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Today‘s #WinterReadathonDailyChallenge reminded me I never reviewed this amazing, heartbreaking book. The main character and his niece both have a hearing disability.
The title is not a lie. This novel illustrates how difficult it is to escape the cycle of poverty. Even though it was heart-wrenching, I‘m glad I read it. I missed the main character when it ended, wishing I could stay by his side. Read if you like classical music.

Andrew65 Even more so true today with the big increases we are seeing in poverty levels due to the cost of living crisis. 3h
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Spin | Lamar Giles
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This is on my TBR, I found it available on my Libby app as well and immediately borrowed it. I have Sunburn to read first and this next up on my roster!

The Beatles Lyrics | The Beatles
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In this you've got almost 200 song lyrics that have been collected to form one volume of poetry.

It's split into three parts.

Part 1: Beatlemania (1962-5)

Part 2: The Sergeants' Mystery Tour (1965-8)

Part 3: The Apple Years (1968-70)

A real treat for all Beatles lovers.

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Graph Out Loud | Graphjam Com
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According to #StoryGraph, this month @suvata mainly read:
• fiction books that are reflective, emotional, dark, and sad.
• typically chooses medium-paced books that are 300-499 pages long

A Book of Days | Patti Smith
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This is a gorgeous book- I love Patti Smith & when I heard she had a new book out I grabbed it from the library. I had no idea what the title meant. Basically she has a relevant photo for each day of the year. Now I want to buy this so I can go through the year with her!

Cinfhen Ahhh! That‘s fantastic! Definitely a book to savor and own 😍 (edited) 2d
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Franz Schubert's Letters and Other Writings | Franz Schubert, Otto Erich Deutsch
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My reading music won my top Apple Music listening for 2022

My playlist https://music.apple.com/us/playlist/christines-piano-music/pl.u-6mo4Z34C89LZgm

I‘ve already converted @CBee and now @AmyG . So here‘s my playlist if interested. Khatia is an amazing prodigy but she is also an activist for social justice especially for women.
For women in Iran


CBee ♥️♥️♥️ 3d
AmyG Perfect for reading! Or just relaxing. 3d
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In 1977 you could not escape hearing Fleetwood Mac‘s Rumours it was playing everywhere . She will be missed . 😢 https://amp.cnn.com/cnn/2022/11/30/entertainment/christine-mcvie-obit/index.html

Megabooks 💔💔 3d
batsy Was sad to hear this 💔 3d
Palimpsest 💔 3d
tpixie Yes everywhere 💔🎶💔🎶💔🎶 2d
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I listen to a lot of Spotify y'all

CBee I love Belle and Sebastian! And is that a Debussy piece I spy? 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3d
Twainy Same but Apple Music. I love music. ♥️ 3d
vivastory @CBee The new B&S album is one of my favorites of the year. That is indeed a Debussy work. Specifically this rendition, from Alice Sara Nott's album of Debussy Satie & Ravel *swoon*
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CBee Sigh…. I adore Debussy 😍😍 3d
vivastory @CBee He's become a favorite over the past couple of years 3d
vivastory @Twainy Who do you think was your most listened to artist of the year? 3d
Jess I‘m right behind you with 21,193 minutes. Philip Glass was my most listened artist. I was surprised how much podcast listening I did this year. Great list! 3d
vivastory @Jess Love Philip Glass! I'm always surprised by who shows up as my most listened to artists of the year. I also use spotify for my podcasts. I like picking back up when I have to stop for a bit. 3d
CBee @vivastory if you haven‘t checked out any of his piano music, you must! 3d
vivastory @CBee Thanks for the recommendation! For classical, piano is easily one of my favorite instruments (closely followed by violin) 3d
CBee @vivastory sorry, I‘m a doofus - looked at the link and realized that‘s a piano music album 🤦‍♀️ 3d
Twainy @vivastory MWA hahaha … I looked at my Replay 2022 playlist when I first responded & I thought WHAT?! I listen at work lately so I listen to an Apple curated office playlist & those songs are creeping up my list! 😳 Most listened to song … according to Replay … is by Eskimo Callboy but if you add up songs … surprisingly AC/DC 🤷🏼‍♀️ probably should press SHUFFLE on my main playlist. Soon Xmas songs will prevail! 😆 23h
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My Family Plays Music is a fiction book published in 2003. It is written by Judy Cox and illustrated by Elbrite Brown. It is a book that celebrates music as a young girl tries out different genres and instruments. Her other family members play instruments as well. This book has won the Corretta Scott King Award.