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#bookspinbingo #bookspin

This is one of the best organizing books I have read. She goes into what kind of clutter bug you are and what is the best way to contain your stuff. My office is a hoarder‘s mess and my goal is to start making it work for me. I‘ve already ordered some supplies. I‘ll be sorting the piles of paper once my stuff arrives.

ElizaMarie Super excited that you enjoyed that book. I am happy we can talk about this journey together!!! #NewYearNewYou 1y
jb72 @ElizaMarie Me too! My plan is to find 21 things today to donate or throw away. I‘m also going to try out a morning/evening routine list. I‘m not sure yet what to put on it. 1y
TheAromaofBooks Ooooo I will definitely check this one out!! 1y
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ElizaMarie @jb72 I struggle so much with routines! I would be interested to know what yours consisted of. I think I am gonna try to clean/organize 15 min when I get home today. Also plan on cleaning out my work bag (which is a bottomless pit of everything and nothing!) 1y
jb72 @ElizaMarie I also struggle with routine as well. I‘ve never been one to have this set routine. It‘s always been “go with whatever” works in the moment. Work bags have always been a collection of everything for me (same with my purse). 1y
jb72 @ElizaMarie This is a work in progress. Evening routine: straighten living room (normally if just me it doesn‘t get overly messy), make sure all dishes are done. Morning routine: (maybe) make bed, vacuum living room rug, do one load of laundry. 1y
ElizaMarie @jb72 I love all these! Great job! 1y
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So I have been a bit MIA on here and partly in the Crew Groups, but I would like to change that!! I thought this would be a fun game to play. Leave a number in the comments and I will answer honestly…. I may regret this… but let‘s do this!!!

#NovelWatchingCrew #ParanormalLoveCrew #TBRCrew #NewYearNewYou #AnyoneWhoWantsToAskMeSomething #PleaseBeKind #NoRegrets

Bklover 20! 2y
AsYouWish @Bklover Wow!! Starting off with a tough one!!! My one wish would be to make sure that every child in the world had a safe place to call home and they wouldn‘t have to worry about anything other than being a kid. 💙💙 2y
AsYouWish @CaffeineAndCandy Good question!! I would say books, of course!!! 💙💙 (edited) 2y
Bklover That‘s a perfect wish!❤️❤️ 2y
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Untitled | Unknown Author
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#NewYearNewYou Day 2 for #JumpIntoJanuary I've set a goal to not only read every day but to also get at least 10K steps. I've done so well in the past but really slacked off with COVID happening. Here's to progress!

Eggs Great goal 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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#newyearnewyou #jumpintojanuary #day2 #motivated #inspirednewyear #day1

I return to teaching on Monday. My resolution is to leave on time everyday, not work late the 3days I am not staying to tutor. Everything will be there tomorrow. #newyearnewme #motivated

mom2bugnbee Good for you! And thank you for teaching! 2y
CoffeeK8 Good luck! We go back to in person on Thursday! Hope your days go smoothly 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks Thank you for all you do ❤️❤️❤️🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻 2y
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jmtrivera Such a good one!!! Good luck! 2y
Eggs 👏🏻💕🤗 2y
megnews That‘s a good one. Good luck!! 2y
readordierachel An excellent resolution. Best of luck 🍀 2y
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I guess I'm too cynical to be a #NewYearNewYou person; I vibe much more with Sam Irby's take. That said, mad respect for folks who take this time of year to set goals and make resolutions! You are focused and motivated and totally #admirable! #InspiredNewYear #JumpIntoJanuary
@Eggs @TheKidUpstairs @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks

Eggs 😂😂😂 Nice double play 👏🏻👏🏻 2y
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks 🙌🏻🎊🎉 2y
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James‘ second book, alongside his first, will hopefully help keep me heading in the right direction this year


Eggs Are you aiming to lose weight, or increase exercise or both? 2y
TheEllieMo @Eggs improve my eating habits which will in turn help with weightloss 2y
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Eggs Great choice ❣️ Cover Love 💗 2y
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Gideon the Ninth | Tamsyn Muir
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#JumpIntoJanuary Day 2: #NewYearNewYou with #NewBooks! Happy Jolabokaflod! Posting a day in advance. :)

Eggs ❤️👏🏻❤️👏🏻❤️ 2y
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#bookspin #bookspinbingo #doublespin #newyearnewyou

I am looking forward to the new year #bookspin! This 2021 I really want to focus on books I own. A majority of these books I already own.

If anyone is interested in a buddy read with the above books, let me know.

TheAromaofBooks Some of these are pretty hefty reads!!! Good luck!! 2y
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Started reading this one today. And I already love it! I am hoping to practice Tarot more next year as one of my #NewYearNewYou goals for #21for21 :) This will be a good starting place :)

Thanks @jb72 for recommending it :)

jb72 That is awesome! I am hoping to start reading that one tomorrow. Maybe #buddyread? 2y
Moonprismpower Oooh I have this book! I read it but am not a practitioner. Although you wouldn‘t know it with all the tarot decks I own. What deck do you use? 2y
ElizaMarie @Moonprismpower I have never really tried before. I just got my first deck “deviant moon tarot” 2y
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ElizaMarie @jb72 I‘m in!!! I‘m thinking I‘ll finish the Major Arcana by Monday (pg 76) think you can do that by Monday? Or tell me what time line you were thinking 2y
jb72 @ElizaMarie I may be able to catch up to page 76 by Monday. 2y
ElizaMarie Okay :) I really like the no-nonsene way the author writes :) 2y
Moonprismpower Ha! I have that deck on my shelf! It‘s beautiful. 2y
ElizaMarie @Moonprismpower it is beautiful! I‘m loving the artwork on it so I ended up getting it :) 2y
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