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My #NovemberWrapUp is also a day late but I‘m very happy with my stats. I have to give a huge shoutout to @TheReadingMermaid @jb72 @Andrew65 & @Clwojick for both the #24B4Monday #readathon & the month long team games for breaking me out of my #bookslump and getting me back into enjoying reading again. You guys rock!🤘

britt_brooke Excellent month! I still need to do my stats. 😬 1w
jb72 Wow! Great job! Glad you were able to push through a reading slump! 1w
kspenmoll What a wonderful reading month ! Congratulations 🎊 1w
Andrew65 That‘s massive, ‘enjoying reading again‘. No matter whatever else we or you achieved this has made November a resounding success! 👏👏👏🥳😍🤗💃 1w
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One for the Money (Revised) | Janet Evanovich
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The Stephanie Plum novels by Janet Evanovich are my go to books. My mom got me into them this year, and I adore them. They are funny and spicy! If the cursed reading slump shows up I grab the next book in the series. Even when I just feel sad about life, they cheer up . I adore Stephanie's grandma and most likely in love with Joe Morelli 😍😍. I can rave about them all day.
#stephanieplum #janetevanovich #bookslump

Bookjunkie57 Grandma is the best! 4mo
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Hangman | Jack Heath
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In a bit of a book slump. Been jumping around for awhile now. I blame work. 😅
#bookslump #thefeels #muchlove

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Y‘all, I‘ve been reading this book for literally two months. It‘s not a hard read, but I‘m just not into finishing it. I‘m in a book slump and I need help! #whattoread #bookslump #helpme (also throwback to this internet gem)

Demibom What do you like to read? 8mo
looking_for_mikaela @Demibom I‘m so all over the place, usually more of a contemporary drama, with the occasional science fiction splashed in? 8mo
tpixie Try something different! The author is a Litten! 8mo
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looking_for_mikaela @tpixie annnnd it‘s on my list. Thanks for the recommendation! (edited) 8mo
tpixie @looking_for_mikaela I like the writing. The 3 sisters were actually real people! I'm reading the second one now 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Ok, this often happens to me with nonfiction. Killers of the Flower Moon almost sent me into one but I‘ve introduced Stephen King as a palate cleanser.. 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 That sounds weird, but KOTFM is so disturbing, and also drawn out, that SK is a welcome change. When you‘re determined to finish a book, sometimes another book “break”helps. Fiction Saves. Lol 8mo
looking_for_mikaela @JanuarieTimewalker13 “fiction saves”! 🥰 I love it 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 Hahaha...yeah, amazing I could come up with anything BC-Before Coffee. It‘s my mental “on” switch. Lol 8mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage You could always stick to the same characters, but bump to this fictional mystery. It‘s funny and a quick read. 8mo
tpixie @JanuarieTimewalker13 #FictionSaves ! I love it!!! ♥️📚♥️ 8mo
JanuarieTimewalker13 @tpixie hahaha!! I like the hashtag!! I‘m still plowing through KOTFM. It‘s so disturbing that Bag of Bones is actually comforting (thus far). 8mo
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Women Talking: A Novel | Miriam Toews
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The writing in this book is outstanding and the content is parts heartbreaking, enraging and soulful. This book is an achievement and astonishing knowing it‘s based on real events & conversations! This story occurs in 2009!!!!!! Im halfway done and totally gobsmacked.

TrishB Stacked 👍🏻 13mo
Kalalalatja Oh wow! 13mo
Moray_Reads It's a very special writer who can turn what is essentially a single conversation into such a clever, gripping novel. Loved it 13mo
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Cathythoughts Heartbreaking quote ♥️💔 13mo
Smrloomis Wow, amazing quote 💔💔💔 13mo
Cinfhen I just finished this book and wow!!! I want a follow up @Moray_Reads 13mo
Cinfhen 100% #BUYnotBorow it‘s worth owning and at the very least reading @TrishB @Kalalalatja @Cathythoughts @Smrloomis 13mo
erinreads I‘m impatiently waiting for my copy from Book Depository to arrive any day now! Can‘t wait to read it. 13mo
Moray_Reads @Cinfhen I loved it. I love how varied heya women were and how genuine their relationships and conversations felt. It's horrifying that this was based on a real event 13mo
Eggs Wow 😳 13mo
Cinfhen Share your thoughts after you read this book @erinreads ❣️❣️ 13mo
Suet624 Shawn Mooney was over the moon about this book. I purchased it because of his recommendation but haven‘t read it yet. 12mo
Cinfhen It‘s a relatively short read @Suet624 definitely pick it up!!! It should kick your #bookSlump in the butt 😘😘 12mo
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Misery | Stephen King
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#OctoberXFiles #day4 #Misery For me, having all these amazing books to read & owning the eyes of a 90yrold migraine sufferer is total misery. As soon as I get on a roll with kicking my #bookslump without fail I get an eye strain headache that turns into a migraine. I have an appt to get my eyes tested again but new glasses for me, coz my vision is so bad, cost over $600, which we don‘t have. Excuse me while I go sit in a corner & rock quietly.

