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My Mad Fat Diary | Rae Earl
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Today was a #FML day at work- utterly and completely ridiculous. So tonight @toddred29 and I went out for HuHot, antiquing and Half Price Books. I picked up the Hornby book for $2 on clearance and I keep hearing about the tagged book from my clients. Amazing how $10 in used books (and a fluffy #catsoflitsy chin) makes up for the damage a day can do! Welcome, Dear Weekend!

BethM I hope you have a wonderful restful weekend! 2w
readordierachel Your kitty looks very pleased with your choices 😋 2w
BlameJennyJane Ah, thanks, @BethM! 2w
BlameJennyJane @readordierachel 😊 I took it as approval as well! Lol 2w
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Well, this week has just gone to hell hasn‘t it. First the FIL is back in hospital, then the youngest came to get her bed, announced that “dad you have to take it in the trailer, oh btw can we pick up my roommates bed?”so they got in an argument. He tore out in the car & trailer, taking out the brick column with our mailbox. Then the delivery dude shows up with all this mail he didn‘t know I‘d ordered. #hubscurrentmood🤬 #fml

cobwebmoth I hope next week is much better for you. *hugs* 10mo
Cinfhen Sorry 😐 hate getting caught with package deliveries 🚚 📦seems to make my gentle bear turn growl-ely too 10mo
TrishB Not a good day 😔 10mo
Lindy Yikes! Hope all is well now. 10mo
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Operation Playboy | Kathryn Bonella
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Still at page 99. The book is awesome. It's my kids. My kids. They won't "let" me read. Which is why I only read at night. But afternoons. Man. Can't waste an entire afternoon not reading??? So I read two pages across four hours most afternoons. REALLY. #fml

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Probably my last book haul of the year. I‘m going to be moving again. 😩 but I can‘t make any promises! 😂 #BookWormProblems #NoPromises #SorryNotSorry #FML #IWantAllTheBooks #HomeLibrary

Riveted_Reader_Melissa 😂 I understand! Great #bookhaul though! 14mo
DannyHattan Pretty impressive. You‘ll live the Robin Hobb books. 🙌🏻 14mo
Literary_Siren @DannyHattan I‘m looking forward to reading them and the V.E. Schwab books too! 14mo
jillrhudy I was so into that Schwab trilogy! 14mo
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Geek Feminist Revolution | Kameron Hurley
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Channeling positive #feminist vibes today and wearing my Mt. Nasty t-shirt as I get ready for the sold out K-Flay concert tonight!! 🎉🙌🏼😍💁🏻‍♀️ Her music is pretty dark, but love it. The beat makes me smile and gets me hyped!! #Kflay #BloodIntheCut #FML #Feminism #MountNasty #NastyWomen #powerfulwomen #RBG #Cincinnati #concerts #music #ThePowerofWords #ThePowerofMusic

LoverofLit I love this so much! 2y
Jess7 Aww thank you! My sister-in-law bought the shirt from Amazon for me for Christmas. Search Mount Nasty if you want your own! 🤗🤗 @LoverofLit 2y
Iblu Must check this music out!!! Love the pic! 👍👍👍 2y
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LoverofLit Thank you! @Jess7 2y
Hooked_on_books Great pic! 2y
AmyG 🙌🏻 2y
whippoorwill815 I own the Mt. Nasty shirt as well 👏😃 2y
HOTPock3tt ❤️🎉!!! 2y
SleepyDragon I want a shirt too ... feeling left out. Lol 2y
sprainedbrain I love K.Flay! Have fun. ❤️ 2y
GripLitGrl Awesome shirt! Have fun😀👍 2y
Jess7 Just got home from the concert and she was AMAAZZZZINNNGGG!!! @sprainedbrain 2y
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This book is....scary....entertaining and shows just how much of a shit show that entire campaign was. I feel sick and I‘m only two chapters in. #FML

Aurora0044 @Carolefort hopefully he‘ll be impeached before that 🤞 2y
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The Finding of Martha Lost | Caroline Wallace
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That moment when despite all your efforts for the author NOT to see your unfavorable review tweet she is still THE ONLY person who likes it 😶 #FML #truestory

You can read it here, by the way: http://avalinahsbooks.space/the-finding-of-martha-lost/

TrishB Ouch ! 3y
avalinah I know right ? barely holding my tongue from saying "I'm sorry I didn't like your book!" :D 3y
RealBooks4ever Aw, don't be hard on yourself! You gave an honest review. 😄👍🏼 3y
avalinah @RealBooks4ever yeah, you're right. After all, they DO ask for an honest review. At least I wrote in an amusing way. Or so I hope 😃 3y
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Rather sad list of books I have started but haven't finished due to reading slump. My life is sad. :(

