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Throne of Glass | Sarah J. Maas
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Super fast paced and sets the scene really quick in the first chapter, this is a great competition story with a lot of fun elements thrown into it. I loved the ACOTAR series but even though this doesn‘t grabbed me as much, it's still a fun ride and I'm starting to really want to know more about the history of this world! I'm definitely ready to see what happens next with our Queen of the Underworld.

Schnoebs @BookFrog you‘re letter had me pick this up at the beginning of the month to see if it would get me out of my slump! And it‘s totally worked! (edited) 6mo
Schnoebs @julesG I‘m using this for the prompt of compared to the “Hunger Games” for #sfftbrchallenge 6mo
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Schnoebs @Birdsong28 I‘m using this for the prompt featuring music for #52booksin52weeks 6mo
julesG Good choice for the prompt! 6mo
Schnoebs @julesG by the way, love the new picture! 6mo
julesG Thanks 6mo
Birdsong28 Sounds good. 😘📚📖 6mo
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Master Keaton, Volume 1 | Naoki Urasawa, Takashi Nagasaki
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Ever since binging through two series back to back I haven‘t been able to really get into anything. It‘s been about a week since anything has grabbed my attention and I‘m a bit nervous! I decided to force myself to pick this up because I need to return it before I leave for vacation Monday. I‘m enjoying it but not sure if it‘s going to save me 🤷‍♀️

#slump #help #manga #library #mpls #twincities

UnidragonFrag I know those feels 😞 hope it gets better soon! 6mo
StayCurious I go through slumps a lot - sometimes I think I have too much choice as to what to read next and I can't make up my mind! 6mo
Schnoebs @StayCurious @UnidragonFrag I think I‘m putting part of the blame on my current Harry Potter audiobook which is the order of the phoenix (aka my least favorite) and I need to get through it before my hold on the next one goes up at the library. It‘s just a current moment of so many meh reads! 6mo
HOTPock3tt I know that feeling... The wicked king brought me out of my recent slump. 6mo
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Okay this time I think I might actually be getting out of my reading slump! I've started so many books and not finished any of them for months now, but I just picked this one up off my shelf the other day and it's going well so far! Lovely writing and engrossing points of view. I hope I finish this one! 🤞#readingslump #slump #botm #bookofthemonth

Rosewater | Tade Thompson
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I flipped open this book while shelving it at the library yesterday and the first thing I read was:

“I fucking hate Ayn Rand.”

...and I must say I‘ve never been so jazzed to read a book so quickly. My reading has been invigorated, lol.

#slump #readingslump

Erinreadsthebooks 😂😂😂 10mo
jmofo 🖤🤘 10mo
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SkeletonKey @jmofo 🖤🖤🖤 10mo
jmofo @SkeletonKey that synopsis, tho 10mo
SkeletonKey @jmofo - I‘m not sure what to expect, lol. 10mo
jmofo @SkeletonKey I think you‘re safe expecting anything and everything 10mo
ohyeahthatgirl I've heard great things about it, but now I have to read it! 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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The only book in my life this week seems to be my journal... 😐

#Slump ?

Megabooks Maybe...but your journal is pretty! 1y
saguarosally I‘ve been in book slumps that last for months or years. Don‘t worry too much. 1y
Libby1 I hope you‘re able to write if that brings you comfort or joy. 💕 1y
Blaire Beautiful journal. 1y
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I‘ve been going in and out of a major funk these past couple of months and it seems to be quickly continuing into this new semester. Hopefully reading one of my favorite books will really help push me out of whatever this is.

#funk #slump #favorites #mpls #twincities

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Annihilation | Jeff VanderMeer
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I‘ll be damned - an #impulse grab at the #airport bookstore looks to be fixing a month long reading #slump! Thank. God.

Supernatural: One Year Gone | Rebecca Dessertine
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I've been in a bit of a book #slump lately because of these guys. I discovered the show on Netflix and I'm so #obsessed. Now that I'm on season 10 I've slowed down a bit so my reading has picked back up. Has anyone read the books? Are they worth the read? The show is so amazing! #supernatural #spnfamily

Wilder Country | Mark Smith
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I can't decide what to read next. These are my choices, I think. Got to figure out my mood. What do I feel like? Will let you know when I know. #tbr #choices #tough #somanybooks #slump