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A Single Shard | Linda Sue Park
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hi Litsy family, I‘ve been feeling so down about the state of the world recently. Just now I was listening on audio about the state of the NHS in This Is Going To Hurt, while I saw an article about the tipping points we‘ve crossed to climate collapse, while getting ready for an election which I already know is going to be harrowing and I just felt like... how do people live through times like this? I‘m so young and there are littens here from...

Emilymdxn ... so many countries that have been through stuff worse than the uk, but it feels quite apocalyptic here right now. I don‘t know how I get up and go to work after an election where Boris stays prime minister. I‘m trying to keep optimistic like I know Rebecca Solnit and Naomi Klein would want me to, reminding myself my job makes a difference to children 40 hours a week, but living in Britain is just painful and exhausting 1w
Amiable I feel you. Living in America is painful and exhausting as well. Sending empathetic hugs. 😘 1w
MicheleinPhilly Sometimes it is necessary to put yourself on a news diet. I have whole days (usually on weekends) when I completely tune out. It will all still be there tomorrow. Your mental health is more important and constant outrage and despair is extraordinarily unhealthy. And if I‘ve had a particularly trying day at work, I skip the nightly news and watch that day‘s Ellen instead. Be well. xxx 1w
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Kaylamburson Hi Emily, I'm so sorry to hear it's been such a hard time and it continues to be. I'm truthfully ignorant about what's happening in the UK, but when I looked up Boris I was amused to see he looks frighteningly similar to Trump. Living in the US has been difficult, too, but at the end of the day you just have to focus on yourself and how you personally choose to live each day. The difference you personally make on a small scale is what matters. 1w
Bookwomble I remind myself that, despite the bad things, there are good people in the world doing good things: sounds like you are one of them Emily - keep making a difference 💗 1w
ljuliel I don‘t know much about how the government works in the UK. I‘m hoping you‘ll have an opportunity to vote to start making better changes in the future. I know we‘ve got a mess here in our own country. I‘ve done as @MicheleinPhilly . I never watch the news , but once in awhile, I check in for a few minutes online , then click it back off. It wasn‘t doing me any good to see and hear what was happening . A wise man no longer with us said 👇🏼👇🏼 (edited) 1w
ljuliel ☝🏼☝🏼that sometimes you need to “ make your world smaller” . When things become overwhelming by looking at the Big Picture, focus on small things. There are times like these ( for both our countries) , when we are powerless At The Moment. Think about your home, your family, your books, what‘s for supper, what‘s going on in here ..... just the small daily things. It helps a bit if you can do that. Thinking of you. 💕 (edited) 1w
Redwritinghood I know how you feel. 💕💕 1w
Librarybelle The world is so scary. It makes me so sad to see what is happening in the US. I do what others have mentioned - avoid the news and really only check headlines that pop up as alerts on my phone. It keeps me informed, but I‘m not as overwhelmed as I would be if I spent hours reading the news online. It‘s hard for me, but I try to focus on the positives, the small movements and happy stories that show there are still those who care. Deep breath! 💕 1w
arubabookwoman I‘m old- I lived through the riots of the 60‘s, Vietnam, and Watergate (Nixon). This is so much worse. However, I can‘t put my head in the sand, and feel I must keep up with it all and do what I can. I worry most, though, about my children and grandchildren and all the younger folks who I fear are going to see much worse before it gets better. Not very comforting for you I know, but please don‘t give up. The world needs people like you who care. 1w
Tamra @Amiable 👍🏾 1w
Tamra @MicheleinPhilly Facebook was definitely a source of anxiety for me because I had subscribed to so many news related pages. I don‘t use it anymore and it helped a lot. Now I get my news once or twice a day from reputable sources and I don‘t spend hours on it. 👍🏾 Echoing your news diet advice. Today we are simply inundated because of technology. 1w
