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TheHeartlandBookFairy And such a lovely spot to do that reading 😊 I'm outdoorsy too, coffee, books, & wine... all outdoors 😅 21h
Tamra A stack of wonderful! 20h
TheBookHippie Yay!!! ♥️♥️♥️ 20h
jlhammar Great stack! I‘m hoping to start The Guineveres next week. Looking forward to it! 19h
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I LOVED Black Butterlies, Home Fire and beyond that, the sea (the non capitalization of the title only drives me a little nuts) and highly recommend them all. A Very English Murder is the start of a new to me cozy series which was enjoyable. Preparing to read the 4th in the series with the #SundayBuddyRead in December. Read about 30% of I‘m Fine but wasn‘t feeling it.

squirrelbrain Ooh that lack of capitals is making me a bit twitchy! 🤣 2d
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So far I seriously love it. Cannot wait to read more.
✔️Reminder I may be late in posting next Sunday I‘ll be Grateful Dead ( DEAD&CO) Thursday - Sunday like a good proper Hippie.

Thoughts? What struck you?

Happy SUNDAY ♥️

Happy Pride 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️

Thank you so much for joining in!!

So many rabbit holes this week 🐇👀😂👏🏼😅

AmyG Have fun! I look forward to your review of the shows. And….enjoying the book, too. (edited) 2d
Karisa Thank you and we love the rabbit 🐇 holes! Have a blast! 2d
mcctrish Have fun getting your hippie on! This week ended on a bit of a cliffhanger imo so I can‘t wait to see what happens next ❤️❤️❤️ 2d
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SamAnne Really enjoying the read! I‘m enjoying the blend of San Fran, Chinatown, gay/lesbian history. (edited) 2d
Deblovestoread Loving this so far and appreciate all your research. Have a great time! 2d
willaful I'm really enjoying it too, especially the setting. 2d
julieclair Very much enjoying this so far. Lots to think about, and you have done a good job as usual, in providing us interesting info. Have fun at the Dead concert. Keep on truckin‘! ✌️☮️ 2d
DebinHawaii I‘m looking forward to the next section. Have a great time! 💜 2d
Catsandbooks Enjoying this one! And perfect pick for pride! 🏳️‍🌈 Have lots of fun at the concert!! 2d
Sargar114 Enjoy the concert! Such a good read so far! 19h
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GRACE the mom
Meets Joseph
Did you like the back story ?

AmyG I always find a back story interesting as it helps to understand the characters and the decision they make. 2d
Karisa I was a little unwilling to go to the backstory. I just wanted to continue with Lily. It does add another another layer to the parents 2d
mcctrish I was a bit confused with it, just a snippet really, I guess we will get more and maybe it will make more sense 2d
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SamAnne I liked the backstory, learning more about her parents. 2d
Deblovestoread I like the back story. 2d
willaful @Karisa I felt the same, but since it was just a small section, that was okay. When it seemed like it was going to be a big part of the book, I was confused. 2d
julieclair I always enjoy backstories. 2d
DebinHawaii The back story was interesting but it just seemed dropped in & it felt a little awkward. 2d
Catsandbooks I like a backstory when it connects to the present storyline. Maybe that will happen? 2d
Sargar114 I like the backstory, it adds depth to the characters. It was interesting that her father was planning on going back to China when they first met, and now with us dealing with the possibility of being forced to go back. 19h
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Communism 1950 against Chinese


So surreal
We don‘t change much as a nation
They took his papers…

AmyG My dauhter-in-laws father escaped China in the mid-1980‘s…cultural revolution. China is not an easy country to live in. It‘s history is fascinating. 2d
TheBookHippie @AmyG I agree it is mind blowing. 2d
Karisa I was so sad when the mom said they‘d taken Lily‘s dad‘s papers. Even a job like doctor and being in the military was not enough? Yes, somethings do not change unfortunately 😢 2d
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mcctrish @Karisa that whole scene had me panicky! The girls saying nothing can happen because they are American citizens 😬😖 I hope that‘s not some foreshadowing 2d
Deblovestoread The stress of that, having to be careful about every choice you make and it may not matter because power holds all the cards and can twist anything. In 70 years should we not be further along then we are? 2d
julieclair @mcctrish I very much fear it is foreshadowing. 😬 And @Deblovestoread agreed, 70 years of essentially no progress with people abusing power. So frustrating. 2d
willaful Yes, Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose. :-( I'm scared for them and understand why her mom is trying not to rock the boat, but I can't help hoping her dad will stick to his guns 2d
DebinHawaii How hard it must have been for her dad to do the right thing & withhold the name, knowing the risk to himself & his family. I am worried about the the foreshadowing too @mcctrish 🫣 2d
Catsandbooks So scary and unfortunately still relevant. 2d
Sargar114 So much anxiety! 19h
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Lily struggling with self

Lily & Kath
So sweet such angst ack

Honestly I can feel it while reading!

