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#summerbookmarkswap @Pigpen_Reads
This is over the top amazing and I don't deserve it. Thank you so much.
My 2nd grade girls who are into the bookmarks stash enjoyed helping me open it.

Pigpen_Reads I'm so glad this one made it to you! I'm so sorry the other got lost in the mail!! 5mo
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Uniquely Felt | Christine White
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#summerbookmarkswap @cwarnier

Thank you so much for the gorgeous bookmarks @Kayla.Adriena ! The felt ones are so special and I love me some baby yoda. 💗

Gissy Beautiful😍 5mo
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@Tattooedteacher @cwarnier #summerbookmarkswap

Thank you so much for all of these! Did you crochet it yourself? I love it!

cwarnier The crochet one is so pretty
I wish I knew how to crochet.
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Thank you for the bookmarks @Maggie4483 ! #summerbookmarkswap @cwarnier

cwarnier That cat is so cute. 6mo
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I‘m sorry I‘ve been MIA lately. I‘ve been struggling.

I‘m even more sorry for the things that I should have sent out much sooner. @HeathHof , @LoverOfLearning , @Kshakal , @kellyann28 , I put something in the mail for each of you today. I‘m sorry that it‘s so late.

I will really focus on my #LMPBC reading so this doesn‘t happen again. And obviously the #SummerBookmarkSwap will be my last swap until I can get my sh*t together.

Kshakal Sending you lots of good vibes and well wishes! 💕 6mo
HeathHof I'm sorry that you're struggling rn but no worries here. I am just happy that you're alive :) sending all the good vibes your way ✨️ 6mo
Bookwormjillk Hang in there! 6mo
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cwarnier Not worries, thanks for the update. 6mo
LoverOfLearning I've been sick to and mailed my #lmpbc to the wrong person so yeah we're all good! No worries 6mo
HeathHof @LoverOfLearning I hope you're feeling better! I was a little confused too because I thought I was getting this month's book from Maggie 😅 6mo
LoverOfLearning @HeathHof nope haha I got hers! 6mo
Maggie4483 @heathhof @LoverOfLearning Oh no! Did I mess up?!?!? I‘m so sorry! 6mo
HeathHof @Maggie4483 I don't think so. For some reason I was confused on the round order. I thought you were my sender this round too 😅 6mo
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Crochet Thread Bookmarks | Wanda Stephens
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Be sure to post your bookmarks once you get them. Be sure to tag me and use the hashtag #summerbookmarkswap or #summerbookmarkswap2022
If I have liked and commented on your post, I have seen and checked you off as having received. If I have not commented please let me know.

allureofbeauty I sent them all out and I‘ve gotten them all. I think I did tag you in all of those posts. 6mo
Pigpen_Reads I tagged you in my post about receiving and shipping a package. You liked the shipping post, but didn't comment. You did comment on the post about the bookmarks I recieved. 6mo
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Nelnjali I've received all but one of mine so far, and you commented on them. I'll let you know as soon as the last one arrives! :) 6mo
Amiable All good with mine sent out and those received! 6mo
KateReadsYA I've received mine. 6mo
KateReadsYA Thank you for hosting this. 6mo
TheBookDream Sent mine out! 6mo
kaysworld1 I've tagged you in my post when I received mine 6mo
DebinHawaii You commented on all of my received posts. 2/3 of mine sent arrived & were posted. My tracking slip shows that my third package to @alexus_sb was delivered, so I am hoping she got it. 🤞🏼 6mo
Graciouswarriorprincess Mine were received but will post this weekend as Monday through Friday, I am only home to sleep since I work a full time job and part time job back to back! 6mo
alexus_sb @DebinHawaii @cwarnier Due to an emergency, all of my mail has been held at the post office for the last 2 weeks or so! I have plans to pick up everything this weekend! I've been very anxious to check on it and will update/post in the next few days! 6mo
Graciouswarriorprincess @cwarnier Can you tell me my match‘s Litsy name? Thanks 6mo
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Bookmark Days | Scot Gardner
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#SummerBookmarkSwap #BookmarkSwap

Mahalo @alexus_sb for the fun bookmarks! I especially love the book stack & the Van Gogh.💙🤗

I hope your envelope made it to you, OK!

TrishB Cool 👍🏻 6mo
cwarnier The black and white photo is such a great perspective. 6mo
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@Kshakal Thank you for the bookmarks!! I appreciate them! @cwarnier #summerbookmarkswap

Kshakal Glad they arrived safely 🤓 6mo
cwarnier Naps are always good. 6mo
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Bookmarks: 400 Patterns | Marcus W. Clemons, Jr.
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@alexus_sb Alexus, thank you so much for the bookmarks! They are absolutely adorable and I love them all. 😍


cwarnier You can never have too big of a stack of books! 6mo
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Omg @DebinHawaii you went above and beyond. Thank you so much. Love them. I also am a shein shopper and recognize a few (tho I didn‘t have them) lol

@cwarnier #summerbookmarkswap

DebinHawaii I am so glad you like them! I had fun putting them together. Enjoy! 🤗 6mo
Gissy Beautiful, stunning bookmarks! 😱😍❤️❤️❤️ 6mo
cwarnier Note pal tabs are so much fun to use! 6mo
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