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#NewYearNewYou Day 18: This horror pick by @BookishTrish with the #PinkCover was such a light, fun, engaging, entertaining read. Not my usual pick but I love being introduced to different types of storytelling and genre through our #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub

Eggs Nice choice!! 1mo
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Hag | Kathleen Kaufman
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Calling #HorrorPostalBookClub #ScreamsByMail people - Abu Dhabi meets Albuquerque today. So thrilled to have finally met @Reggie after how many years chatting here in Litsy and through our reading journals via the book club. Thank you for a very lovely afternoon, for bringing me to this gorgeous bookstore, and the sumptuous dinner, and the books!! This girl came home very happy and loaded with bookses!!

BookishTrish So glad you both got to meet up. Wish we were all there! 4mo
vivastory This is the best!! 4mo
JennyM Love this so much. Hi to you both 👋 @Reggie 4mo
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Tamra So happy!! 👏🏾👏🏾 4mo
teebe How cool! 👏🏼👏🏼 4mo
Cinfhen OMG! So jealous!!! Best #MeetUp ever 💕sounds like an amazing day with @Reggie 4mo
batsy How amazing is this!! ❤️❤️❤️ 4mo
Kalalalatja Lovely! I‘m happy for you both ☺️ 4mo
scripturient So cool!! ❤️ 4mo
BarbaraBB This is so cool! Hi @Reggie ! 4mo
Kimberlone How lovely! 4mo
merelybookish Delightful! 4mo
Cathythoughts Happy days .... sounds like a great meet up 👍🏻❤️ 4mo
Reggie @JennyM @BarbaraBB Hi!!! @teebe just so you know this was because of a little post you had asking if any of us wanted to do a horror goes postal. @BookishTrish Me too!!! 4mo
ephemeralwaltz This brings me joy ❤️❤️ 4mo
youneverarrived ♥️♥️ 4mo
ValerieAndBooks I love seeing Litsy meetups happen 💖 4mo
teebe @Reggie yeah! I‘m so glad you guys had fun with it 4mo
kamoorephoto 💓💓💓💓💓 4mo
kamoorephoto @GatheringBooks I‘m so sad I couldn‘t organize everything to come down to the airport to see you. Everything is just a mess right now; moving tomorrow, and all I have is mattresses and some boxes. I‘m glad you two managed it! 4mo
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The Fireman | Joe Hill
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#GratefulReads Day 7: My #FavoriteBookishItem will have to be bookmarks. Here are the bookmarks my husband helped me create/print out for my #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub. :)

OriginalCyn620 Awesome! 🖤 4mo
Soubhiville I love those! 4mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz May I know what paper material do you use for your bookmarks? The one I use is so flimsy 😞 4mo
Nute Nice! 3mo
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Who Fears Death | Nnedi Okorafor
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#FallIsBooked Day 1: At the top of my #OctoberTBR are my #ScreamsByMail titles that I am crossing my fingers will reach me soon. Thank you to my #HorrorPostalBookClub group for being ever so patient as I go through an international move and changes in residence. We also just launched our new reading theme on witches, dryads, priestesses, goddesses. Suggested titles are most welcome!!

GatheringBooks @kamoorephoto do send me your new residence address to my gatheringbooks@yahoo.com mail as soon as you are able to. sending you lots of@positive energies, love, and light! 💕🧚🏼‍♀️📚 5mo
Reggie Waking the Moon by Elizabeth Hand. 5mo
GatheringBooks @Reggie awesome! I put it immediately into my Goodreads to find stack. 5mo
OriginalCyn620 I hope to get to a The Testaments soon! (edited) 5mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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#HorrorPostalBookClub #ScreamsByMail title heading out to you @kamoorephoto as selected by the fab @ephemeralwaltz

ephemeralwaltz You're fab 💁😱😱😘 9mo
kamoorephoto @GatheringBooks The book has landed in Seattle!! 9mo
GatheringBooks @kamoorephoto awesome! so glad to hear that. 🧚🏼‍♀️💕📚 9mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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I must have spent more time asking my teenage daughter to take photos of me “reading” than actually reading!! 🤦🏽‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️💕📚 Missing Bali already.
#ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub

ephemeralwaltz I love this! 🤣 9mo
batsy Fabulous pics, though 😆❤️ 9mo
readingjedi Great photo! 9mo
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Cathythoughts Looking beautiful as always ♥️👍🏻 9mo
DivineDiana Your posts have been encouraging me to plan a trip to Bali! ❤️ 9mo
hermyknee What a wonderful trip to take with your daughter! ♥️♥️♥️ 9mo
BooknerdsLife That‘s so sweet of your daughter & she took great photos! 🤗💖 I love taking trip with mine too ☺️ 9mo
Velvetfur Aaww I love this photo! Great colours, and you look gorgeous, and so happy 😁👍 9mo
BookishTrish 😂 9mo
Recommended4Reading What a great pic! 9mo
CouronneDhiver Ha! Vacation problems 9mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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Reading corner today.
#HorrorPostalBookClub #ScreamsByMail #WomenReadWomen2019.
Halfway through our vacation. 5th Day in Bali.

BookishTrish ❤️💜💙💚💙💜❤️ 9mo
BookwormAHN Great pic 💙 9mo
Leftcoastzen 👍Looks like you are having a horrible time!😂I hope to get there one day ,enjoy! 9mo
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marleed I hope you are having the time of your life! 9mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful pic 9mo
kspenmoll Looks wonderful! You look so happy & relaxed! 9mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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I am in the last few chapters of Erotic Stories for Punjabi Widows and eager to begin my second book here in Bali for our #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub and #WomenReadWomen2019. Our private villa has an in-house chef who makes the most mouth-watering dishes. Truly delicious.

Kalalalatja 😍😍😍 9mo
Reggie Living the good life!!! Nice! 9mo
ephemeralwaltz Paradise! 9mo
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Sungirl79 Wow that looks peaceful 😍 9mo
Mandoul Wow 😎 enjoy! 9mo
danibolahood So jealous!!! That looks amazing 9mo
BooknerdsLife That looks delicious! 😋😋 9mo
TheLudicReader What a beautiful place to be reading. 9mo
kamoorephoto I loved Bali!! And I‘m now hungry... 9mo
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The Bird's Nest | Shirley Jackson
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My #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub greeted me when I got back home from Bandung. @scripturient it is here! First homemade meal prepared by ze husband - salmon and baked cheesy potatoes for Saturday lunch.

mreads That looks delicious 10mo
Soozee I‘m suddenly hungry. ☺️ 10mo
batsy That looks absolutely yum! 10mo
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Seed | Ania Ahlborn
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To say that I am utterly creeped out by this novel is an understatement. I am only in the first few pages, but I can tell Ahlborn is a master at building up the suspense and the creepazoid factor that is simply goosebumps-inducing. Paired with my fave premium coconut ice cream with green jelly, toasted coconut flakes and peanuts in a bowl of coconut. Because we celebrate tropical goodness the whole year round. #ScreamsByMail #HorrorPostalBookClub

ephemeralwaltz I'm so excited for this one! I loved her book for round 1. 😍😍😍😍 Yummy! 13mo
scripturient Glad you like it. 😁 13mo
Purrfectpages That snack looks so interesting! 13mo
Lindy Young 🥥❤️Delicious! 13mo
BookNerd9906 Everything she writes is absolutely terrifying. I have The Seed, haven‘t read it yet. I couldn‘t even get through the one I recently picked up 13mo
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