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My 300 piece glitter & glow in the dark puzzle!
This is my favourite one out of the 3! 😍 🍄
The 500 one is a unicorn that I will do another day!

#puzzle #audiopuzzling #fairy #enchantedforest

Susanita A glow in the dark puzzle?! Sounds fun! 3w
Alora @Susanita Yes!! They glitter and glow in the dark 😍 Super fun! 3w
Butterfinger My daughter and I just finished a 500 piece unicorn reading books. 3w
Alora @Butterfinger Awe that sounds fun!! I love unicorns! 🦄 3w
bookgem Beautiful. I love puzzles. 1w
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Untitled | Unknown
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Just found a bunch of my puzzles from when I was younger!
This is one of my favourite puzzle sets - I have 3 different ones, 100, 300 and 500.
They glow in the dark and glitter!! Sooo pretty!
I‘ve never seen puzzles that glow in the dark or glitter like this 😂

#puzzle #audiopuzzling #fairy #faeries

JanuarieTimewalker13 Wow!! That‘s so beautiful!! 3w
Alora @JanuarieTimewalker13 @Riveted_Reader_Melissa Thank you! I love faeries! 😍 The other 2 I have are even prettier! A big unicorn and faeries in an enchanted forest. I‘ll post them when I‘m done them :) (edited) 3w
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Riveted_Reader_Melissa Are you going to puzzle glue them on the back and frame them now that you‘re remaking them? I did that with the last one my Grandmother and I put together. (edited) 3w
Alora @Riveted_Reader_Melissa No I think I‘ll keep them apart for my kids to do if I ever have any 😂 I don‘t normally glue them together. I like redoing them later on 😊 3w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Alora I understand that too. 3w
JanuarieTimewalker13 Ooooh, can‘t wait to see the other 2 !!! 3w
AmyG We love puzzles. My daughters and I did a 1000 and a 1500 piece one this holiday. So fun! 3w
wanderinglynn I love puzzles! ❤️🧩 3w
Alora @AmyG Awesome! My mom loves puzzles and does them all the time! I just started doing them with her again. She usually does 1000. Any bigger and they won‘t fit on her table that she does them on 😂😭 She has some really neat ones with cool pieces! 3w
Alora @wanderinglynn I know you do! 😍😂 I see all your puzzle posts when I scroll through looking at the different puzzles on Litsy! 😍 I literally just showed my mom the black cat one before you commented 😂 I love that one!! 3w
wanderinglynn Buffalo puzzles had a series of glitter puzzles (like this: https://www.puzzlewarehouse.com/The-Three-Graces-11726bg.html) But they don‘t glitter quite like this one! 🤩 that is a really cool puzzle. And I haven‘t done a glow-in-the-dark one. 👍🏻 3w
Alora @wanderinglynn Ouhh I will check those out as well, thank you! I‘m doing the 300 piece right now! This one is my favourite. Can‘t wait to show you when its done! 3w
Alora @wanderinglynn OH MY I love that glitter one!! I am definitely getting that one in the near future. I‘ve never ordered from Puzzle Warehouse but I‘ve heard of the website! 3w
wanderinglynn I love Puzzle Warehouse! Great customer service. I have their monthly puzzle subscription. 👍🏻👍🏻 3w
Alora @wanderinglynn Very cool! I will definitely look into ordering that glitter one and a few others :) Thank you for the info! 🤗 3w
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Happy Sunday!

Puzzles and audiobooks make me 😁😁😁

#birdbybird #puzzle #thenewyorker #doglover

Tamra That one is adorable! 13mo
AmyG I just love New Yorker covers. ❤️ 13mo
LeslieO I 💜Bird by Bird! 13mo
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The Silkworm | Robert Galbraith
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#puzzle progress. I‘ve got three hours left in The Silkworm. #audiopuzzling

BethFishReads Because of you, I‘m finally listening to book 3. Love this series & on audio 🎧 2y
SuziQoregon @BethFishReads Yay!! I‘m going straight into book three when I finish this. The Hubster is listening to the first one. 2y
BethFishReads 👍👍 2y
klarusu I hadn't thought of combining audiobooks and jigsaws. Now I will. Although, jigsaws are a bit of a war of attrition with my cats ... little paws appear over edges of tables and pieces mysteriously reappear under distant furnishing! 2y
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The Silkworm | Robert Galbraith
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Started a new #puzzle yesterday. Today I‘m #audiopuzzling with The Silkworm until The Hubster gets home

taraWritesSci Oooo, I like your pastimes! 😃 2y
xicanti I love Charles Wysocki's puzzles! 2y
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Puzzle Master | Heather Spiva
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Love that the classroom has a #puzzle going! Any other puzzle fans here?

HeatherBookNerd My oldest and I do a puzzle every Christmas. And here and there when the mood hits. 2y
OrangeMooseReads I love puzzles 2y
DGRachel @dsfisher and I have one taking up our dining table right now. 😊 2y
shadowspeak17 I love puzzles, but I rarely do them anymore because my cats lose the pieces. 😒 2y
ghosthost Yes! I used to work on them with my father when I was a child. I still love them. 2y
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Duplicate Death | Georgette Heyer
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Reading this one at the moment. The murder happens during a duplicate bridge party. Thank goodness it doesn‘t have much to do with bridge. I would be so lost!

#historicalmystery #britishmystery #cozy #puzzle #bridge #mystery

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Darker After Midnight | Lara Adrian
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Listening to an #Audiobook while working on my #Puzzle 😊
#BookNerd 📚💙

LadyRuthven I just love the Midnight Breed series. It finally overtook Black Dagger Brotherhood as my fav Vampire Romance series. Its such a different take on vampires. Tegan and Hunter are my favorites. 😀👍 2y
CouronneDhiver One of my favourite activities! 2y
janeycanuck There‘s nothing like an audiobook and a puzzle! 2y
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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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Last night I finished one #puzzle and immediately packed it up and started another. #audiopuzzling is becoming something of an obsession...
I‘m really enjoying Station Eleven and am anxious to see how everything comes together in the end!

Lacythebookworm That finished puzzle looks great! 2y
LiteraryinLititz That sounds really fun! I used to do puzzles a lot before I got cats. 😋 2y
MarriedtoMrT You started my new journey audiopuzzling! I was eyeing your current puzzle on Amazon last night. I went a different direction but I‘m sure that one will eventually end up in my newly formed puzzle library. 2y
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MarriedtoMrT @LiteraryinLititz Ha! I was shocked to learn all the pieces of my current puzzle were still on the table when I woke up this morning. I fully expected the cats to push them to the floor. 2y
xicanti Ooh, I did this puzzle in November! It was a ton of fun. 2y
Johanna414 @LiteraryinLititz @MarriedtoMrT cats definitely make it a challenge! I have to put a table cloth over it and weigh that down with some ceramic bowls while I‘m not working on the puzzle or it gets destroyed. 2y
Johanna414 @xicanti I‘m really enjoying it so far! It‘s been a nice break from the really difficult one that I just finished- this one is going together much quicker 2y
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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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Up next! This will be another that fits my #litsyAtoZchallenge where I read my own books
#audiopuzzling #puzzle #LitsyAtoZ

SheilaChew Love puzzles and LOVE Station Eleven! I am “rereading” it now (audio version). 2y
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