CarolynM It's the same here in Australia. We recently re-elected a government that doesn't believe in climate change, or at least doesn't believe the scientific explanation for it. Our PM actually said that children shouldn't be caused "needless anxiety" about it! I just remind myself that progress often seems to be 2 steps forward, 1 step back and hopefully we're just in the stepping back part right now with 2 big leaps coming soon. 1w
Tamra @Kaylamburson yes to the small things that we can do in our personal corners of the world. 👍🏾 1w
MicheleinPhilly @Tamra FB is as bad as Twitter nowadays. And I‘m not just talking about your crackpot uncle that you can‘t unfriend. Too much clickbait and nonsense for knee jerk reactions. I have a few sources that I read (and I think READING the news is key) and avoid cable news completely. I‘m a big girl, I don‘t need others to parse and interpret and tell me how I should think/feel. 1w
ljuliel @arubabookwoman I‘m old too and was alive during all that you mentioned. I‘m wondering if things look worse today because we‘re older. When all the stuff you mentioned happened, I was a kid from a small town that had very limited exposure to what was happening news-wise. I was too busy being a kid , so knew those things happened , but they seemed far away. It seems closer now because I‘m older and don‘t have the ability to be distracted as easily 1w
arubabookwoman @ljuliel Maybe, but I was older and closer to some of these events. I was a college student in the late 60‘s. My BF (now husband) and I sweated draft #s. I was opposed to the war, involved in campus protests when Kent State happened. But I met many soldiers visiting my parents in Singapore, and it seemed opposites could talk. I was in law school during Watergate, & what Nixon did seems quaint compared to Trump. & facts were accepted as facts. (edited) 1w
ljuliel @arubabookwoman Yep, you were a bit older during these things. I was born in 58 . Vietnam ended before I was out of high school and we didn‘t know anyone who was sent. Nixon‘s shenanigans was also high school years. I was busy with school and friends and dating. I knew it happened but had my head in the clouds during most of this. As a kid, I seemed to have my head in the clouds most of the time. 1w
marleed I am so sorry. News in the US was also making me anxious. I had to stop cold turkey on cable news pundits who are paid to offer opinion. It‘s so much cheaper for a media stations (I hesitate to call that news) to pay a pundit than invest in research. I now focus on print and research. I tuned in for the impeachment proceeding but muted elected officials and concentrated on fact witnesses. I block politics from my social media. 1w
Megabooks The best thing I did was dump Facebook. Immediate sanity lift. The second thing I did was limit Twitter to 1-2 times a day. Third thing I did was limit my news searches to a few topics a week. Not everything. Fourth thing I did was dump the TV news 24 hour news cycle. They just talk and ramp stuff up. Read a newspaper or news site you trust once daily and leave it. 1w
Megabooks For non political reasons, I became suicidally depressed in 2017. I had to do these things to save my life. For a long time, I only read The Week when it came out. You can‘t be your best if you overwhelm yourself. Pick the issues you care most about and follow those. Take news breaks. Do what works for you and be involved when you can. 1w
Emilymdxn @MicheleinPhilly @Kaylamburson @Amiable @ljuliel @Redwritinghood @librarybelle @arubabookwoman @tamra @carolynm @marleed @megabooks thank you so much for your kind words everybody. It helps so much to know I‘m not alone and other ppl in other countries go through this too. I‘m trying to limit my media diet but it‘s hard when I‘m involved in campaigning with an election just around the corner 😬 I just want to get through it and hide over christmas 1w
Scochrane26 @Emilymdxn I think all these comments are right, & I know I have felt the same as you. I‘m in social work, so it comes up at work. We talk politics more at church, too, although not in sermons. My youth group & my kids in therapy (esp my Hispanic ones) have anxiety about the world. I think we just have to do what we can in our area. In youth group, we talk about what we can do locally. I saw a great quote today that I‘m going to post. 1w
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Schindler's List | Thomas Keneally
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Day 5 - #Horror #ChillingPhotoChallenge #Scarathlon #TeamSlaughter - 1 point

