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Thanks to @NeedsMoreBooks for the blessings.

1. I either climb under a blanket with a hot chocolate or chai with a good book (a situation that might or might not result in a nap) or I head to the bookstore and wander amongst all that potential before taking something home.

2. Blessings to anyone who needs them.

#moonreflections @sprainedbrain @Meaw_catlady

Jee_HookedOnBookz Love your self care ritual! 😁 4d
sprainedbrain ❤️❤️❤️ 4d
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Thanks for the tag @TheSpineView and @sprainedbrain !!

1. Warm baths, nature walks, reading, and closing myself off in my bedroom to be alone (which I may be doing right now 😂).
2. Can I send it to all Littens? 🌕✨🧘‍♀️☮️💙


TheSpineView 😘 5d
sprainedbrain Perfect self-care! 😃 5d
Meaw_catlady 🖤🖤🖤 4d
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Thank you @Come-read-with-me for the tag. 😃

1) Difficult … At the moment it‘s

• everything that makes me not feel cold.
• lying down, stretching, so my muscles relax.
• If I have enough energy left: a good book to read (because that‘s different to listening to audiobooks) with hot chocolate or dark and full red wine.

2) Blessings and a huge amount of relaxing energy to @Sarah83 @PickwickPlockPlock and @ReadingOverSleeping


PickwickPlockPlock Thank you, I can use that relaxing energy. I started a new job 2 weeks ago and at the moment it's overwhelming. 5d
ReadingOverSleeping Thank you! It's been a tough day and this put a sme on my face :) sending you lots of good vibes 💙 5d
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Full Moon | Edward Cerda
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I caught the snowy moon last night - it was lovely!

My self care technique is comfort food - lots of it - and wine. Very relaxing, and wonderful in the short term (maybe not a good long term solution 😄)

Thank you and ❤️ to @Gissy @Meaw_catlady @Chrissyreadit @sprainedbrain


Chrissyreadit What is your favorite comfort food? 5d
sprainedbrain Gorgeous photo! ❤️ 5d
Tamra I agree! 5d
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Meaw_catlady Oooh lovely !! I can never capture a good picture of the moon! Thanks for sharing ! Blessings to you lovely ! 🖤 5d
mabell @Chrissyreadit I love having an appetizer spread or nachos/nacho dip or pizza. Pretty much anything with bread and cheese. 😆 5d
mabell @sprainedbrain @tamra @Meaw_catlady Thank you! It was snowy and glowing, which was so cozy - and freezing 😂 I never seem to capture the magic of the moon in a photo - it‘s so flat compared to seeing it in real life! 5d
Chrissyreadit Oh!!! Yes! 5d
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Thank you so much for the tag @IndoorDame
1. If I'm feeling that “my brain won't stop going around & around“ stress, a brisk walk is what helps me most, followed by creating an action-plan list for confronting & conquering my problem!! Snuggling up with my husband & a good book on the couch is my favorite way to just relax & soak in life.


TheAromaofBooks It seems like everyone has already done this, but good wishes to all my lovely fellow Littens, and a special shout-out to my ever-patient swap buddy @UwannaPublishme !! ❤
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks ❤️❤️❤️ 5d
UwannaPublishme 🤗❤️❤️❤️ 5d
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Thanks @sudi @LibrarianRyan
1. I get my nails done every two weeks 💅🏻
And I love to snuggle with my dogs in front of my fake fireplace 😂🥰
@Ash.on.the.line @Erofan @brit91

Meaw_catlady 🖤 5d
Erofan Manicure is a great anti-stress therapy! 👍 Thank you for the blessings! 💕 5d
sudi Manicure is the perfect self care therapy 😊💖 4d
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#moonreflections @sprainedbrain @Meaw_catlady
1. When time permits, I go to the lakehouse and read, build Legos and puzzles, and do crafting. Unfortunately it‘s every few months at this point and often I just sleep when I‘m there.
2. Tags back to: @Eggs @TheSpineView 😘 and @GingerAntics @Crazeedi @Reggie @Karkar @Kshakal @Bookzombie @Aloisi_tribe @readordierachel and everyone else who needs to relax.

Crazeedi Thank you for tag! I posted last eve! My favorite moon of the year!! 5d
Eggs Thanks for the tag🥰 5d
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Bookzombie Thank you! 💗 (edited) 5d
Meaw_catlady Ooh legos and crafts ! Lovely! 5d
readordierachel That sounds like some excellent self-care 🧡 5d
GingerAntics Mine are almost opposites. Running and meditating...although I have done some guided runs on my Nike running app with the guy who created headspace, so I guess they can go together. lol 5d
Reggie Thanks for the tag! I‘m a big fan of oversized sweats and reading in bed on the kindle in the dark even if it means going blind some day. 4d
Texreader @Reggie That‘s almost all the reading I do, on Kindle in the dark! 🤣 4d
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1. Self care: simple yoga every morning
Cup of coffee while sitting for 10-15 minutes while looking at a picture book or reading a chapter of a children‘s classic.
2. @Andrew65 @AmyG @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks


LauraJ These are lovely ways to take care of yourself. 🖤 6d
AmyG Thank you for the tag. I need to do more yoga. 6d
sprainedbrain Very relaxing ❤️ 6d
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Andrew65 Thanks for the tag. Some good strategies. 5d
Meaw_catlady Great practices!! Thanks for sharing ! 🖤 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks You tagged me twice!! I better get in it!!! 🤣🤣🤣 5d
TheBookHippie @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🤷🏽‍♀️🤣🤣🤣🤣😳😜 5d
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🌕 I am getting better at self-care, but I still struggle with it. My house is nutty right now bc of visiting family, so I‘ll need some self-care during this Frost Moon. I plan on getting cozy w/some coffee or wine,new book & staying warm (bc it‘s going to be a high of 32 tomorrow); maybe a nice face mask. 🌕 Full moon blessings & relaxing vibes sent out to all my littens, especially the Littens tagged! #MoonReflections

OriginalCyn620 Thanks for the tag! That all sounds awesome! Stay warm tomorrow! 😊 6d
MoonWitch94 @OriginalCyn620 thank you ☺️ 6d
BookwormAHN Thanks for the blessings. Sounds like a great way to relax 💛 5d
Meaw_catlady Thanks for the blessings!blessing back to you love !! Hope you find some peace and quiet during this time ! 🖤 5d
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thanks for the tag!!! ❤️❤️ 5d
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1. Yoga , reading, sometimes hot chocolate
2. To new followers & Littens @PageTurner789 @LoverOfLearning @Boooooks @Rachel_Anne789

@sprainedbrain @Meaw_catlady #moonreflections

Meaw_catlady Yay yoga !! Blessings ! 🖤 5d
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