What do you think of Lily?


AmyG I like Lily. She is learning about her feelings, her sexuality. I wonder if her and Kath become a “thing”. I am happy they have found each other…that Lily is not alone. I can‘t imagine grappling, alone, during that time, with such feelings. 2d
Karisa I love Lily and Kath too. So good that they found each other and young dating early days is captured so well here. I want to try ginger ice cream. I wish Fong Fong‘s Ice Cream was still there. 2d
mcctrish I love Lily and I love that she has Kath on two levels, that they are both exploring their sexuality and they both have very non-traditional life/work dreams. Even if they don‘t become a romantic thing, how wonderful in that day and age to have someone that gets you and what you are going through/struggling with 2d
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Deblovestoread Agree with @mcctrish love that Lily and Kath have dreams of exciting careers and the smarts to accomplish them. I‘m looking forward to seeing how their relationship unfolds. 2d
julieclair I love Lily and Kath, individually and together. I hope they become lifelong friends, with or without romance. 2d
DebinHawaii I agree @julieclair I think they are good for each other whether it becomes romantic or is just a strong friendship. 2d
Catsandbooks @mcctrish I agree! I like them together romantically and as just friends with similar interests. Especially during that time period where there were so few women in STEM. 2d
Sargar114 I too love that they found each other. Lily is starting to learn what a friend should be and such a great perspective for YA 19h
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Cheongsam https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Cheongsam

Elevator girl
Lily‘s mom-
I work at the Chinese hospital. I am a nurse in the obstetrics department Mrs. Grace Hugh.

Respectable girl
The Macys shopping adventure..
Poor girl
I think for me,because I
went through this as well, just let my children pick whatever they wanted.

That whole shopping event …. Whew


AmyG Chinese parents can be tough. 2d
Karisa Oh my! Her mom choosing Lily‘s clothes as a high school senior?! And the elevator girl from Sacramento. Such scrutiny the girls faced in that time. It‘s still funny to me that in that time someone stayed on the elevator for hours pushing the buttons (probably pushing away children dying to press the buttons). 2d
TheBookHippie @Karisa there is still one very old elevator run by a person in Chicago at the Fine Arts Building it‘s so cool! And it leads to a bookstore so there is that!!! Ha. 2d
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Karisa @TheBookHippie Oooh! I need to go back to Chicago some day. I think my daughter and I went to the Fine Arts when there—is that where the Chagall windows are on display? 2d
TheBookHippie @Karisa https://wanderwisdom.com/news/chicago-manual-elevator the windows are at the Art Institute -one of my favorite spots in the whole world. https://www.artic.edu/artworks/109439/america-windows 2d
Karisa @TheBookHippie Yep, I‘ve got to go back sometime! So many cool things to explore in Chicago! 2d
TheBookHippie @Karisa you have to see Chagall wall and the Chicago Picasso https://www.chicago.gov/city/en/depts/dca/supp_info/chicago_s_publicartchagallsf... and https://www.pablopicasso.org/chicago-picasso.jsp and go to Winters Jazz Club 😂😅 yes so much to do. 2d
Karisa @TheBookHippie 💗💗💗 2d
mcctrish We had a family owned department store downtown that still had an elevator operator, it was sold 8-10 years ago to the local college which expanded with a downtown campus and the elevator was replaced 😢 I have been to that Fine Arts building, how awesome that it still has a human operated elevator. I was crying for Lily on the shopping trip 2d
willaful That was so painful to read about! I was just cringing for poor Lily. 2d
DebinHawaii I felt for both Lily & the elevator girl. As Karisa noted, such scrutiny young women faced & being a minority female would make it even more intense. 2d
Catsandbooks I felt bad for Lily and elevator girl. So much judgment 2d
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Tab Hunter 😅 https://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/tab-hunters-secrets


People had him on their walls assume he was heterosexual …

Marlo Brando https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Marlon_Brando THE GODFATHER!!!

