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BOOKSHOPS | Jorge Carrion
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Reposted for @ljuliel for the daily discussion prompt.

Today‘s Prompt

When searching for a new book , out of the list below, which are most influential ?

1. Cover
2 Author
3 Title
4 Length
5 .Price
6. Reviews

#KeepLitsyActive. #bookshopping. @ljuliel

Andrew65 For me it would be my favourite authors, recommendations/ reviews from friends on Litsy and Librarything, and covers of books. (edited) 1d
EadieB For me it would be; author, recommendation and reviews. 1d
Andrew65 @EadieB Very similar! 1d
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EadieB @Andrew65 I like nice covers but if I like the author, recommendation and reviews, then the cover would not sway me to not read the book. 1d
Andrew65 @EadieB Cover would only encourage me to read a book for an author I don‘t know. 1d
DrexEdit For authors I know: reviews. For authors I don't know: covers then reviews. I'm including Litsy and goodreads in that reviews category so that might sort of include recommendations also. 1d
Karkar Author if I know their previous work or cover then review if I have never heard of the author. 1d
juls29 This can really depend for me. If I‘m just walking into a bookstore with no expectations the cover and title would do it for me, but if I‘m feeling a certain genre or just read and loved a good series I would definitely look at author and reviews! 1d
Rachel_Anne789 It would be author, recommendations/reviews, then the cover. 1d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 I'm the same as you, favorite author, recommended by friend or family, cover 1d
OriginalCyn620 If it‘s an author I‘m not familiar with, then cover and title are very influential. If it‘s an author I already know and love, then those things aren‘t quite as important. But length is always a factor too. I pay little attention to reviews, but if a friend recs a book, I‘ll read it! 1d
Andrew65 @OriginalCyn620 I only pay attention to reviews written by someone I know and trust on Litsy, Librarything or Goodreads. (edited) 1d
OriginalCyn620 @Andrew65 I do trust reviews by Littens more than anywhere else! 1d
LA_Mead For me it‘s a mix of cover and author... 1d
Cinfhen Good question!!!! if I know the author than trusted reviews if it‘s an impulse decision cover and price. Length is sometimes a deterrent #PageCountPhobia 1d
Lizpixie I‘m a total #coverlove reader, but author is also a big influence. 22h
gradcat I have to admit that I‘m easy prey for a beautiful book cover...shows you what kind of (shallow 😂) person I am, right? But I do have favorite authors to whom I am extremely loyal, and thus will read any and everything they publish, in order! 😁 Oh, and I should add: If I want to know about a new book just/coming out, I ALWAYS check here first to get a general opinion. 📖😊👍 (edited) 22h
ljuliel Thanks for the repost , Andrew. 17h
Andrew65 @gradcat Me too! Very cover driven and especially covers similar to some of my favourite books or genres. 11h
Andrew65 @ljuliel 😊👍 11h
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Vanity Fair | William Thackeray
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"I have brains," Becky thought, "and almost all the rest of the world are fools."

Considered as one of the feistiest women in literature, this #girlgonewild is high up on my characters-to-read list.


Cinfhen This book is meant to be really good! I‘m not a fan of the older classics but thanks to Litsy I‘m broadening my reading 1w
batsy It's on my TBR, too! (I need to find a way to make this sentence my automated Litsy response 😂) 1w
Tanisha_A @batsy I will help you with that, it's much needed now. 😁 1w
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Tanisha_A @Cinfhen And it's a tome too, at about 700-800 pages. True, Litsy has done wonders to my reading in multiple ways. 1w
readordierachel This one's on my list too, but it's intimidating! 1w
BarbaraBB And it‘s on my Tbr shelves too.. maybe we should do a buddy read! 1w
Tanisha_A @Cinfhen @batsy @readordierachel @BarbaraBB I think a buddy read is a nice idea. ☺️ 1w
Cinfhen You know I suffer from #PageCountPhobia right!?!??? 700-800 pages has me sweating 😓 😱 1w
Tanisha_A @Cinfhen Hahahaha! We'll space it out like a big chunk of sky. 😁 1w
Cinfhen That might work 😜 1w
batsy @Tanisha_A @Cinfhen @readordierachel @BarbaraBB I'm always game for a buddy read :) But looking at its page count, maybe early next year? 😅 1w
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Wolf Hall | Hilary Mantel
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#SoaringScores #EntryIntoTheGreatHall #BookishConfession I‘ve never read Hilary Mantel🙈where should I start?!!! Are they all #chunksters ?!?! #PageCountPhobia

