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Double Down | Gwenda Bond
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What young girl doesn't wear jeans? #thejeangenie #septembowie

minkyb Love Gwenda Bond! 5y
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#catchingup on #septembowie #day18 - #thejeangenie

Denim, jeans... I'll be honest, I think I'd be a lot farther with this particular challenge if I hadn't gotten hung up on this theme.

Gonna add #laughoutloud (from #awesomeautumnreads #day24 ) to this one too, cause Sedaris.

Not Ready for Mom Jeans | Maureen Lipinski
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Haven't read this one, but the title made me laugh. #TheJeanGenie #SeptemBowie

Cinfhen Hell will freeze over before I wear mom jeans 😝that's the beauty of leggings & sweatpants, you can bypass mom jeans🤣🤣🤣 5y
Marchpane I see mom jeans on 16 year olds these days - have they come full circle? 5y
DivineDiana @Marchpane That seems to be accurate! 🙂 5y
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#thejeangenie #Septembowie. I went searching my stacks for covers with pants 👖. I haven't read them but I loved the movie based on the tagged book.

Cinfhen Excellent movie 😍 5y
Dragon Thanks @Cinfhen I had a bit of an Irish theme in my prompts today. 🐉💚 5y
Cinfhen 😆 5y
Centique Wow this movie made me cry! 😭 5y
Dragon Thanks @Centique it was so good but so sad. I haven't been able to start the book yet. 5y
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By the Shores of Silver Lake | Laura Ingalls Wilder
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Life would have been much easier for Laura if she'd been able to wear blue jeans! 😄 #thejeangenie And I'm #sentimental about the Little House books. #fallintobooks #septembowie

RealBooks4ever Well played! 💜 5y
MiyakoBunny I love these books 📚 5y
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#Septembowie #TheJeanGenie No genies, but some books with jeans 👖on their covers from my stacks for today's prompt. 🤔Although come to think of it, a jean genie just might have had a hand in the pair on my favorite so-ugly-I-love-it cover of 'I Know What You Did Last Summer' from 1973. 😆👖📚👍

Soubhiville I remember The Cat Ate My Gymsuit! I feel like I read tons by that author in middle school. 5y
Cinfhen Loved the Lois Duncan (edited) 5y
BookBabe Awesome! I remember the Gymsuit book, I read that in elementary school! Good times! I used to read a lot by Lois Duncan too. 🙌🏻 5y
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Marchpane Great take on this prompt! Love the denim-inspired collage 👍🏻 5y
Centique Memories! I loved Paula Danziger so much 😍 5y
DebinHawaii @Soubhiville @BookBabe @Centique @Cinfhen @Marchpane Duncan and Danziger were two of my favorite authors growing up and I read their books over and over. 📚💜 5y
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Blue Jeans: The Art of the Ordinary | Daniel Miller, Sophie Woodward
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While looking for images for today's #TheJeanGenie prompt, I came across this disturbing blast from the past. Did any of you in the UK ever read this magazine?

PS: A little more forethought should've gone into the title's acronym ...


Balibee146 I remember it but I preferred Smash Hits and when I got a bit older Melody Maker and NME :-) 5y
TheKidUpstairs 😂😂😂 5y
quirkyreader I was an avid Smash Hits reader. @Balibee146 (edited) 5y
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Mamashep 😂 5y
MinDea 😁😄😂 5y
Cinfhen OMG!!! That's hilarious 😜😂🤣😂😃 5y
TrishB Remember this 👍 5y
Simona I remember the band - Matt Bianco 😁 5y
DebinHawaii That is awesome! 🤣🤣🤣 5y
Marchpane Oh this cover model - the hair! the eyeliner! the earring! the frosted lipstick! 5y
StephBengtson 😳😂 5y
shawnmooney Where do I line up for the "Great BJ Giveaway"? ?? 5y
batsy The acronym... Was it a more innocent time 😂😂 5y
Sydsavvy 😂😂😂!!! 5y
charl08 Oops. 5y
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Thief's Journal | Jean Genet
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Apparently the title #thejeangenie was an allusion to this author. Never heard of him but suppose I should check him out. Love that about Bowie! #septembowie

Marchpane Literary connections are the best! 5y
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I Am Behind You: A Novel | John Ajvide Lindqvist
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#Septembowie #thejeangenie @Marchpane @Cinfhen i kept thinking of genies: will aliens do ?
"An alien in a glass. He stands up & his perspective shifts. On the window ledge is a glass containing a drop of his blood, enclosed within an Alien "
Nearly finished this unusual book ??

Cinfhen Book sounds bonkers!!! 5y
Cathythoughts @Cinfhen. It is 😂😂review coming shortly. You have no idea !!! It's good too (edited) 5y
tricours @Cinfhen I've read two of his books and they were both super weird! 5y
Marchpane Can't wait to see your final review! I thought it was great 👍 5y
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Junk | Melvin Burgess
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#Septembowie Day 18: This seems like a novel where #TheJeanGenie can be found. So edgy.

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