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Australians: From Eureka to the Diggers. Volume 2 | Thomas Keneally
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Bestselling author Thomas Keneally brings to life the vast range of characters who have formed our national story, in the second volume of a unique history of Australia.
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My friend at work brought back this fancy bookmark from Sydney for me. Isn‘t it pretty?

LiteraryinLititz Gorgeous! 1mo
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Repost for @ReadingDownUnder. She wants to find the Australian Littens and I don't want to start tagging people because I'll just forget someone. So Australian Littens, identify yourselves and say hello🙂🇦🇺

ReadingDownUnder Awesome! Thanks! Anyone doing the #StuffedStockingSwap? #aussielittens (edited) 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @LapReader Yay! I was afraid I‘d be the only one!! 🤶 13mo
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thegreensofa I‘m Australian @ReadingDownUnder sooooo happy to find other Australian Littens! 👋🏻 Thank you Carolynm! 😃👏🏻 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @thegreensofa Is there one # you all use to stay connected? I‘m still trying to figure out how to do stuff on here. Like, can you follow a #? How do you remember them all? I‘m hopeless! 😛 13mo
MrsMalaprop Hi there @ReadingDownUnder 👋. I‘m in Perth. 🇦🇺 13mo
thegreensofa @ReadingDownUnder sadly there‘s no way to follow a hashtag, it needs to be keyed afresh each time in the search hashtag button. I don‘t know of any particular # myself to follow us, great idea though! 13mo
MrsMalaprop By the way I use #ozfiction when I post about fiction by Australian writers. I‘m not aware of any other way of connecting with Australians on here 🤔. I do use the 🇦🇺 in my bio and over time you get to know the Australians 😊. 13mo
LeeRHarry Hi @ReadingDownUnder I‘m a fellow Aussie Litten from Melbourne 😊 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @MrsMalaprop Hi! Lived there for 4 years before migrating south! 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @LeeRHarry I love Melbourne! 👋 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @thegreensofa Maybe I can make #aussielittens happen!! 13mo
LeeRHarry @ReadingDownUnder I loved visiting Denmark - all those tall trees in the area !!😊 13mo
thegreensofa @ReadingDownUnder I love it! 😻👍🏻 13mo
julesG @thegirlwiththelibrarybag is from Australia and several more Littens that I'm following but I have trouble with names. 13mo
margreads I'm from Melbourne too 13mo
margreads And i often use #Aussieauthors as a hashtag 13mo
CarolynM @Centique I think you should say hello too🙂😘 13mo
Centique Oh thank you @Carolynm 😘 Hello @ReadingDownUnder I‘m a kiwi in Auckland! Might not count 😂😂 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @Centique It counts!! 👍 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @LeeRHarry Soooo beautiful here! River, inlet, trees, ocean, wineries...we have it all!! 13mo
BooknerdsLife Thank you @CarolynM 🤗💕 Hello @ReadingDownUnder 🙌 I'm from Sydney 🙌💙📚 13mo
Jeg @ReadingDownUnder I‘m from Perth currently visiting South Carolina. 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @Jeg That‘s a big trip! 13mo
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How many Australian Littens are there??? I‘ve been trolling #aussieaussieaussie #aussiereaders #perthlife, etc. Didn‘t see #aussielittens anywhere. Who‘s out there? From Denmark, Western AU (SW) #catsoflitsy

CarolynM There are a fair number. I won't try to tag everyone I know because I'll just be embarrassed about who I don't remember. I'm in Melbourne. I'll repost for you and see how many we can get you in touch with🙂 (edited) 13mo
Sue Hello! I‘m in Brisbane. Welcome to Litsy! There are a few of us following the #aussiesrule2018 tag. 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @Sue Hi! I‘ll check that one too! Thanks!! 13mo
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Rissreads Hello. I‘m from Perth! 💙 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @Rissreads I wish I‘d known you all when I lived in Perth! I might have felt part of a community. 🙂 13mo
BooknerdsLife Hello 🙌 I live in Sydney 💙 13mo
LuckyDuck Me!! I am here in Denmark too.....we have our own little community now 😊 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @LuckyDuck Yay!!! I was chattering so much when I got home (book excitement) my partner asked if I‘d had coffee! 📚❤️ #litsywelcomewagon #welcomewagon #aussiereaders #aussielittens 13mo
JennyM Hi 👋 - I‘m in Brisbane. Hope you enjoy it here on Litsy! 13mo
MandaChittles Hello - I‘m in Brisbane 😊 13mo
ReadingDownUnder @MandaChittles 👋 Getting to know the AU gang! 13mo
ProfReader Welcome to Litsy!!! 💙💜♥️❤️💕 9mo
SharonAlger I‘m an Aussie ♥️ 9mo
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Repost: @BookaholicNatty We are looking for a few Australians to participate in the Harry Potter Swap! Need some new Australians who haven‘t done any swaps or have only done a few. I have some other Australians who want to participate but don‘t want to get paired up with the same person every single swap so I‘m trying to spice it up a little! Sign up deadline of June 15th! To sign up go to: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30766685/8ddc10/

