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Slayer | Kiersten White
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Starting my #justabookswap book of a strong woman. Perfect for #womenshistorymonth and I found this sweet note inside from @Johanna414 💕 It looks like you did send it with a note but I was too silly to open the pages far enough to find it 😊 Thanks again for a great pick!

Johanna414 Haha that‘s a relief! I thought I had included something but figured I had just dropped it or had a mom brain moment... I‘m actually reading the same book right now and really enjoying it - I hope you do too! 9mo
LoverofLit @Johanna414 I feel ya on the mom brain 100% 😉 I just finished the prologue at the beginning and can already tell I'm gonna love it! 9mo
sammisho Kiersten White is my favorite new to me author from the past year! 9mo
LoverofLit @sammisho I just added the trilogy you read of hers on GR. So excited! 9mo
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I LOVE fractured fairy tales. And this one is no exception. It was fun to see how the responsibilities of being queen changed Ariel; and five years after Ursula won the final battle that isn‘t the only change. What a great book - I loved it!! I can‘t wait to read the rest of the series!!

Thanks again to @kstadt929 for this amazing book - great choice! And thanks to @TheBookKeepers for all the fun of #justabookswap

kstadt929 Glad you enjoyed it! Thanks for sharing. This is still on my TBR so I‘m glad to hear good things about it 😁 9mo
TheBookKeepers Yay!!! I want to pick this series up sometime too!! 9mo
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No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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Thank you so much to @CindyRene for sending this one to me for #justabookswap! I read this one all in one sitting. Compelling characters, lots of twists, and gore galore. I LOVED IT!

CindyRene You are welcome! I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! 10mo
TheBookKeepers 😍 10mo
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@megzlynn thank you!!! I am so sorry I'm late posting. This book has been suggested to me dozens of times and now I can finally read it!! @The.Bookkeepers I did get my #JustABookSwap pick.

megzlynn It is fine! I hope you enjoy it! 😁 10mo
Mdargusch I really liked this one. 10mo
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Thankyou @TheWordJar for my lovely #justabookswap package. I just finished writing on the 1st gmorning page as I intend to treat it like a diary & I‘m enjoying the other interesting book in bed with a cup of tea. It looks like it‘s going to be a great beach day here & my cousin and his girlfriend are visiting so lots of cooking. Last night I made them curried sausages & quinoa with naan. He had 2 helpings! For breaky I‘m thinking beans & eggs.

TheWordJar So glad they made it! I love the idea of using g‘morning as a diary. I‘m really tempted to use it as a coloring book as I‘ve seen others do. Your curried sausage and quinoa sounds delicious! And I love your delightful quilt! 😍 happy reading! 10mo
LapReader Thanks @TheWordJar Mum makes my quilts. I will steal your colour idea xo 10mo
TheBookKeepers Yay!!!! 10mo
Tanisha_A Books! 😍 10mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Hey! @megzlynn @TheWordJar @LapReader Do you guys know if your match has received their #JustABookSwap package? I haven‘t seen confirmation - but I could have missed it! Please let me know 😊 I do know you all have shipped to them, just wanting to confirm they arrived! Thanks again for such an awesome swap!

Thanks to all who participated in Round2 !! 🥰🥰🥰

AmyG Thank YOU for organizing! 10mo
Mynameisacolour Yes, thank you for organizing! It was alot of fun! 10mo
Marilyncjackson Best swap ever 10mo
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megzlynn My tracking number says that it has been delivered to her address but she hasn‘t confirmed. 10mo
TheWordJar Yep! She just posted! Thanks again for organizing! 10mo
TheBookKeepers Thanks @megzlynn I‘ll mark it down as received. I‘m sorry they haven‘t posted a thank you note yet 😕 10mo
TheBookKeepers Yay thanks @TheWordJar !! 10mo
allureofbeauty I want to thank you so much for hosting this. I had a lot of fun and would love to do another like this one sometime 🖤 10mo
TheBookKeepers Aww you are very welcome!! I will do a 3rd round soon! @allureofbeauty 10mo
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Hush Hush | Laura Lippman
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Ok ladies, here are my 4 picks. I want to read them all so y‘all pick. 😊🤗

Aswenson Crawdads is soooo good! 10mo
ItsAngel @Aswenson I got that in the #justabookswap 😊 10mo
TheBookKeepers (Not in ur group but those all look life fun picks!!!!) 10mo
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DGRachel I vote for either Crawdads (but I think @LauraBeth has already read it) or We Are Called to Rise. 😊 10mo
ItsAngel @TheBookKeepers thanks, I think so too! 😊 10mo
ItsAngel @DGRachel thanks! 10mo
Chili I haven‘t read any of them. 10mo
ItsAngel @Chili you are no help lol 10mo
LauraBeth Crawdads was my favorite read of 2018 and honestly - I could definitely read again if y‘all would like to read it! We Are Called To Rise has been on my TBR for a while. 10mo
ItsAngel Thanks y‘all, looks like my selection is going to be “We are Called to Rise”. 😊 10mo
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The Rufford Rose | Margaret Lambert
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Thank you so much @jessinikkip The Rufford Rose sounds great. I do love historical fiction and I will let you know what I thought of it once I've read it 🌹
#justabookswap @TheBookKeepers

jessinikkip Excellent! Im glad it sounds good and I hope you enjoy it! :) 10mo
TheBookKeepers Yay!!! 📚📚 10mo
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Station Eleven: A novel | Emily St. John Mandel
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#Bookmail all the way from Australia! Thank you, thank you @LeeRHarry for the book and an adorable card. I look forward to reading and discussing it with you! 💌


LeeRHarry Glad it made it to you! 😊 hope you enjoy it and looking forward to comparing notes when you‘ve read it 😊 10mo
TheBookKeepers 🎉🎉 10mo
Cathythoughts That‘s should be a good one ♥️... on my TBR! I hear all good things. 10mo
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sudi That card is so cute 💜 10mo
Tanisha_A @LeeRHarry Yay! 😀 @TheBookKeepers Thanks for organizing such a fun swap. I loved being a part of it. 😄 10mo
Tanisha_A @Cathythoughts Yes. I am curious! A blurb at the back, from George RR Martin says - "Beautifully written and wonderfully elegiac, a book that I will long remember". ? 10mo
Tanisha_A @sudi Isn't it just! Love it! ☺️ 10mo
TheBookKeepers You‘re welcome!! Keep an eye out for the next round! 🥰 10mo
Tanisha_A @TheBookKeepers Absolutely! 😃 10mo
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@allureofbeauty look what arrived. So excited to open


RadicalReader @BeADragon3 book mail is the best mail lol I get the same excitement when I go to the library to pick up holds and inter library loans 10mo
TheBookKeepers 🎉 10mo
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