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Can we really run from our past?

I love this.

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I breezed through this in one day loving Amy Webb's voice from the get go. Am delighted by this cute real life romantic comedy wrapped up in 281 pages. Amy is parts quirky, parts insane and all drive. Gaming the system. Respect. #bio #dating

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I picked this up with very little expectations. Now I can't help but read people through the 5 elements. I agree with the belief that nurturing each child's strength is the way towards building self esteem and attention. It's opened the way towards other literature on the 5 elements. #paradigms

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Becoming | Michelle Obama
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I loved this book and had several aha moments. One of them was when she said 'the unknown wasn' t going to kill me'. Now I identify with the planner in her. I was very invested in her origin story and felt less alone. This is an inspiration to brown girls like me. #bio

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