Fun references 👀


AmyG Rock Hudson, too. 2d
TheBookHippie @AmyG YES!!!!! Forgot to add him!!! ✔️ 2d
AmyG Montgomery Clift too. Ha, I feel so old knowing all these actors. 🤣 2d
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TheBookHippie @AmyG OMG!!! Yessss. And same. 2d
Karisa So much to look up in this book! I love all the references to magazines, people, and places. 2d
mcctrish I thought of Rock Hudson immediately. We are watching Grantchester on PBS and it‘s set in this time period. Leonard, who is training to be a vicar, is gay and in early episodes referred to by all as ‘the pansy‘ it‘s really a great show that shows how knowing Leonard and Daniel changes a communities attitude towards homosexuality. This is such a perfect pride month coming of age story 2d
Deblovestoread I vaguely remember the Rock Hudson scandal when he passed. I need to get back to Grandchester. 2d
DebinHawaii So many actors/actresses of those “golden years” of Hollywood kept their sexuality hidden. This is a good article on some: https://www.pride.com/gay-celebrities/lgbt-old-hollywood-starshickleberrypunchfi... 2d
Catsandbooks Gives me Evelyn Hugo vibes 💚 2d
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AmyG The lure, indeed. So forbidden yet it calls to them. 2d
Karisa I want to see this club and show! I know it‘s risky for Lily to be seen over there though… Author is doing a great job of making me feel the pull of the Telegraph Club, 2d
mcctrish I am so wanting to be in San Francisco and walking along these streets 2d
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jenniferw88 Hi Christine, I read the book last year and wanted to make you aware that reading the author's note at the end is an absolute MUST for you and the others, if you hadn't planned on doing so. Xx 2d
Deblovestoread It all very tantalizing, the draw to look for others who feel the way you do. 2d
TheBookHippie @jenniferw88 yes ♥️🌈🏳️‍🌈 Thank you -I heard that and plan to yes! I never read ahead. So we‘re all reading together. But I‘m glad you told me now I know it‘s a must!!!!! 2d
julieclair Interesting articles. Dancing with another girl could land you in jail!! 😲 We may still have a long way to go as a society, but we have come a long way, too. 🏳️‍🌈 2d
DebinHawaii Fascinating articles and history. Definitely the club has a lure for Lily—worlds unexplored. 2d
Catsandbooks I agree with everyone, it's the pull of the forbidden and unknown. 2d
Sargar114 I can‘t wait til we discover the club! It‘s such an interesting read and to know Lily‘s perspective and how see how she will learn and grow 19h
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Part I
1954 August September

Miss Chinatown https://www.chinatownbooksf.com/miss-chinatown


Interesting the feelings both girls had for the contest admiring and discovery. I actually really liked how this is written - also how many little girls wanted to be Miss America ?!

AmyG Yes, their sexual awakening. Makes me nervous for them…families and friends. What will happen? (edited) 2d
Karisa It was a smart opening scene. It pulled me right in and showed the girls/family dynamics right from the start of the novel. @AmyG I hear you! With Shirley falling for Calvin the accused Communist and Lily knowing she‘s a lesbian in the 1950s, it‘s a scary time for them both 2d
mcctrish As soon as we got to the picnic and then Lily‘s parents talk with her, I had flashbacks to Peach Blossom Spring. Interesting connection to the present and the ‘Chinese weather balloons‘ that were everywhere in the news recently and here in 🇨🇦 a lot of discussions with collaborations between universities here and there 🇨🇳 and if they should be allowed to continue 2d
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Deblovestoread Appreciate the articles on the pageant. It really laid the ground work of who these girls were and the beginnings of who they might become. 2d
DebinHawaii @mcctrish Peach Blossom Spring is on my #TBR list. 2d
DebinHawaii @AmyG @Karisa Yes! It makes me nervous for them too! 🫣 2d
Catsandbooks My cousin was a local pageant queen and we did not get along so I definitely made it clear when I was young that I never wanted to be a part of that and be like her 😂 2d
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