Watch these horror movies on Netflix:
1. Cult of Chucky
2. The Ritual
3. Scream 2
4. The Conjuring
5. The Green Room
6. The Sixth Sense
7. The Apostle
8. The Witch

Billypar I haven't seen half of these, but I'm a big fan of #s 4 and 8. The Witch was especially terrifying. 2mo
Scochrane26 I hate scary movies, but yay team! 2mo
Kimberlone Green Room and The Witch are truly scary! 2mo
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EadieB @Billypar I just watched The Conjuring and what was scary about that movie is that they said it was a true story. 2mo
Kimberlone Also I had to have my eyes closed for a good portion of Apostle! 2mo
EadieB @Scochrane26 I have to watch them in the daylight and with someone else in the room with me. 2mo
EadieB @Kimberlone Oh my! That sounds scary! 2mo
EadieB @Kimberlone I'll have to check them out! 2mo
Kimberlone @EadieB honestly it‘s the gore that gets me more than the scares. That movie is extremely visceral and gory. 2mo
EadieB @Kimberlone I can read about gore as I skim most of it but I have a hard time watching gore in the movies or on TV. 2mo
Ddzmini I have a “What‘s Uppppp” tattoo on my arm 🤣🤣🤣 2mo
EadieB @Ddzmini Funny! 2mo
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Long Weekend | Savita Kalhan
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Hey everyone, Sorry I have been basically MIA since Friday afternoon. It's been a long crazy weekend.

Quick Rundown
!. My brother-in-law has bed bugs and wont let anyone in to clean it up
2. Cemetery walk tour guide
3. Neighbors new roof driving my dogs crazy
4. Preparing for my first overnight with my nephews (surprise it's next SATURDAY!!)

For #BBRC's you have until the end of the night to either fill out your form saved in your email or ⬇

LibrarianRyan you can use the link below. Copy and paste this form and then email it to me at MissRyanAF at Gmail dot com. https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1CRpJ4MEXYLQYFBycYAGNLdZyua5u8M3UUaWMILTa...

Remember, for this current cycle, you just have to complete one section. Additional sections are addition entries.
(edited) 2mo
Sarahreadstoomuch Thanks for the reminder! I‘ll update this afternoon. 2mo
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LibrarianRyan @Sarahreadstoomuch you are welcome. 2mo
julesG Ouch! That list doesn't sound like a relaxing time. 2mo
LibrarianJen That sounds very hectic! I haven‘t been on much either. I‘m in a reading slump. I have read some super cute picture books to my kiddos though. I‘ll try to post about them tonight. 2mo
bullbunny I live near a couple cemeteries! 2mo
Chrissyreadit I think I did? Checking??? Also heavy weekend- but yay Nephews!! 2mo
LibrarianRyan @julesG Nope, and the bed bug problem has only gotten worse. But I'm out of it and just now have to child proof. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @Chrissyreadit I didn't get an email. I will be checking the rest later this afternoon when I am sitting at my own desk rather than the reference desk 2mo
LibrarianRyan @bullbunny I'm 4 blocks away from the two major cemeteries in Springfield. One being Lincoln's cemetery. But my friend helps care for a small closed historical cemetery and every year talks me in to helping at the walk. 2mo
IamIamIam Sounds like you need a weekend do-over!! Thanks for the reminder!!! ❤ 2mo
Dragonfairykats Will hopefully get it!! 2mo
Ddzmini Completely forgot 🙄 but will complete today 2mo
Chrissyreadit Poop. I will try to find my list of picture books. 2mo
CocoReads I‘m not gonna get a section done but I‘ll try to update later. If my eyes cooperate—work was rough and I‘m still only seeing decently out of the left. 2mo
CocoReads Also bed bugs! Ick! Shudder, 2mo
BookwormAHN Eww bedbugs, nephews should be fun though. I've finished one section and I believe mine is up to date. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @CocoReads I completely understand. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @BookwormAHN I have not been to his place in months, but I still had to change my sheets. I can feel their phantoms. 2mo
CarolynM I'm haven't completed a section I'm afraid. Will try to do better before the end of the next cycle🙂 2mo
VanChocStrawberry What does “lollypop fiction“ mean? I even searched online and couldn't find a definition. I'm assuming it means “brain candy“ sort of stuff?
VanChocStrawberry Also, I'm assuming SAGA is Straight and Gay Alliance, but I can only find SAFE and SAGE, etc lists. is there a specific SAGA list?
bullbunny Oh that's cool! I live near a veterans cemetery, I work at the home. And a non vet one, my great grandparents are buried their ^^ 2mo
LibrarianRyan @VanChocStrawberry exactly. Brain cranky is how I normally put it. 2mo
LibrarianRyan @VanChocStrawberry all those lists will work. Usually SAGA just is. It‘s not a book specific to gender and sexuality issues, but it‘s a book where you find it normalized within the pages. So any from those lots will work. 2mo
VanChocStrawberry Thanks, @LibrarianRyan Hope your week is starting off better than your weekend! 2mo
bookandcat Sent! Hope you got it! 2mo
Peddler410 I have been slacking on filling in the form. I‘ll try to update that tonight. 2mo
tjwill Sent an email! 2mo
Avanders Oh no, #1! 🤭😖 But yay for #s 2 and 4!! (Boo re 3, hope it improves!). Thank you for the reminder — I totally would have forgotten!! ♥️♥️ 2mo
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This Summer, I started my MLIS (Master‘s in Library & Information Studies) degree. I‘m going at a snail‘s pace (one course at a time). My second course, “Children‘s Services & Materials”, started on Monday. I‘m psyched because it‘s the area in which I‘ve been working for the past 10 years & where I want to continue to focus my energy.

