reader ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ loveeee 2w
lele1432 @Dawnrod1970 my husband has already lit the candles lol. I am going to have to hide this popcorn from him!! He‘s a huge gourmet popcorn fanatic. 2w
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@mabell look what you've started! Just bought more supplies for my new #bujo! Will probably start it properly in February as I reckon by the time they arrive January will nearly be over!

#readinthenewyearswap @Chrissyreadit @MeganAnn

MeganAnn 😍❤️🎉 I love that your partner inspired you with this!! ❤️😍 2w
Chrissyreadit Ohhh! What did you get? 2w
jenniferw88 @Chrissyreadit appointment stickers, birthday reminder stickers and some washi tape 2w
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TheAromaofBooks Bujo + Etsy is a dangerously delightful combination!! 2w
Chrissyreadit Sounds like so much fun! 2w
MissAimz_55 Please post pics of what you got when you received them!! 2w
mabell That‘s awesome!!! I‘m glad I could enable this 🤣🤣🤣 I can‘t wait to see what you put together! 2w
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Daisy Jones & The Six | Taylor Jenkins Reid
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Thank you @KaylaD for this amazing #readinthenewyearswap package! Self care all the way and that blanket!!! So soft and warm! I love everything and can‘t wait to read this book! Thank you to @Chrissyreadit and @MeganAnn for organizing this swap!

Chrissyreadit That looks like a fun package! 2w
Graciouswarriorprincess @Chrissyreadit I love that it is all self care and it is fun! 2w
MeganAnn Wonderful package!! Daisy Jones & The Six is so good... it was my first read of this year. 🎉✨😍❤️ 2w
Graciouswarriorprincess @MeganAnn Thanks. I can‘t wait to read it. 🥰 2w
KaylaD I‘m glad you like it all!! Thank you so much for my wonderful gifts as well!!💜💜💜 2w
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Thankful | Eileen Spinelli
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Wow!!! Thank you so much, @Chili for this amazing #ReadInTheNewYearSwap package- well, packages!! You are so very generous and I am so excited for all of these books!! And I love the owl swag!! The bookmarks, tote and journal are amazing! And I‘m looking forward to doing a foot mask while we are snowed in this weekend!! And Brody is so excited for his treats, too!! Thank you!!!!

And thanks to @MeganAnn and @Chrissyreadit for organizing this fun!

Soubhiville Cool owl bag. 2w
Chili @TorieStorieS You are very welcome! The foot masks are favorite of my mine. I‘m glad you like everything. I had fun shopping. 😁 2w
Chrissyreadit I love your owl bag 😍😍😍😍🎉👏🙌🥳 2w
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MeganAnn 🎉✨😍👏🏻❤️ 2w
TorieStorieS @Chili I love everything!! Thanks!!! 2w
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Dumplin' | Julie Murphy
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Thank you so much, Yesenia! @TheBookAddict I love my #ReadintheNewYearSwap goodies! I‘ve been wanting to read the tagged book. I forgot to put the yummy and HUGE bag of chocolates in the picture because I had to put it away before I ate more! Love the mug koozie and the bookmarks. THANK YOU!!

TheBookAddict You‘re very welcome! I‘m so happy that you liked your gifts! It is one of my favorite books, I hope you enjoy it too. 2w
Chrissyreadit Oh!!! @TheBookAddict I want to make cup cozies!!! On my list to figure out. 2w
MeganAnn That cup cozy is adorable! 👏🏻😍🎉✨❤️ 2w
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