#slump #fml

Empire of Storms | Sarah J Maas
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I'm pissed! Pissed at myself for foolishly thinking that I had all the books in this series when I started reading it. There is still (at least) one more coming out in September, AND NOW I HAVE TO WAIT FOR IT!!! 😤😫😩😭 Please excuse me while I go cry and hide under a rock with my series hangover. #fml #bookhangover #ihatewaitingforbooks

KirstieE It was that good huh ? 😂 3y
GypsyKat @KirstieE It was good, the whole series is good. This book wasn't my favorite, it had more "romance" than the other books, and some frankly unnecessary sex scenes. But I waited to start this series until all the books were out, or I meant to anyway. I don't know how I made the mistake of thinking they were all out. I like to read a whole series consecutively. This blows. Lol 3y
KirstieE I get what you mean ! That's why I haven't read lady midnight yet , it's killing me to wait for st least the 2nd book before I start the series. It's better because otherwise you forget everything that happens 3y
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GypsyKat @KirstieE Exactly! I'm definitely going to have to read this one again later this year just as a refresher. And Lady Midnight is on my TBR list too! 👍🏼 3y
BookFreakOut Have you read her Court of Thorns and Roses books? The 3rd of the trilogy comes out in May, but they're on the same sexiness level as Empire. Definitely more "new adult" than "young adult." Still great, though! 3y
GypsyKat @BookFreakOut I don't have anything against a little "sexiness" in a book, I just felt like the 5+ page long sex scene in the middle of this one was unnecessary lol. I haven't read that series yet, since I really prefer to read an entire series together. So I'll wait a few years until it's all out. That's the plan, at least. ? 3y
BookFreakOut @GypsyKat Cool cool, that's a good plan. The Court books are equally explicit in terms of sex scene length and description but the series as a whole is more romantically oriented so it fits a little better. Still wouldn't give to my mom though! 😂 3y
GypsyKat @BookFreakOut Haha! Thanks for the heads up! If the books are more romantically driven than I can see that. This series is full of secrets, and bad ass battles. There was just so much else going on that I found the sex scenes boring. I'm sure that makes me sound super weird! 😂 3y
BookFreakOut @GypsyKat No, I get that! I'm reading Dreams of Gods and Monsters and the parts where the main man and lady have long internal monologues about their love are "blah blah blah too many feelings." Please get back the angel/chimaera war! 3y
GypsyKat @BookFreakOut Haha! I like that you get me! 😂 Also, I need to read that series, it's on my TBR list too. 3y
AStoriedSoul She announced another. The one for this year is supposed to be about Chaol specifically. Threw me for a loop. Supposedly the last Of the main series will be 2018 if I read her Instagram correctly. I neeeeeed it now. 3y
GypsyKat @TheLiterarium Are you freaking kidding me??? Not to be uncaring, but with the way that the last book ended, I don't give a rat's ass about Chaol, I need to know what happens to Aelin! 😫😭😭😭 3y
AStoriedSoul Not kidding. I wish it was a Rowan book myself 😩😭but ill take it. I like Chaol in some ways as he's complicated even if I want to slap him sometimes. 3y
GypsyKat @TheLiterarium Thanks for the heads up. I just went and followed her on Instagram too, so I can get the latest devastating news as she comes out with it. Eeesh! 3y
AStoriedSoul Lol. Sorry to be the harbinger of bad news. 😩 I died a little inside at having to wait another year too. ☺ 3y
GypsyKat @TheLiterarium Totally! A Rowan book I could see, he's 300 yrs old. What was Chaol, 23-24 at this point? And I SO agree with you about wanting to slap him sometimes, he just can never deal with his own guilt and just turns it to blame/anger against other people. Granted, that's not necessarily unrealistic, but it is frustrating. 3y
GypsyKat @TheLiterarium Man! A year and a half+ until I can finish this series. See, this is exactly why I normally wait until all the books are out before starting a series. I can patiently wait years for all of them, but once I start reading I lose all patience! Lol 3y
AStoriedSoul She really could do a lot with Rowan in terms of his own books. Soooo much to work with. Chaol's way of dealing is indeed frustrating. A lot of its is for things that can't be helped. I hate that he gets angry at Aelin for what she can't change. I guess we'll see in this upcoming book. 3y
AStoriedSoul Totally understand! Need a time machine... 3y
GypsyKat @TheLiterarium Yes and yes! And can I just say how good it is to be able to vent/talk about books with people? So glad I found Litsy! Lol 😊 3y
AStoriedSoul Me too! I love this community. Best ever. 3y
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