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The Snow Child | Eowyn Ivey
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I‘ve been meaning to read this forever but wanted to do it when it was seasonably appropriate. Now that we‘ve had a heavy snowfall where I live in Minnesota, it‘s time!

I‘m excited to participate in the #WinterReadathon as it‘s been awhile since I‘ve made time to read the way I love. December is that time for me.

Goals include:

🎄Reading 8 books
🎄Posting on Litsy regularly

MrsMalaprop Oh me too. This was a very early #blameitonlitsy #stackadd for me & I still haven‘t gotten to it. Given that I live in Perth, Western Australia ☀️, it‘ll never be a seasonally appropriate time for me to get to it 😆. Hope it‘s good 🤞. 2mo
MadelineMcCrae We‘ve been having unusually light snow fall where I‘m at in MN. This book has been on my tbr for a while! 2mo
annahenke @MrsMalaprop oh, I get that!! I recommend the audio if you ever decide to read it - I‘m really enjoying the narrator! 2mo
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annahenke @MadelineMcCrae it‘s been late in coming this year but as long as it‘s here before Christmas I‘m happy! 2mo
MadelineMcCrae @annahenke I definitely agree! 2mo
DieAReader Great to have u join us! Good luck & enjoy the season🎄📚🤓 @Andrew65 @GHABI4ROSES 2mo
annahenke @DieAReader thank you so much! Happy holidays and happy reading to you!! 🎄📖🎄 2mo
DieAReader @annahenke Same to you🎄📚♥️ 2mo
Andrew65 This is one I still haven‘t read. Great to have you joining our Readathon 🎄🎄🎄 (edited) 2mo
annahenke @Andrew65 thank you @Andrew65 ! Thanks for hosting and happy holidays to you and yours!! 🎄🎁🧑‍🎄 2mo
Andrew65 @annahenke Thanks, and hope you have a great Holiday Season too. 🎅🎅🎅 2mo
Tamra 👋🏽 Good morning from Red Wing! ❄️ 2mo
annahenke @Tamra good morning to you from across the way in Roseville! 🎄❄️☃️ (edited) 2mo
jlhammar Hope you enjoy. Loved this one! 2mo
annahenke @jlhammar thank you! It‘s very good so far. The narrator is fantastic! 2mo
Prairiegirl_reading I read this one a few years ago between Christmas and new years and we got snowed in which made it so perfect. I loved this book so much!! I hope you enjoy it! 2mo
annahenke @Prairiegirl_reading oh that does sound like a delightful reading experience! Happy holidays!! 2mo
Prairiegirl_reading @annahenke happy holidays!!! 2mo
BkClubCare There is a lot to this book! Enjoy 2mo
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The Happy Camper | Melody Carlson
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Sometimes you just want a stress-free, extremely low drama read. I devoured this one. I enjoyed the bits about camper renovation. An overall good summer read. This one gave me serious camping envy.

July Book 7/20 #LitsyLove

j.rye #stackadd
I'm a sucker for campers. We just bought one last year and my list of renovations is longer than my life span.
BayouGirl85 @j.rye We have a camper too but it was new. I don‘t have the vision for decorating. So I would have been lost. I think the renovated vintage camper are super cool. 3y
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The Whisper Man | Alex North
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This book scared me as it deals with child abduction-any parent‘s worst nightmare. A father and son find themselves in the midst of a police investigation of a serial killer. It‘s suspenseful, has a supernatural element, and the main characters are well drawn. I particularly like the father-son relationship which added so much depth to the story, otherwise it would be just another run-of-the-mill thriller. TW:child murders but not graphic. 👇

maich I'm reading it... 3y
j.rye Love that cover. #stackadd 3y
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Cathythoughts Great review! It‘s a good creepy read , I loved it. 3y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Ohmigosh that‘s a creepy cover! 3y
batsy Gong Xi Fa Cai! Here's hoping the new year is one of blessings and good things, friend! 🐀🧨❤️ 3y
erzascarletbookgasm Thank you friend 😘 @batsy 3y
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The Other You | J. S. Monroe
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Wow, what a nail biter of a thriller…..part police procedural and part psychological thriller. I can‘t say much about the plot for fear of spoiling it, but I found this to be so gripping and I really couldn‘t put it down, a couple of late nights resulted as I just had to know…

With each chapter bring more revelations and twists, it kept me on tenterhooks from start to finish. Great characters, believable plot. I can thoroughly recommend it.