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We are looking for a few Australians to participate in the Harry Potter Swap! Trying to find some new Australians who haven‘t done any swaps or have only done a few. I have some other Australians who want to participate but don‘t want to get paired up with the same person every single swap so I‘m trying to spice it up a little! Sign up deadline of June 15th! Spread the word! To sign up go to: https://www.elfster.com/exchange/view/30766685/8ddc10/

CSeydel Oh yes! I could use another Australian for the #ShortStorySwap. I could offer a special bonus gift 😉 2y
CarolynM At the risk of scandalising everyone I am not a Harry Potter fan but I will help you out with the short story swap @CSeydel Will sign up now. 2y
BookaholicNatty @CarolynM no worries!!! Im super glad you signed up for the #ShortStorySwap ❤️❤️ 2y
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LeeRHarry I‘m with @CarolynM I have read HP but not into the fandom sorry but if @CSeydel needs another Aussie that could work 😊 2y
Kaye Good luck, guys. I‘m glad other countries are trying to set up swaps for your group, that way no one gets left out because of mailing costs. Best of luck to you ! (edited) 2y
CSeydel @LeeRHarry no pressure, but I could use another Aussie, if you are willing! I have two signed up, so it‘s workable, they‘d just be in a direct 1:1 swap with each other. If you join, then we can mix it up. 2y
CSeydel Here‘s the link to the short story swap:
CSeydel @BookaholicNatty thanks for letting my piggy back on your post!! Hope you get some HP signups 🤞🏻 2y
BookaholicNatty @CSeydel no worries friend!!! Want to spice up the swaps some for international people!!! ❤️ (edited) 2y
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And the winners of the #ozfictiongiveaway are... @BarbaraBB @Mitch and @BookaholicNatty 🎉🤗👍🌟👏. Please email your address details to me at bandswhisson@iinet.net.au
Thanks for all your entries and the interest in #ozfiction. I‘ll continue to use that hashtag when I review Australian fiction. Please feel free to use it yourselves 😁📚🇦🇺😚.

BarbaraBB Wow, I feel so lucky!! Thank you 💕! I‘ll send you an email! And what a cute picture of your kid 😍! 2y
Bronte_Chintz Awww! Lovely pic! And congratulations you guys! 🎉🎉🎉 2y
MrsMalaprop @BarbaraBB He loved being asked to pick out the winning entries 😁👍. 2y
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BarbaraBB I can imagine! And he did a good job 😉😘 2y
AmyG Yay! Congrats!🎉🎉🎉 2y
LeeRHarry Haven‘t read the other two but Burial Rites is excellent @BarbaraBB ! Congrats to all!! 😊 2y
Kaye Congrats to all the winners. 💕 2y
BookaholicNatty @MrsMalaprop oh my goodness!!!! Yayyyyyyy!!! Thank you to your adorable son for drawing my name!!! I‘m so excited!!!! 😘😘😘 I have wanted to read the strays so this is beyond exciting! My first giveaway win on Litsy!!! ❤️❤️Thank you so much for doing this! I will shoot you an email here shortly! 😘 2y
Mitch Oh wow! Thank you so much. I‘m so excited to read this. Tim is doing a reading in London in the Autumn I believe, so I‘m hoping to see him in person as well! Thank you xxx 2y
LeahBergen 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2y
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🇦🇺#aussiesrule2018 @Sue you have a lot to answer for! My latest library haul - love this challenge already! 🇦🇺

abbsinwonderland I LOVED Illuminae! 2y
JennyM @abbsinwonderland looking forward to reading it! Hope you are travelling well xx 2y
Sue I‘m very happy to be blamed for that awesome looking stack! 😊 2y
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Yay! I just received my Litsy letter from my awesome International Penpal @LazyOwl ! Super cute button and kitty flags 😻 Plus, it has nifty Australian stamps if you can see around a certain kitty‘s tail. (Kitcat has no respect for my photo attempts).

