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Jane Austen's England
Jane Austen's England: Daily Life in the Georgian and Regency Periods | Roy Adkins, Lesley Adkins
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A cultural snapshot of everyday life in the world of Jane Austen Jane Austen, arguably the greatest novelist of the English language, wrote brilliantly about the gentry and aristocracy of two centuries ago in her accounts of young women looking for love. Jane Austens England explores the customs and culture of the real England of her everyday existence depicted in her classic novels as well as those by Byron, Keats, and Shelley. Drawing upon a rich array of contemporary sources, including many previously unpublished manuscripts, diaries, and personal letters, Roy and Lesley Adkins vividly portray the daily lives of ordinary people, discussing topics as diverse as birth, marriage, religion, sexual practices, hygiene, highwaymen, and superstitions. From chores like fetching water to healing with medicinal leeches, from selling wives in the marketplace to buying smuggled gin, from the hardships faced by young boys and girls in the mines to the familiar sight of corpses swinging on gibbets, Jane Austens England offers an authoritative and gripping account that is sometimes humorous, often shocking, but always entertaining.
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My bucket list includes visiting England, and, of course, visiting Jane Austen sites. Part of my Austen collection contains this book, which I haven‘t read yet. The Adkins‘ examine Austen‘s England and its many facets during her lifetime. #LaIslaBonita #Movember #NFNov

sprainedbrain I need this book! 2mo
Clwojick This is stunning! 1pt. 2mo
ferskner I think I have this one too, or another book by those authors with a similar style of cover. It's so beautiful! 2mo
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I always love stocking up on my history books while in England. I have already bought so many books in Greece and Ireland though, so I‘m a bit worried about my suitcase load...

Bookzombie Uh oh! Maybe you have some clothes to donate and make room? 😉 3mo
sparrowssavvy @Bookzombie I also went to the Harry Potter studio tour, and more bookshops and I still have a week left... it‘s a bit scary thinking about fitting everything in my suitcase 3mo
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She was clearly very #intelligent, but her potential was stifled by poverty and her low-class status as a governess.

#QuotsyMar19 #31DaysOfNonFiction

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Reading outside for the first time this year~ The weather is gorgeous and totally worth the raging allergies.

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I‘m really enjoying this but I‘m only reading a couple of chapters a week. My daughter says “Mum you‘ve been reading that book for years”
It‘s the kind of book where I want to nudge someone every couple of pages and say “Did you know?...” 😂😂 All about domestic life in the eighteenth century based on research including Jane Austen‘s diary - but not specific to Austen so don‘t get misled by the title.

ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Sounds fun - I love these kind of books! 1y
Melissa_J I have that book on my TBR. The title is different though. Mine is simply titled 1y
Centique @Melissa_J yes! I had that copy from the library and then I was enjoying it so much but taking it so slowly that I bought it from Book Depository where the name was different. 😊 1y
Centique @ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled another one I love that‘s like this is by Bill Bryson 1y
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#AustenInAugust #TravelsWithJane

A guide to touring England and Jane Austen‘s world!

(Catching up: 1/18)

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When a map of English counties has been on the table next to your favorite reading chair for over a month, it‘s obvious you read a lot of books set in England 😂

mabell What a great idea! 2y
Weaponxgirl I see my city on there! 2y
arlenefinnigan GREATER MANCHESTER ISN'T A REAL COUNTY 🌹 (and I say that as someone who lives in it. It's all Lancashire.) 2y
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Lynnsoprano @Weaponxgirl Where do you live? 2y
Lynnsoprano @arlenefinnigan 😄 I wondered about that! Manchester is the first place I set foot in England. Give me Manchester Airport over Heathrow every time. 😂 2y
Weaponxgirl Norwich in Norfolk , I'm on the bump 2y
Lynnsoprano @Weaponxgirl I know about Norwich from Elly Griffiths‘ Ruth Galloway series 😄 2y
Weaponxgirl @Lynnsoprano I've not heard of that series, normally people go Alan partridge 😂 2y
arlenefinnigan @Lynnsoprano North West Is Best 🌹 2y
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My indulgences for the afternoon: tea, chocolate, and knowledge.

MrsMalaprop ❤️ that chocolate 😋. 2y
Suet624 Yum!!! 2y
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Woohoo, #BookMail arrived!!! I supported a #KickStarter campaign, which succeeded, and this book is the result!!! My name even appears in the acknowledgement section! ☺️

It's a book featuring ALL the places Jane Austen traveled to and lived in. Even including the film locations for the 1995 and 2005 P&P films!!!

**note: the tagged book is not the book I own and have shown here**

LauraBrook Omg omg omg omg I need this book!!!! 3y
CrowCAH @LauraBrook it's loaded with awesome goodness! Broken down by region, too! I'm sure a google search will assist you with finding an avenue of purchasing it, make sure it's the English version. It was originally published in Danish. 3y
Wife How awesome that you helped make this book happen!🌹 3y
CrowCAH @Wife yes, it was a well spent amount of money to get the book translated from Dutch to English. It's a beautiful book! 3y
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A bit anticlimactic, since I've read a number of Austen non-fiction recently. I feel like they skimped on providing examples from Austen's books when bringing up historical facts. The organization was strange. The chapters were organized into topics that moved chronologically from marriage to death, which was fine, but within the chapters the narrative veered all over the place. The authors should have grouped information within subsections.

balletbookworm @LeahBergen yep, that was a fun one :) 3y
LeahBergen It was! 3y
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DebinHawaii Welcome to Litsy!! 🎉📚👍😀 3y
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