Cathythoughts Sounds really good ! I‘m going to try a sample ✨❤️ 3y
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The Dante Club: A Novel | Matthew Pearl
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Bonus Round

1. A popular book in my hometown I despise is by a woman I know. She ridiculed & humiliated a teacher my kid loved who then quit teaching, in a so-called Christian memoir Sparkly Green Earrings.
2. I really enjoyed the tagged book—one I was sure Littens would like—but it has received 50% Litsy love. My mom (we share literary tastes) even bailed on it!
3. @GingerAntics @Eggs @TheSpineView
@shadowspeak17 #unpopularopiniongiveaway

j.rye #stackadd I love unpopular opinions 3y
DefLeppard I LOVED this book and the sequel. To be honest I never go on opinions of others as we are all so different. I have everything Pearl has written. 😊 3y
DefLeppard Actually loved this so much I bought a copy for my sister's boyfriend as a Christmas gift as he enjoys thrillers so tried to get him into his work too! 😂 3y
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ralexist I love this book too! I'm surprised sometimes at the books that aren't as well known or loved 🙂 3y
TheSpineView Thanks for the tag!😘 3y
Eggs Thanks for tagging me 👍🏼🤗 3y
GingerAntics This book has been on my wish list for a while. I looks good. How is someone going to attack a teacher in their freakin novel and make it obvious it‘s someone in real life? What a jerk. I wouldn‘t like that book either. 3y
shadowspeak17 Wow, that‘s messed up! 😧 Definitely a book I will not be reading. 3y
shadowspeak17 The tagged book sounds like something my boyfriend‘s mom would like. I‘ll have to keep it in mind while I‘m Christmas shopping this year. Thanks for entering! 😄 3y
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After watching the phenomenal TV programme I wanted to know more about what happened at Chernobyl. But as this is based on personal testimonies it‘s going to be a gut wrenching read. 🥺 Think I might have to read this along with another book. 👍🏻

TrishB I read this fictional one a couple of years ago. A good read too. 4y
Caroline2 @TrishB oh thanks Trish. Stacked! 👍🏻 4y
allureofbeauty That looks good. 4y
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j.rye That show was so amazing. #stackadd 4y
Caroline2 @j.rye it was brilliant wasn‘t it. 4y
Scash1114 @Caroline2 i read Midnight in Chernobyl, and it was very eye opening 😳 Crazy how much they covered up! 4y
Caroline2 @Scash1114 so scary isn‘t it. 😳 4y
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The Boleyn King: A Novel | Laura Andersen
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So if you like historical fictions or fantasies that are heavy politics, this is a good one for you. Even though it messes with history, the author brought in names familiar to anyone who followed real Tudor history as well as the key rumour/public opinions of Anne herself. Really interesting concept and with it being so very heavy on the politics (and therefore relatively slower paced), I think it's the perfect size. I'll def continue the series

KarouBlue Moriarty & Belle ... 🤔 🤔 🤔 4y
j.rye I love historical fiction! #stackadd 4y
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I very much enjoyed this book. A story of how a child finds his own strength with help from his imaginary friend.
The imaginary friend also finds the courage to face his greatest fear along the way.

j.rye #stackadd sounds really endearing! 4y
LittleMummyMe @j.rye Something different and sweet... about true friendship. 4y
SitsWithaBook I loved this book! 4y
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The Rabbit Back Literature Society | Pasi Ilmari Jskelinen
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Pretty good read for a chilly night 💙

Pruzy Ooh yes, an obscure one but a good one! (edited) 4y
blithebuoyant I adore this cover♥️ #stackadd 4y
Pruzy @blithebuoyant It‘s a different font colour than the hardcover, which is purple! 4y
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