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The Rocky Horror Picture Show Book | William A. Henkin, Bill Henkin
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It's Friday and I'm done for another week!! Bf is working, kids are doing their thing so I get to start my first movie (and probably my favorite) of the season!!

#teamslaughter #scarathlon


Soubhiville Rocky, Rocky, rah rah rah! (My favorite too!) 3mo
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In The Impossible Lives of Greta Wells, electroshock therapy sends 1985 Greta to another life in 1941 and to yet another during the influenza outbreak of 1918. While there, she discovers the parallel lives she and her loved ones are living in different eras and has to make a choice about which Greta she truly wants to remain.

#TimeWarp #MusicalNewYear

Cinfhen Sounds interesting 11mo
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A History of Reading | Alberto Manguel
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I'm a day late posting, due to misplacing my phone charger yesterday. As any Litten knows who has been following me, I love Alberto Manguel. I've posted several times about A Dictionary of Imaginary Places & The Library at Night. The tagged book is separated by themes (The Shape of the Book, The Author as Reader, Stealing Books etc). Manguel ranges through history of the written word & humanity's evolution of reading into what we know today. 👇

vivastory A true #timewarp A little more scholarly than Library at Night & Packing My Library. Still a fascinating, informative & passionate book. #MusicalNewYear @Cinfhen 12mo
vivastory I should also mention that there are scores of illustrations in this one. 12mo
Leftcoastzen Don‘t you just hate it when that happens!☹️ 12mo
vivastory @Leftcoastzen normally I would have just bought a replacement, but I was snowed in 😬😂 12mo
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The Years | Virginia Woolf
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This late Woolf novel follows members of the Partiger family, jumping from 1880 to 1891 to 1907 and so on, ending around 1937. Along the way, people marry and die, there are big events and small. Always the feeling pervades that we are alone, and connection is elusive. The style and scope is less intimate than Woolf's other novels I've read. Overall, a thoughtful albeit melancholic exploration of time, change and purpose.

merelybookish Not really about a #timewarp but time is close enough right? #musicalnewyear @Cinfhen @vivastory 12mo
Cinfhen Great review!! And that‘s a #timewarp 12mo
batsy I'll never get tired of looking at this cover! 12mo
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vivastory Are you reading all of Virginia Woolf this year? This sounds wonderful I 12mo
merelybookish @vivastory Yes, I'm going to try. I don't expect to read it all but will see how far I get. 12mo
vivastory If I was to spend a year reading only one author, Woolf would definitely be in my top 5 choices 12mo
merelybookish @vivastory I think it was a Litsy meme that planted the seed. If you could only read one writer for a year, who would it be ... Woolf was the obvious answer and then it made me think I'd like to try. 12mo
merelybookish @batsy I like these editions too. I've found a few at Goodwill. One upside/downside is there is no supplementary material. In a way, it removes some of the weight but it also means there's no easy way to learn more about the book. 12mo
batsy Ah, that's a bit of a bummer. I'm a supplementary material nerd, I must admit. It's why I adore the black Penguin Classics 😁 12mo
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11/22/63: A Novel | Stephen King
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This is one of my favorite books by Stephen King especially since I found it so different from his other books. It seemed fitting for the #TimeWarp prompt. #MusicalNewYear @vivastory @Cinfhen

Slajaunie Loved this book! This book is the only reason I read any of his others. (edited) 12mo
Reviewsbylola This was my first King and I loved it. I wish he‘d write another book in this vein. 12mo
NatalieR One of my favorite King novels too! 12mo
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Cinfhen Our book club read this book, back in August!! It was a hit from all the ladies but me!!! I thought it was too long but I do have #PageCountPhobia #AdultReadingADD 12mo
vivastory Will definitely be reading this one soon 12mo
Leftcoastzen One of my favorites too! 12mo
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Timeline | Michael Crichton
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I read this years ago, after my daughter, who is not an avid reader, finished it and recommended it to me. Fast paced. Time travel adventure. #timewarp #musicalnewyear

Cinfhen Crichton ruled for many years!!! Haven‘t read this one 12mo
DivineDiana @Cinfhen This is the only Crichton that I‘ve read. It was also made into a movie. 12mo
vivastory Wasn't aware there was a movie of this 12mo
DivineDiana @vivastory I haven‘t seen it though. So not certain if it lives up to the book! 😉 12mo
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Life After Life: A Novel | Kate Atkinson
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Ursula exists in some kind of #timewarp that allows her to die and come back over and over. Planning to start this later this month for the buddy read hosted by @Ingerella and @Pruzy (check back through the posts on this book for the schedule if you're interested). Looking forward to it!

