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Krampus: The Devil of Christmas
Krampus: The Devil of Christmas | Monte Beauchamp
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A collection of the finest, rarest and most visually stunning Krampus postcards.
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Perfect Christmas Eve for me tonight. No family obligations this year. Reading Krampus books, watching Krampus, having a cocktail and enjoying the company of my dog and my sweetie. Dirty dishes are sitting in the sink. No tidying needs to happen. No travel necessary in the snow and ice. Merry holidays to all!

BarbaraBB Perfect 🤍 1mo
Ruthiella Happy holidays to you! 1mo
Jeg Wonderful 1mo
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I loved this collection of 19th century postcards from Germany,, Austria etc celebrating Krampus. Creepy, disturbing, some very inappropriate. I loved the postcards depicting female Krampus carting off bad men. Krampus is the antidote I need to survive all the overly cute memes and images that dominate modern Christmas. I wish we could go back to reading ghost stories like they did centures ago! Now on to A Christmas Carol!

Chrissyreadit 🎉🙌🤍 1mo
Leftcoastzen Cool 1mo
Kenyazero This collection must be such a treat! 1mo
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Best used bookstore in my city. Was able to find Hiaasen books for my upcoming Florida trip—owner is a fan! AND they were full on Krampus for the season. Krampus books, ornaments, prints and a local Krampus art show! Great visit with the awesome owner and now my go to store. Thanks Great Nerd Books, Spokane WA!

Moonprismpower Omg that ornament! Amazing. 2mo
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The most fun I‘ve had in a bookstore in a long time. I have a favorite new used book store in my town. Great Nerd Books is the bomb. I searched everywhere for used Hiaasen novels to take w/ on an upcoming Florida trip. They had 20 plus. And has a Krampus local art show up! And Krampus items galore. Great owner who invests in artists and good things in our town. Will now be my first stop. Plus big classics section!

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1) Krumpas and Bad Santa... because Christmas should be celebrated not scary or degrading 😳
2) most days morning but sometimes nights
3) Renee
4) my husband and I are going to see Titus tomorrow night so excited 😆
5) I see quite a few Litsy‘s saying they don‘t like “Elf” 😩 I like it why don‘t you like elf let me here it
#friyayintro @howjessreads

LibrarianRyan I liked Krampus, but totally agree on Bad Santa. 4y
cassareada I love "Elf". It's one of the few Christmas movie I actually watch. 4y
Rachbb3 I agree your thoughts on Christmas! Celebrate! 4y
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MelissaSue81 Totally agree with you on those movies. I am neutral on Elf. 4y
KatieDid927 Haha aww I loved Krampus, AND Elf. Elf might actually be my fave. That and Mickey‘s Christmas Carol. (edited) 4y
rubyslippersreads I don‘t care for Will Ferrell. 😏 4y
laur89 I agree with you on #1, and we have the same middle name! 🙌🏼 4y
CouronneDhiver I don‘t care much for stupid humour but I really can‘t stand Will Ferrell... just nope. 4y
MaleficentBookDragon I don't care for Will Ferrell anymore. He is just too much sometimes. But he shouldnt take it personally. I also dislike A Christmas Story. 🎄🎅😁 4y
Ddzmini @MaleficentBookDragon I need your address send me an email at ddzmini@me.com 😋 4y
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I laughed harder than is probably appropriate at this.

Leftcoastzen Me too! 5y
alisiakae 😂😂😂 5y
Hoopiefoot 😂😂😂 5y
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HippieChickHomeschool I just ordered my husband a Krampus in the Korner to go with our Elf on the Shelf 5y
TricksyTails 😂 I freaking love Krampus! 5y
tournevis In The French speaking world, we had Père Fouettard, the other saint in gray who flogged and/or whipped misbehaving kids at Christmas and left coal in their shoes! Ha! 5y
LibrarianRyan This is awesome. 5y
vivastory 😂😂 I can't help but wonder if Nocturnal Readers December box will have a krampus item @TricksyTails 5y
TricksyTails @vivastory I am really hoping it does! ♥️ Krampus gives me all the feels. 😂 Did you get a December box? 5y
Lcsmcat 😂😂 5y
Karkar 🤣🤣🤣this is too funny 5y
sprainedbrain 😂😂😂 5y
Linear 🤣 5y
JessClark78 😂😂 5y
night_shift I'm taking this lol 5y
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Christmas cards may actually have been accomplished! Parents out there will appreciate how hard it was to get two teenagers and one twenty year old in want of a nap to smile.