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The Goonies storybook : based on the motion picture from Warner Bros., Inc.
The Goonies storybook : based on the motion picture from Warner Bros., Inc. | Steven, Spielberg, Chris, Columbus
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A gang called the Goonies finds a pirate's map that leads to a perilous treasure hunt.
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Stumbled on this during my hike today while getting in my Sunday steps. Reminded me of Goonies 🏴‍☠️ I want it - looks like there's a nice window to read by up front 😉

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1. I cannot get into the A Series of Unfortunate Events books. I have tried multiple times in print and audio.
2. Both
3. Raymond Lee/Esther Bell and Nettie/Avant Burmeister (nickname was Meister)
4. “Goonies never say die.”
5. New York City - I would spend it all on Broadway shows. ☺️

TheKidUpstairs "HEY YOU GUUUUUUYSSS!" 12mo
mreads GOONIES ❤❤❤❤ 12mo
LibrarianRyan I have never made it past book 7. It‘s just so repetitive. But I loved the Jim Carey movie and I like the Netflix series. 12mo
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MicrobeMom Goonies for me too! Also I never liked the unfortunate events books but enjoy watching the series on Netflix either my kids. 12mo
AnansiGirl G☠️☠️nies for life! 12mo
Bookzombie @TheKidUpstairs @mreads @AnansiGirl So many fans of The Goonies! @MicrobeMom @LibrarianRyan I haven‘t watched the Netflix series yet. I enjoyed the movie version so I think I will like the series. There‘s just something about the books that turn me off. 12mo
batsy 1 — me too! 12mo
mreads @Bookzombie WHAAAT!? There is a Netflix series? I didn't know that, I'll have to check that out, though with all the love I have for the original I doubt it will work for me. 12mo
Bookzombie @mreads I‘m sorry if I caused confusion . I was talking about the Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. Not the Goonies. I‘m not sure how I would feel if they made a Goonies series or movie. 12mo
Bookzombie @batsy ☺️ 12mo
mreads Oh whew ok 😄 12mo
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1) For me, audiobooks don't provide the same experience as reading.
2) Reese's Cups = the best of both!
3) Milton & Marvis, Robert & Ann
4) Goonies
5) London


CouronneDhiver Marvis - that‘s a unique name. Love it! 12mo
eanderson Reese‘s!!!! And Marvis is just as unusual and unique as my husband‘s grandma Mafalda. I love it!!! (edited) 12mo
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CoffeeNBooks Awesome! I love The Goonies!! 1y
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Taking a goonies tour on the Oregon coast first stop Coffee Girl

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Another #targethaul because I have no #self control but all this was $18 so 🤷🏼‍♀️

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No reading going on here, because I'm watching one of my favourite films with my kids. Eventually got it on DVD. Can't believe the film is 33 years old.

dariazeoli “Heeey yoooou guuuyyys!” Love it. Goonies never say die ❤️ (edited) 2y
CBee Goonies never say die!! 2y
OrangeMooseReads I love this movie! “Heeeeeeey yoooouuu guuuuuys!” 2y
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Nerdgirl_Ms_Sorrells Goonies ☠️ is one of our family favorites too! 2y
AmandaL I saw this in the theater!... And I can't believe it was that many years ago. 😆 2y
Eggs ❤️ Goonies 2y
Bookzombie This is one of my favorites!! 2y
CoffeeNBooks I love The Goonies!! One of my favorites, as is my "Goonies Never Say Die" tshirt. ? 1y
julesG @CoffeeNBooks I'm so glad my kids loved them too. Also, that face my son made when he recognized Sean Astin.😁 1y
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LibrarianJen 😍😍😍 2y
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Andrew65 A great film! 2y
wanderinglynn ❤️❤️❤️ this movie! 2y
batsy It's playing on a local TV channel right now & I'm watching it for the millionth time while having dinner 😁💜 2y
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callielafleur It's one of my favorites too! Goonies never say die! 2y
MommyOfTwo This is one movie I could never get into. 2y
GripLitGrl @batsy i love catching this one on TV myself enjoy😊👍💛 2y
GripLitGrl @Andrew65 @wanderinglynn @callielafleur 🙌🙌 great movie one i still love to watch😊👍💛 2y
GripLitGrl @MommyOfTwo Really? You should try it again maybe 2y
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The Goonies is my favorite movie by far, but all of these rock! I have no idea where this movie thing started, so if anyone knows who should get tagged, go ahead!
Other contenders would be The Dark Crystal, Dirty Dancing, Bound, and the LotR trilogy.

Crystalblu Now that is a list I can get behind! 2y
Soubhiville @Librariana inspired me to play. 2y
Librariana That's a beautiful list, @Soubhiville ! ? "Goonies never say die!" ❤???? @Bostonmomx2 was the fabulous originator ? I believe #5bands might be the current? I need to go take a peek ? 2y
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TheLibrarian Great selection! 2y
bookishkris Oh, I LOVE Bound. Haven't seen it in a while. 2y
Bookzombie Love The Goonies, The Rocky Horror Picture Show and The Lost Boys! 2y
monkeygirlsmama ❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️💜💙❤️ Seems we share several favorites! 2y
Zelma We have very similar taste. 👍💕 2y
Eggs I've seen all of those--great movies 2y
Hooked_on_books I love the Goonies. It was filmed mostly in the county I live in. 💙 2y
Soubhiville @Hooked_on_books I plan someday to come see the beach spot and any other Goonies related sights it's possible to see! I've been to OR and WA once about 20 years ago and it's one of the most beautiful areas of the country I've seen so far. Anyway, when I'm up that way I'd love to hang out with you! 2y
Soubhiville @bookishkris I love it too! GG is dreamy in it... yowza! 2y
Hooked_on_books @Soubhiville That would be cool! I could give you a little Goonies tour. 👍🏼 2y
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Love The Goonies! Got asked for the screenplay to this today. Have to say that's a first.

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Went to the Goonies house today-unfortunately you aren't allowed very close!

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Victorialeanna Absolutely love this book 🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽 3y
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