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2019 on Goodreads | Various Various
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Kimberlone Thanks for the heads up! I just snagged a few I‘ve had on my TBR! 4d
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Just checked the #ebook out! Also the first round of #goodreadschoice voting has begun! #goodreads #overdrive #24b4Monday #nonfictionNovember

readordierachel So excited for this one! 3mo
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Goodreads for Authors | Michelle Campbell-Scott
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Here‘s *Veronica Roth* accepting her achievement award at the #goodreadschoice 10th anniversary party. Behind her are three top Goodreads reviewers, including my two favorites, Karen Brissette and Emily May. I also somehow won one of the raffle prizes (6 month audible subscription) plus got a swag bag! Voting opens at 11 pm tonight and I can tell you the list looks pretty great!

Kalalalatja Sounds like quite the night! 👏👏👏 1y
Kaylamburson Congrats on the win!! I always wondered how Emily May's reviews are on literally every book I've ever read lol 1y
cariashley @Kaylamburson I know! She presented an award to Colleen Hoover by saying she‘d read and loved 10 of her books 😆 1y
Kaylamburson Wow! So crazy how much she can read! 1y
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Goodreads for Authors | Michelle Campbell-Scott
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GUYS. I randomly got invited to this Goodreads event tonight and it was SO awesome. It wasn‘t that big of an event, so I saw most of the writers on this list while milling around sipping wine (Dave Cullen was behind me on the bar line for a bit). I took the elevator up with EL James and Colleen Hoover. They did a little awards ceremony (which I‘ll post next) and then announced this year‘s nominees! #goodreadschoice

sprainedbrain That‘s awesome!! 1y
RaimeyGallant SO COOL! 1y
Kaylamburson So awesome!!! What did you end up wearing? And thanks for remembering to tag me! 1y
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cariashley @Kaylamburson I just wore navy work pants and a flowy silk shirt - I work in a business casual office so just went right from there! There was a WIDE range of outfits (Colleen Hoover was in a full length dress and other people were in jeans and sneakers!) 1y
LiteraryinLititz This is soooo exciting!! 1y
Reviewsbylola That is so cool! I would love to meet Paula McLain, Dave Cullen, and Alexandra Robbins. 1y
cariashley @Reviewsbylola one of the gifts in the swag bag was an ARC of Robbins‘s new book! Am excited, haven‘t read her before 1y
Reviewsbylola Omg so cool! I would have been thrilled with that. I absolutely loved her book about sororities. 1y
mdemanatee I can‘t believe it‘s already time for this year‘s voting 😱 1y
Kaylamburson Oh perfect! It's always interesting what people choose to wear. But if I was being honored, I'd totally use the excuse for a full-length gown! If only there was a televised event like the Oscar's for books! 1y
Kaylamburson I also just did my voting!! 1y
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What I love about the Goodread's Choice Awards is how the Readers' votes get the right Books in the choices. All the way, Baby! #GoodreadsChoice

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The Hate U Give | Angie Thomas
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My new favorite book is up for 2 categories! #GoodreadsChoice

bookwrm526 I voted for it in both!! 2y
AmyG I voted for it, too...in YA. (edited) 2y
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AmyG Me, too. 2y
irre Me too!! 2y
bookandcat Mine as well!! 2y
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tammysue Same here! 2y
Joanne1 Ditto 2y
Reviewsbylola I voted for that one too. 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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Did you see the results from the 2016 #GoodreadsChoice Awards? What do you think? Any of your faves win? Check out the winners here: https://www.goodreads.com/choiceawards/best-books-2016?cc=4f19e7eb

Lacythebookworm Only one of my choices won 🤔 3y
Michelle_mck There were some surprising results for me 3y
EvieBee I was really disappointed. Not one of my picks made it. And the ones that did were books I'd barely heard about. 😔 3y
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MyNamesParadise The most popular won, not what was actually the best. I may not even bother voting for it next year 😒 3y
Suzze A couple of my choices won. But it's just a popularity contest. 3y
AStoriedSoul Sarah J Maas won. I'm content. :3 3y
daena Right there with y'all, not one of my votes made it either. 3y
Mc_cart_ny I didn't vote because I had only read a couple of the books nominated. But Underground Railroad was great so I'm happy with that! I think I'm going to try to read a few more new books next year. 3y
Megabooks Really? Truly, Madly, Guilty??? That was among the worst on the fiction list. And I really like Moriarty but it's some of her worst work. 👎🏻 3y
DeborahSmall I was so disappointed the year Natchez Burning came ridiculously behind Mr Mercedes... 👎🏼 3y
MicheleinPhilly I voted but I stopped really caring about the winners the year The Casual Vacancy won Best Fiction. 🙄 And I actually liked that book! Popularity contest. 3y
kspenmoll Disappointed in fiction pick too. 3y
Nuwanda The number discrepancy is bugging me. I just don't buy that so many books received 50,000+ votes and the next highest is like 9,000! 3y
Nuwanda Okay, maybe I looked at some numbers wrong, but some still seemed weirdly skewed to me... I dunno. Definitely not the books I picked for the most part! 3y
DebinHawaii Not one of my votes won. Ah well... 3y
Gezemice Hamilton: The Revolution won and it was my choice. I agree with most - it is a popularity contest and most people only read a few new books in a year and vote for those they have read. There were several books there that were really hyped but were not that great. 3y
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Goodreads for Authors | Michelle Campbell-Scott
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Goodreads has announced the winners of the #GoodreadsChoice best books of 2016! Did you vote? Did any of your faves of this year win? Check out the list here: https://www.goodreads.com/choiceawards/best-books-2016?cc=4f19e7eb

Ruri_kaichou I think Cursed Child was the only book I read that won. 3y
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The Girl in the Ice | Robert Bryndza
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My semifinal round choice for mystery & thriller in #GoodreadsChoice

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