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Just in Case | Meg Rosoff
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There are a few #unpopularopinions here that I really was not expecting to have, but here we are with my four #worstreads of 2018.


AshleyHoss820 I had a Professor recommend Quiet, so I bought it! I‘m looking forward to reading it! What didn‘t you like about it so I can be prepared? 😊 (edited) 13mo
shadowspeak17 @AshleyHoss820 I just really was not a fan of all the generalizations and some iffy conclusions Cain draws, and to me, it also felt like she painted extroverts in a more negative light a lot of the time which really rubbed me the wrong way. That‘s just me though. A lot of people really like this book, and I was quite surprised I wasn‘t one of them. I hope you end up enjoying it. :-) 13mo
AshleyHoss820 @shadowspeak17 Ah!! I married an extrovert & I think sometimes they get the short end of the stick. I think Cain is married to one as well, so that‘s a bit sad! 😄 Thank you for telling me! Once I‘m aware of a possible issue with the book, it helps me either push past it or say, “Yeah, I see that.” And walk away. 😊 Generalizations *can* get tiresome. We‘re not all the same. 13mo
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Foe | Iain Reid
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It‘s not a terrible book, but it was my least favorite that I read (and finished) this year. There is another book that I didn‘t finish, but I don‘t think I can label it worst in case it did get better later. I just didn‘t care enough to find out. Like I said, Foe isn‘t terrible, but I‘m not recommending it to anyone. It was very slow and predictable for me. It felt like reading an episode of Black Mirror.
#worstreads #worstreads2018

Holidays on Ice | David Sedaris
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My newest nominee for worst read of 2018. Juvenile, ridiculing, made me feel grimy.


kathedron That is the most convincing anti-recommendation (is that a thing?!) I have seen in quite a while. 13mo
Jason7 I felt the same. Listened on audio. Not very good 13mo
JoScho I didn‘t like it either. 13mo
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Jee_HookedOnBookz My current read. Some parts funny, some parts not. Am still trading on to see what's he like as I'm still pretty new to Sedaris, plus I did like Calypso. 13mo
Blueberry @Jee_HookedOnBookz I liked Calypso too, it was my first Sedaris. 13mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @Blueberry oh! Mine too! 😁 Are you planning to read his other books? 13mo
CarolynM I just don't get David Sedaris 13mo
LoverofLit I read Calypso last month and didn't much care for it. I don't understand the pull of Sedaris. 13mo
Reviewsbylola I read this a few years ago and didn‘t like it. I finally gave him a second chance with Calypso and did a complete 180. Since then, I‘ve listened to a few of his books on audio, including a reread of this. Overall, it‘s not his best (with the exception of The Santaland Diaries, honorable mention to 6-8 Black Men). 13mo
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This book was required as a summer reading program for teacher credit. I read it with high hopes, but got to the end and didnt understand the ending.
I even reread it like 5 times, but the ending is so bazaar I just cant get over it.
#worstreads #2018

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#worstreads I couldn‘t seem to get past my complete disdain for Victor as a person.

Ruthiella Me either! He was so whiny 😫 13mo
kelli7990 I felt so bad for the monster in the book. I can‘t believe Victor turned his back on him. All the monster wanted was for someone to care about him and be his friend or he just wanted a family to be a part of. 13mo
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Good Luck with That | Kristan Higgins
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I had a few books I bailed on this year. I chose the tagged book because I think I bailed the fastest on this one (I think I only read 2.5 chapters). What should have been a book on body positivity comes off as extremely uncomfortable and I believe unintentionally body shaming. #worstreads

Heartburn | Nora Ephron
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The tagged book was my least favorite mostly because of the author‘s point of view and style. It was a bit of a self novelization and ive never really read one before. They way the author discussed certain topics just made me roll my eyes p hard.

Richryan52 Hi. Welcome to Litsy 13mo
Doughtah @Richryan52 howdy! Thanks for the welcome :) 13mo
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I'm not sure which of the books I bailed on I should nominate.

There were quite a few.


I didn't like the tagged book. It was very slow. It seemed to drag. Also, some of the descriptions just didn't make sense.


Modelland | Tyra Banks
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Though my vote for 2018‘s Worst Read Award 🏆 goes to Modelland. There were plenty of wtf moments that made me hysterically laugh out loud and probably had my neighbors wondering about the lunatic they live next to. As bizarre as the writing style may be; this wackadoodle book did get me through an intense and stressful drama going on in my life.

Thanks for the smize Tyra, but seriously don‘t quit your day job.

#worstreads @BookishTrish

BookishTrish Oh this looks deliciously awful! 13mo
AnansiGirl @BookishTrish it‘s awful yet unputdownable! The weirdness of Modelland l struggled between giving a pick or pan rating. (edited) 13mo
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Psycho II | Robert Bloch
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The Dinner by Herman Koch & Psycho II by Robert Bloch are tied for my worst read of 2018. I hated both of these & it is rare for me to ever hate a book. I'm going to try and attempt to block these two from my memory! #WorstReads

CouronneDhiver No way! 😕 I liked The Dinner a lot - the characters were all horrible people but the story was interesting 13mo
KrystleTheBookSlayer @CouronneDhiver usually I am pretty forgiving towards unlikable characters, but I think Herman Koch found my limit. I even remember slowly developing a migraine while reading the story. I do see how it could start some interesting discussions though, it just wasn't for me...but at least there were some yummy food descriptions 😂 13mo
CouronneDhiver 🙈😆 Yep! 13mo
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