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I think this series is seriously #underrated. It‘s like the old Sabrina mixed with some teen witch.

BTW @VanChocStrawberry you teach 8th right? Anything I should avoid as I cull books for your classroom. (Sex obviously) but anything else. I don‘t want to send anything you can‘t use.

#30JuneBooks. @howjessreads

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Dancing on the Edge of the Roof is such a great book. I was looking through my books on goodreads to see if any had a low amount of ratings. This one has less than 500! There is also a movie on Netflix called Juanita, which is based on this book. #day3 #30junebooks #underrated

SW-T Loved the book, liked the movie. Definitely underrated! 6mo
LiterarySloth @SW-T there was a lot in the book that I wish would have been in the movie but I think they did a good job. Definitely enjoyed the book more though, as is usually the case lol 6mo
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The Soul of Power | Callie Bates
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The covers for this entire trilogy are just too beautiful not to share. #coverlove #sorrynotsorry #underrated

Traci1 😍 6mo
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The Mirror of Her Dreams | Stephen R. Donaldson
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I‘ve used this quote before but it was the first that came to mind for #Hug. Also, I think this series is #underrated! #QuotsyJune19 #30JuneBooks @howjessreads

Stolen Things | Stephen Parolini
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#30junebooks Still trying to catch up.

This is an #underrated book. It only has 177 ratings on GR. It was one of my 5 ⭐️ in 2016. I found it magical, heartbreaking, touching, terrifying. I started the book & couldn't put it down.

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I love love love Much Ado About Nothing, so of course, I don‘t think these YA retellings have gotten the attention they deserve. #30junebooks #underrated

howjessreads Ooooh!!! I‘m going to check these out! 6mo
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These may look like simple fables of farm animals or pets but they raise up many philosophical subjects/themes like motherhood, friendship, survival, betrayal...warning on animal cruelty, though.

#30JuneBooks #underrated

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The Dead Zone | Stephen King
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These are a few #underrated books that I read in my late teens. I really enjoyed reading them, and The Dead Zone is the best!

TheDaysGoBy I loved the TV show! At least until it got weird and ridiculous towards the end of its run 😂 6mo
BiblioLitten I didn‘t know there was a TV show!😃 @TheDaysGoBy (edited) 6mo
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Song of the Beast | Carol Berg
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Fantasy standalones are #underrated imo compared to series. Yeah, series are fun, and there's all that investment. But a good fantasy standalone is delightful. I really enjoyed this one when I read it, and want to reread at some point. And I'm always looking for recs, so please tell me your faves!

#30JuneBooks @howjessreads

Nute Sometimes I hunt purposely for a stand-alone fantasy book, because I don‘t want to invest so much time into a long series. I have read many stand-alone fantasy books that do an amazing job with world building with a moderate page count. 6mo
llwheeler @Nute Yes! Sometimes a standalone is exactly what I want. 6mo
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Ms. Marvel Vol. 1: No Normal | G. Willow Wilson
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#30JuneBooks#Underrated @howjessreads

Ms. Marvel is the best! She really deserves her own movie. 😊🦸🏽‍♀️

(Comic books are underrated as a genre too.)

ProfReader I agree! 6mo
suzisteffen I would watch SEVERAL Ms. Marvel movies, several times! 6mo
ProfReader Absolutely!!!!! 6mo
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