@Cinfhen @vivastory

Ingerella I'm looking forward to reading it too! 12mo
JSW I loved this one. 12mo
readordierachel @JSW Good to hear! 12mo
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CarolynM Great choice👏👏👏 Great book too🙂 12mo
Susannah I loved this book. It was a wonderful combination of complex and readable. And it‘s representation of London during the Blitz (just a portion of the story) was terrifically vivid. I hope you like it! 12mo
Cinfhen That book drove me nuts!!! ( not in a good way) 😜😜😜But that‘s an #unpopularopinion (edited) 12mo
Cinfhen Good pick for prompt!!! 12mo
vivastory Fantastic choice. I've been meaning to read this forever, might have to join the buddy read! 12mo
readordierachel @CarolynM So glad to hear you loved it! 12mo
readordierachel @Susannah It sounds wonderful! I'm so excited to read it, especially after that glowing review 😊 12mo
readordierachel @Cinfhen Haha! 😂 Hopefully I don't have the same issues with it that you do. But hey, not every book works for every person. That's life! 12mo
readordierachel @vivastory Yes!! Do it! I've had this on my shelf for ages and took the buddy read as a sign that it was time, haha 12mo
vivastory I'm sold! I will definitely join in. This will be my first Atkinson. Have you read her before? 12mo
merelybookish I love this book and its companion just as much, if not more!! 12mo
readordierachel @vivastory Yay! I haven't yet, this'll be my first too. 12mo
readordierachel @merelybookish That's what I like to hear! Can't wait 12mo
JLaurenceCohen I've had this on my shelf for a while 12mo
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Vintage children‘s “time-slip” novels are one of my nostalgic faves to collect. I‘ve yet to read this Australian classic (but now I‘m reminded to move it up my TBR 👍🏻).


PatienceFortitude I read it when I was nine and I have read it so many times since! Love it!!!!! 12mo
Reviewsbylola This sounds like a book I would have LOVED as a kid! 12mo
CarolynM Great choice👏👏👏 12mo
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Lizpixie It was one of my favourites as a kid, I think I reading at least five times! I have a beautiful edition of it in my library now.❤️ 12mo
Chrissyreadit I loved books involving time travel- (or ghosts from the past anything with parallel timelines) you must have a fun collection @LeahBergen . 12mo
vivastory Have not heard of this, but love a nostalgia read 12mo
rubyslippersreads I need to read this too. 12mo
KerriNTurner This is one of my favourites! 12mo
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I chose to reread one of my favorite books for #pop19 #nostalgic. BTTYS is the diary that former Chicago Tribune columnist Bob Greene kept during 1964. It covers his junior and senior year of high school. Growing up in the same town, and graduating from the same high school (albeit 37 years later), this one is quite a #timewarp.

Shown are Bob Greene (‘65), his love interest Lindy Lemmon (‘68), my dad (‘77), and me (‘02). #musicalnewyear

Megabooks Definitely a time warp! 12mo
Crazeedi So neat! 12mo
Cinfhen Your dad is a total hottie!!! Lucky lady @Mdargusch 🔥🔥🔥😁This might be my favorite post ever!!!! You look exactly the same 🙌🏻❣️❣️❣️ 12mo
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Reviewsbylola Those were his glory days. 😂 @Cinfhen 12mo
Cinfhen Everybody has their glory days!!! No shame in that!!! 12mo
BarbaraBB Great post! Love the pics of you and your dad 🧡 12mo
Reggie Is it weird that at first looking at this picture I thought your dad and Lindy were brother and sister. 12mo
LeahBergen I love this! And I‘m with @Cinfhen - your Dad‘s a “hunk”. 😆😆 12mo
Reviewsbylola Hahahaha I guess I can see a resemblance. I actually met Lindy once at my cousin‘s wedding and I was star struck. I was drilling her about the book and her relationship with Bob Greene. She was probably mortified. 😂 I remember asking her if she was freaked out to read how obsessed Bob was with her. 😂 @Reggie 12mo
Reviewsbylola Lol he certainly thought so. 😂 We love hearing stories about his teenage years. @LeahBergen 12mo
mrp27 Fantastic! 12mo
keithmalek I love Bob Greene! I've read about a dozen of his books (including this one). 12mo
Reviewsbylola @keithmalek I definitely hope to read more of his books this year. I just bought American Beat. Any others you recommend? I think the only other book of his I read was 12mo
IamIamIam LOVE the yearbook photos!!! 🤟😍 12mo
Mdargusch Thanks @cinfhen! ❤️ 12mo
emilyhaldi Lol, love this 😍 12mo
keithmalek @Reviewsbylola Homecoming: When the Soldiers Returned From Vietnam, Cheeseburgers, Chevrolet Summers Dairy Queen Nights, Johnny Deadline Reporter, He Was a Midwestern Boy On His Own, Duty, Once Upon a Town 12mo
vivastory Wasn't familiar with this story before. Stacked! 12mo
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Barbara Erskine is a must read for anyone who enjoys dual time narratives. New to Erskine? Start with Lady of Hay (tagged, but not pictured). #TimeWarp


@TrishB and @Andrew65 will support this post and can also offer up recommendations 😊

TrishB I love all of them but Lady of Hay will always be my favourite ❤️ it was one of mine and my Mum‘s books. I brought her a hard back which she thought was too nice to keep reading! So I brought her a paperback and she reread quite a few times. I have this old tatty one now too. 12mo
rubyslippersreads I definitely need to read these. 12mo
Cinfhen It‘s funny how I think of this book in terms of @TrishB and her mum ❤️❤️ 12mo
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TrishB @Cinfhen so many books I do that now with friends stories on Litsy 💜 12mo
Andrew65 I started on Lady of Hay and love all three of her big books. Lady of Hay, Child of the Phoenix and the Kingdom of Shadows. All wonderful reads. @TrishB @Cinfhen @Melissa_J @rubyslippersreads 12mo
Andrew65 Another favourite would be 12mo
LeahBergen I read Lady of Hay soooooo many years ago. Perhaps I need to do a nostalgic reread one day. 🤔 12mo
vivastory Hadn't heard of this before, glad to see the love for them! 12mo
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