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The Trio
The Trio | Leanne Van Dongen
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The Trio By: Leanne Van Dongen Trina, Trixie, and Tracey Blaze are excited about competing in an upcoming dance competition, but that changes when Trina gets injured. Now she doubts that she and her sisters will be able to compete. But unlike her, Trixie and Tracey still believe they can, and they hope for the opportunity of taking part in the competition. And Miss Tiffany said that she will find out if they can still take part in the competition, so the triplets just have to wait and see.
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The Trio | Leanne Van Dongen
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@Chelleo , @sisilia , @TheKidUpstairs however you are celebrating today know that your Litten friends are there with you in spirit! Wishing you much #BirthdayLove, joy and a very Happy Birthday! 🎁


“Clock strikes upon the hour,
And the sun begins to fade.
Still enough time to figure out
How to chase my blues away.
I've done alright up to now.
It's the light of day that shows me how.
And when the night falls, loneliness calls. ⬇️⬇️

LitsyBirthdays Oh, I wanna dance with somebody.
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.
Oh, I wanna dance with somebody.
I wanna feel the heat with somebody.
Yeah, I wanna dance with somebody,
With somebody who loves me.”
~Whitney Houston
robinb Wishing you a day to remember fondly for a long time to come @Chelleo ! Happy Birthday!! 💕🥳🎈🎶 1mo
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robinb @sisilia Hope your day is wonderful from beginning to end! Happy Birthday!! 🎈🎁🎂 1mo
robinb Happy, Happy Birthday @TheKidUpstairs ! 🧚‍♀️🎵🥳 Wishing you lots of love and laughter! 1mo
julesG Happy Birthday @TheKidUpstairs, @chelleo and @sisilia 🎉🎂🎁📚🍫🎈🎊 1mo
JessClark78 Happy Birthday! @TheKidUpstairs @Chelleo @sisilia 🎊🎂🎉🎉 1mo
AmyG Happy Birthday to you all! Wishing you a wonderful day. 🎂🎁🎈🎉 1mo
squirrelbrain Happy Birthday @TheKidUpstairs @Chelleo @sisilia - have a wonderful birthday! 🎈🎂🎉🎈🎂🎉 1mo
ElizaMarie Happy Birthday Guys!
gradcat Oh, happy birthday to the happy birthday trins!! It‘s a most exciting day today, and it was an auspicious day when you three were born...Yaaasss! @Chelleo + @TheKidUpstairs + @sisilia — each of you deserves a fantastic day — one in which we light some candles, fill up some glasses, eat some cake & celebrate!! And then maybe find a quiet corner and have a nice read.... 😂 ♥️ 🥂 🎂 📚 ♏️ 🦂 🎈 🎁 🤩 🎊 🧚🏽‍♂️ 🎉 🥳 1mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Happy Birthday @chelleo @TheKidUpstairs @sisilia 🎈🎊📚🎊🎈🎊 1mo
Kalalalatja Happy birthday to you all! 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
AnneCecilie Happy birthday 🎁🎉🎂🎈 1mo
GripLitGrl Happy birthday @Chelleo 🎂🎈🎉@TheKidUpstairs 🎂🎈🎉 @sisilia 🎂🎈🎉 1mo
Ddzmini Happy birthday 🎁🎊🎂🎉🎈 🥳📖😋 1mo
Jas16 Happy Birthday @Chelleo @TheKidUpstairs @sisilia 🎉🎂🎁🎈🥳🍰 1mo
Chrissyreadit Happy Birthday @Chelleo @sisilia @TheKidUpstairs hope you have a great year! 1mo
Crazeedi Happy birthday a little late, but lots of fairy love!! @Chelleo @sisilia @TheKidUpstairs 🎶🎉🎂🥂 1mo
TheKidUpstairs And happy day after birthday to my co-celebrants! @Chelleo @sisilia hope you guys had a great day 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
sisilia Same to you @TheKidUpstairs 🥳 Happy birthday to you, too @Chelleo Enjoy! 1mo
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