I‘ve gotta admit something, though: I totally deny myself these first 4 rights on the reg. 🙈😅

Billypar I'm not great at 1-4 either (and #2 is completely unthinkable). I don't really get #s 1 and 10. Good luck digging into your new courses- they sound interesting! 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa Yea... I don‘t believe in #2 either. 😱. Don‘t skip! 😂 3mo
Crazeedi I can't remember ever doing number 4 3mo
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LibrarianRyan Having worked as I children‘s librarian I agree with this list. For me personally I have a problem with a few. 3mo
monalyisha @LibrarianRyan Oh, I agree with it professionally. (“Do as I say, not as I do”? 😅) 3mo
LibrarianRyan @monalyisha I used to have to argue with parents about #1. So many wanted their kids to read the books they loved and it‘s a hard sell. 3mo
tournevis In the original French, you can get gigantic posters with Pennac's list. A large number of libraries have them displayed. 3mo
monalyisha @Mystery1 I just noticed that you stacked this book! Wanted to give you a quick heads-up that there‘s actually a 3rd edition (which is what I‘m reading), but Litsy didn‘t have it listed yet. 3mo
monalyisha @tournevis So cool! 3mo
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Vessel: A Novel | Lisa A. Nichols
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Big #s this month due to the graphic novels. #WITmonth was a success with about 3/4 translated!

Very excited for September, I've decided on a month of science fiction and fantasy (also including anything speculative) and nonfiction science.

Hope to read swap books and booktube has an apocalypsathon challenge. There's also latinx-a-thon for National Hispanic Heritage Month Sept 15 - Oct 15 that I think I have SFF books for the challenges.

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Sold on a Monday: A Novel | Kristina Mcmorris
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Well written book, documenting many sad cold cases. I liked the fact that the author didn‘t sensationalize the stories ,but gave as much detail as possible, while also telling more about each of the kids and what they were like. There were a few cases I hadn‘t read as much about, like The Oklahoma Girl Scout Murders and the ABC murders from the 70s. Phone #s for each case are in the back. A couple have been solved since the book was written. 4🌟

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