Susannah I'm so sorry. That is a misery. Do you like audiobooks? Can you find any of these on audio through your library? 😢 (edited) 1y
Rissreads I‘m really sorry you are having such a hard time. I know how miserable I would be if I couldn‘t read. Yes, have you tried to source some of these books to listen too as @Susannah suggested? I often get the bigger books on my tbr shelf on audio to listen too. Fingers crossed you are back reading soon 💙 1y
Rissreads Do you have an account on audible? I would love to gift you one of these books if you do. 😘 1y
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Lizpixie @Susannah @Rissreads thank you for the suggestions lovelies, I‘ve actually been an audible member for over ten years & have accumulated around 500 audiobooks so far! I love them but sometimes I just want to lose myself in a print book, especially if it‘s a complicated story. With audio, it‘s easy to get lost if you miss a crucial plot point. But yes, I do love to listen when I can‘t read. I‘m actually audio booking A Discovery Of Witches now.👍❤️ 1y
Rissreads Would a kindle help with the eye strain? Apparently you can change the print size and lighting and background colour? I know it‘s not the same as holding a book in your hands, but, it‘s still reading.... 1y
Lizpixie @Rissreads oh, thank you for the offer you wonderful litten! I still have 2 credits on my account to use, but you‘re an angel to offer.😇 1y
sisilia I‘m so sorry, @Lizpixie Would large print edition help? 1y
JennyM Hugs to you Liz xx 1y
Cinfhen I‘m sorry, Liz 😞I love all the wonderful suggestions & offers!!! #LittensAreTheBest 😍😍😍 I do wonder about Large print editions?? Have u tried?? 1y
LeeRHarry Oh Liz I‘m sorry that reading is giving you migraines 😔 large print books sound like they could be worth trying, I hope you find a solution very soon xx 1y
julesG Hugs! 1y
Chrissyreadit @Lizpixie are you in the US? The Lions Club is a national organization that helps with eyeglasses. Not sure of your situation... Also there is an organization for the blind or people with limited vision that provides a large magnifier for Books. My grandmother used it when she still had some vision and it helped significantly. 1y
2BR02B Have you considered creating a GoFundMe page to help with financing your glasses? Litsy is such a generous community, and I'm sure many of us would be willing to donate a few bucks for the sake of a fellow reader. 1y
Amandajoy I‘m sorry to hear. I understand the frustration with expensive glasses, I gave the same problem. Can you use the same frames? (I know that only cuts down costs a little bit, but every little hit helps.) 1y
Suet624 I‘m so sorry to hear this. 1y
GlassAsDiamonds Tad late but if you‘re in Sydney; my optometrist is a wonderful, wonderful guy who prices really well. Would large print, blue light reading lamps or reading in prescription sunglasses help? (Glasses wearer for many years so I totally feel your pain. If any of these could help, just let me know!) 1y
Lizpixie @sisilia @Cinfhen @LeeRHarry I know my local library has a big section of large print books, plus I‘m going to buy one of those magnifier bookmark/ruler from Dymocks @JennyM @julesG @Suet624 thank you all for the love 💕 1y
Lizpixie @Chrissyreadit I‘m in Australia unfortunately, glasses just aren‘t covered which is ridiculous. Thankyou for the suggestion❤️ @2BR02B thanks for the suggestion lovely, I‘m sure they would coz Littens are the best people! But I‘ll manage, we always do😘 @Amandajoy I‘m actually considering that option, thank you!👍 @GlassAsDiamonds thanks lovely, I‘m considering large print & reading magnifiers. I‘ve not heard of blue glasses?🤔 1y
GlassAsDiamonds Depends what‘s causing your headaches - sometimes the tint can help (there are even ones with one red and one green lense!!). Blue tint ones can ease eye strain, especially if you‘re reading under bright lights for the clarity. 1y
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#OctoberXFiles #day1 #BitinTheBullet This long weekend in Sydney I finally bit the bullet and hopefully kicked my #bookslump‘s arse for good. Over the past three days I‘ve started & finished The Clockmakers Daughter, Neverworld Wake & The Hoarder, and am so far, 100pg into a fourth book, The Corset. This has been a great reading weekend!

Soubhiville Yay! 1y
LeahBergen I need The Corset! 👏🏻 1y
Cinfhen Woohoo!!! Yay and all those books look awesome!!!! Going to check out your reviews 😘😘 1y
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The Haunting of Hill House | Shirley Jackson
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It been too long since I‘ve posted...I‘ve been in a #bookslump this year. Starting this spooky one for a #readalong while enjoying my pumpkin spice toast and coffee with pumpkin spice creamer 🎃🎃🎃#somuchpumpkin

tpixie Love your mug♥️ and PUMPKIN SPICE TOAST! I want some of that! 1y
tpixie I‘ve gotten through the descriptions of the main characters. Her writing is kind of fun and funny. 1y
Blueberry Can't wait for the miniseries on Netflix! Oct 12th I believe. 1y
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UnabridgedPod I‘m excited to begin this one! 1y
Chrissyreadit The story begins! 1y
BethM Pumpkin spice toast 😱 1y
Peddler410 I have it but never read it. I‘ll try to make it my Halloween read this year. 1y
dragondrool Hooray! My book buddy resurfaces! 1y
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Neverworld Wake | Marisha Pessl
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Well, Sydney Roosters🐓won the NRL Grand Final(go chookies!)and I‘m at page 234 in Neverworld Wake, a huge mindf**k of a book that even though I‘m heading down the last third, I have no idea of where it‘s going or where it even came from! But I am enjoying the reading of it very much. I think as long as I dive straight into another book without thinking about it,hopefully the dreaded #bookslump will die a tragic death💀(kinda like Melbourne Storm)

CarolynM Yay Easts! An old friend of mine will be very pleased indeed😃😃😃 1y
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Neverworld Wake | Marisha Pessl
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To beat the #bookslump I think I need to dive straight into another book. But it‘s the NRL Grand Final tonight between Melbourne Storm & Sydney Roosters which is grabbing my attention instead. So, after the game I‘ll be reading Neverworld Wake which is pretty interesting so far. I love this embossment in the front beneath the book jacket.