AmyG I love the picture....and the cat tail. ❤️ 2y
TricksyTails Ahh so cute with the tail!! 😻 2y
LazyOwl Glad you like 😀 I actually had the letter in my handbag for a while and hadn't realized I hadn't mailed it to you. 2y
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Mdargusch Great photo! 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks @AmyG @TricksyTails @Mdargusch Kitcat thanks you all for the appreciation of her tail. 2y
Nute I didn‘t know Litsy has an International Penpal hookup. I love letter writing. I‘m looking into this immediately. Kitcat‘s tail puts that picture on another level.😊 2y
CoffeeCatsBooks @Nute @maximoffs (Steve Rogers)started a Penpal exchange and @LazyOwl put together an International one. It is like the gift exchanges on Litsy. They pop-up from time to time. 2y
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Okay the Bill Bryson was fun, but now I want some really good Australian reads for my trip! I know I won't have as much time to read as I think, but what Litten worth their salt doesn't overestimate their vacation reading needs? So tell me your favorite #AussieAuthors or books. Share in the comments or post and tag me please😊

drokka If you're into well written YAs that have adult relevance, I recommend Jaclyn Moriarty. Apparently she is one of three sisters who are authors. The other two Moriarty sisters write adult fiction, but I've not read any. One was recently a television show with Alex Skarsgard but I don't know its title; something about lying I think. 2y
KVanRead Tagging @Sue and @Marchpane for your thoughts... please pass to your fellow Australian Littens too. 2y
KVanRead @drokka Thanks! 2y
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Laalaleighh @drokka big little lies? 2y
KVanRead @Laalaleighh That's my guess and I just downloaded from the library! But still looking for other suggestions :) 2y
drokka @Laalaleighh That sounds right. Is it Leann Moriarty? I'm horrible with names, especially those I've not read 😂 2y
drokka For historical fiction there's always Colleen McCullough (not sure of the spelling) but I believe she wrote Thorn Birds and a series about Rome. 2y
Hooked_on_books For a slightly spooky, older read, I really enjoyed this one set in a rural area. 2y
Laalaleighh @drokka I think so. Either that or Lianne. Close enough. 2y
Marchpane I just posted a few ideas @Lizpixie @Michelle_mck @Jhullie @LeeRHarry @MrsMalaprop might have suggestions for you too! 2y
chapter_fifty2017 Tim winton is a great aussie author "cloudstreet" is a good start also kate grenville "the secret river " ruth park early works , charlotte wood early novels , salley morgan , Alex Miller , Richard flanagan , helen garner, 2y
LeahBergen Make sure you save room for finding good reads in the local indies on your trip. 😄 2y
chapter_fifty2017 For lighter more historical ficton you could try judy nunn also fiona mcintosh, plus if you look up miles franklin award winners on wicki you see the winners and titles , a long list but one of my favorites is jessica anderson " tirra lirra by the river!!! Good luck i am in australia so am a bit biased but the authors are certainly out there good luck , i hope i havent confused you ?? 2y
lynneamch Loved the movie of this, so I expect book is good. Notice this is NOT the Kate Alcott book of the same title. 2y
LiteraryinLititz Kate Morton and Liane Moriarty! 2y
LeeRHarry The following I would recommend plus Anita Heiss is an indigenous author I have yet to read - I have Tiddas on my bookshelf, also Favel Parrett - if I think of others I'll let you know 😊 2y
Jhullie Picnic at Hanging Rock definitely! Anything by Sandy Curtis, Kathryn Fox or Katherine Howell. The Husband's Secret by Lianne Moriarty, Kate Morton is wonderful too. I am on a bit of an Aussie binge and listening to Big Little Lies in audible (fabulous), and reading the Kathryn Fox books in order (I'm on the 6th). 2y
Flaneurette Helen Garner and Steve Toltz are two aussies I can recommend (edited) 2y
Lizpixie Sulari Gentill writes a brilliant 30s series along the lines of Phryne Fisher but a male lead in Sydney, for that matter, Kerry Greenwood and her Phryne Fisher series are fantastic! Robin Mundy, Melinda Marchetta, Kate Morton & some debut authors like Jane Harper and Emma Viskic. Have fun on your holiday! 2y
KVanRead @Hooked_on_books @Marchpane @chapter_fifty2017 @lynneamch @LiteraryinLititz @LeeRHarry @Jhullie @Flaneurette @Lizpixie Wow! This is phenomenal! Yay for Aussie lit and Aussie Littens! 😘❤️📚🇦🇺 2y
KVanRead @LeahBergen Good point! And now I have lots of names and titles to be on the lookout for. May have to hit a luggage store too!😂 2y
Sue I second Anita Heiss - Tiddas is great. Another great Indigeous author is Melissa Lucashenko (Mullumbimby is amazing) and Bruce Pascoe's Dark Emu blew my mind. 2y
KVanRead @Sue Oooh those sound good! Thank you so much!! 2y
Sue Any time! I'm also good for YA and middle school Aussie authors if required 😊 2y
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Need to read it