SamAnne I‘m wondering too! Recently picked up a couple of her books used. I‘m thinking of starting with Wolf Hall. Other suggestions? (edited) 2w
merelybookish I've only read Wolf Hall. I liked it. It's historical fiction with a slant 2w
BarbaraBB I liked Wolf Hall too. Aftereards I started its sequel, Bring up the Bodies, but I couldn‘t get into that one. I‘ll try again, one day.... 😉 2w
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Kalalalatja I have read Wolf Hall, and I wasn‘t impressed 😅 and it is a bit chunky 2w
CarolynM I loved Wolf Hall and Bring Up the Bodies. I'm not looking forward to the last one in the trilogy though. That's the problem with fictionalised history - you know where it's going. 2w
Centique I loved them too but then I love this period of history and I‘m hungry to get a good feel for that world. It will be either love or hate for you I think. So #borrowdontbuy 2w
Cinfhen Thanks for all the feedback @merelybookish @BarbaraBB @Kalalalatja @Centique I think the #BorrowNotBuy is a good idea 💡 and I hear ya @CarolynM although I‘m fuzzy with all my world history 🤪 2w
Cinfhen @SamAnne seems like Wolf Hall is a good place to start!!! 2w
Hooked_on_books I like audio for chunksters, so maybe that‘s a way to go. 2w
Cinfhen I‘ll look into that option @Hooked_on_books Good suggestion 😌 2w
jillrhudy The third book in the trilogy is coming out March 3 with a 300,000 first printing from Henry Holt & Co. 2w
RealBooks4ever Loved Wolf Hall. It's not a tough read, never mind the page count. 💜 2w
CrowCAH I enjoyed the PBS miniseries based on this book! 2w
TrishB Love these ❤️ I can‘t wait for the 3rd! 2w
vivastory I LOVED the following (& it's not a chunkster) 2w
Reviewsbylola You shouldn‘t start. 😆 2w
Reviewsbylola Granted, I‘ve only read the first 150 pages of WH but never again!! 2w
Reviewsbylola I do think Mantel is very talented, but I don‘t have the energy or headspace that her books require. (edited) 2w
Cinfhen Hahaha @Reviewsbylola I think I may be in the same boat as you!!! Head space is KEY these days!!! 2w
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Don Quixote | Cervantes
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Oh, Don Quixote! You‘re on my to read list, along with so many other #chunkster classics! I do know of his reputation...tilting at windmills, thinking he is a knight, etc. #TheSwordFight #SoaringScores

#SebastianKitty wanted in the photo too! #catsoflitsy

Cinfhen This is one book I‘m not interested in tackling #PageCountPhobia 2w
Librarybelle Totally understand, @Cinfhen ! 2w
ravenlee I‘ve tried to read this several times and never get more than a few pages in. Sigh. 2w
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Tamra This past summer I enjoyed the first book mainly, but it seemed to get repetitive. Silly misunderstandings lead to shenanigans, repeat. Add in exaggerated chivalric love. 2w
Dragon 😻 2w
CrowCAH This is on my TBR too! 2w
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Imaginary Friend | Steven Chbosky
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W H O A!! What a book! Chbosky has outdone himself with this book. Definitely has King vibes (which he acknowledged inspired him) and was super creepy. This is the first book that has EVER given me nightmares. Despite being a 700pg book it held my attention the whole way through and it was like I could never read enough each day! The need to know what was happening with Christopher was overwhelming and there definitely was a MAJOR plot twist!

Cinfhen Great review!!!! I‘m tempted but #PageCountPhobia 😳is it YA?!?!?? 1mo
Come-read-with-me @rather_be_reading Whew! Sounds good, but if it gave you nightmare it would probably stop me from sleeping for the rest of my life!! 😲 1mo
rather_be_reading @Cinfhen ik! it was definitely thick! i wouldnt say it is YA 1mo
FantasyChick I just started this beast last night and I'm really enjoying it! 4w
Godpants I‘m just under halfway through and I wish I could just stay and bed and read it today! (Good thing I have tomorrow off!) 4w
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Blue Dress Girl | E V Thompson
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My mum has quite a few E V Thompson books when I was younger, and I read a few, though I have to say I don‘t recall this one - I think it came out after I‘d gone to Uni #TheBlueDress #SoaringScores
@Cinfhen @CrowCAH

CrowCAH The sounds like it has a lot of conflict, not only the countries at war, but a forbidden romance. 1mo
Cinfhen Not familiar with this author. Are her books mostly romance?? 1mo
TheEllieMo @Cinfhen the author is a he! His books are mostly sweeping historical sagas, I remember reading the Retallick family series when I was younger. 1mo
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Cinfhen Ha! I assumed a female author😜so like a Jeffrey Archer or Ken Follett??? I love that word “sweeping”, I used to love those type of novels before #PageCountPhobia set in 😂 1mo
TheEllieMo @Cinfhen I suspect he used his initials so as not to put off a female audience. His novels are closer to Catherine Cookson than Archer or Follett. 1mo
Cinfhen Haven‘t read Catherine Cookson 🤷🏼‍♀️ 1mo
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Ducks, Newburyport | Lucy Ellmann
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Look who‘s feeling brave!!!! I‘m ready to tackle the #PageCountPhobia 💪🏽It‘s only 1030 pages 😉

Cathythoughts Good luck 👍🏻 look forward to your thoughts ♥️ 2mo
erzascarletbookgasm So curious about this one. 🍀👍😘 2mo
JennyM Lets us know how it is...that‘s a big book for me!!! 2mo
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jenniferw88 I am not going to be surprised if you bail on this one! I'm thinking of hibernating it! 2mo
RachelO 👏👏👏👏 Good luck! 2mo
CarolynM I'm very tempted by this one but It's a lot longer than I'm comfortable with. 2mo
AmyG I‘d be curious to hear what you think. It‘s a big book. 2mo
Hestapleton It may be hard with this one, but when I have a chunkster, I use post it‘s to mark off manageable chunks (50 pages or so) to read per day/week whatever. It makes it a bit more feasible. This is my strategy with Lord of the Rings lol 2mo
LiteraryinLititz You can do it!! 2mo
Booksnchill I am finding it surprisingly readable- I have had to tackle it in 30-40 page chuncks just because of the no punctuation form but it flows once you get into the rhythm! 2mo
KarenUK I‘m on hold at the library for this one... hoping a digital copy will ease my #pagecountphobia !!! 😳 2mo
IamIamIam The no punctuation thing frightens me more than the page count!!! I'm already getting anxiety knowing that this book exists! 😂😂😂 2mo
TrishB @IamIamIam punctuation for me too. I dislike books with no quotation marks enough. 2mo
IamIamIam @TrishB YES!!! I can't handle that!!! 2mo
Kalalalatja I‘m definitely in the no-punctuation-phobia camp as well @IamIamIam @TrishB 😳 2mo
Cinfhen It seems @jenniferw88 was correct!!! I BAILED @Cathythoughts @erzascarletbookgasm @jennym @RachelO @CarolynM @AmyG @Hestapleton @LiteraryinLititz @Booksnchill @KarenUK @IamIamIam @TrishB @Kalalalatja and in case you‘re all still worried there are lots of commas. I just couldn‘t get on board with her musings and random thoughts. I have enough of my own inner dialogue to deal with 😉😁😜 2mo
IamIamIam I'm proud of you for even attempting it!!! Put that on your list to read once you're retired! 😂 2mo
TrishB 😁😁 you tried - more than me!! 2mo
Hestapleton @Cinfhen hahaha yeah stream of consciousness books are NOT my thing lol 2mo
jenniferw88 :-) I'm enjoying the randomness of her thoughts but don't have the time to thoroughly commit to it at the moment! 2mo
AmyG Ahhhh, this is that stream of consciousness book. I read about this. No wonder you bailed. 2mo
Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll try again but for now it‘s being tucked away in a deep shelf/back row @AmyG @jenniferw88 @Hestapleton @TrishB @IamIamIam 2mo
Blaire Oh man! I want to read this but very intimidated by the length. Maybe in the summer. 2mo
BookwormM I am at 75% the only reason I haven‘t bailed is that it made the Booker Shortlist personally I have no idea how. Kindle tells me the phrase “the fact that” is used over 16,000 times it drives me batty 2mo
LeahBergen Brave, indeed! I don‘t mind the high page count; it‘s that one-sentence thing that terrifies me. 😳 2mo
LeahBergen Oh, and now I see you bailed! 👏🏻👏🏻😆😆 2mo
BarbaraBB @BookwormM That would drive me crazy too! And kudos for trying, @Cinfhen 👊🏼. I am glad we didn‘t do a buddy read! 1mo
Cinfhen I‘m still thinking **might** try again BUT it‘s not going to be anytime soon @BarbaraBB @LeahBergen @Blaire and THAT is SUPER annoying @BookwormM ugh!!!! 1mo
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