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The Harlequin
The Harlequin | Laurell K. Hamilton
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Anita Blake is about to face the challenge of her life. Into her world-a world already overflowing with power-have come creatures so feared that powerful, centuries-old vampires refuse to mention their names. It is forbidden to speak of The Harlequin unless you've been contacted. And to be contacted by The Harlequin is to be under sentence of death.
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The Harlequin | Laurell K. Hamilton
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#chillingphotochallenge #scarathlon day 28 (late again because I can't keep up!) This book is the first thing that came to mind when I saw the prompt for #mask
#teamslaughter @Clwojick

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The Harlequin | Laurell K. Hamilton
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No rest for the wicked reporters of the world!

Currently escaping into the wild world of Anita Blake while sitting in my car, waiting for yet another (boring) evening meeting to start.

Birdsong28 Felt like this at Christmas as I work in retail and I only get Christmas day off! 😘📚📖 10mo
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The Harlequin | Laurell K. Hamilton
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OMG guys! I just got a message from one of the representatives from Harlequin Books (the Publishing Company) asking me to review one of their upcoming novels that's set to be released on February 5th of next year!!!! They want to send me the ARC of it!!!
I'm actually starting to get noticed by big publishing companies now!!!! 😍😍😍😍😍😍
#success #bookreviewer #dreams

Richryan52 Congrats. You deserve it! 13mo
Elma That's awesome! 13mo
WhatThePuck That's awesome!!🤗 13mo
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Lovesbooks87 That's awesome! 13mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Yay—big step!!! 👏🏻👏🏻📚📚👏🏻👏🏻 13mo
JoScho Yay! 13mo
SandyW Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉 13mo
Amor4Libros Congrats!!! 13mo
Librarybelle Congratulations! 13mo
irre Great! 13mo
BookwormAHN Congratulations 👏🏻 13mo
ravenlee That‘s fantastic! 13mo
rohit-sawant Congrats! 🎉🎉 13mo
Dragon 👍🎉 13mo
RainyDayReading Congrats! 13mo
Birdsong28 Congrats 🎉🎊📚📖 13mo
LA_Mead Congrats! 13mo
Birdsong28 You should join this as well as I have managed to join a launch team for a book coming out in January through this. https://www.readersroom-harpercollins.co.uk/ 13mo
TheReadingMermaid @Birdsong28 awesome sweetie thank you so much 13mo
Andrew65 🙌👍😍 13mo
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The Harlequin | Laurell K. Hamilton
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#NovemberByTheNumbers #day14 This is the14th Book in Laurell.K.Hamilton‘s Anita Blake series. This series started out so well, Anita was such a kick arse chick, a zombie raiser who was also a vampire executioner & occasional Police Liason. It was all about the investigation & being a badass, now it‘s all about the grab-ass instead! Laurell, if you‘re reading this, please please please dial it back on the hot monkey sex! Please?!

Bookzombie 😂 Hot monkey sex! I haven‘t been reading these as much. I still like it but agree she could tone it back a lot. The one pictured is the next one in the series for me to read when I get to it. 2y
BarbaraTheBibliophage Amen. I loved the first 6 or 7 from this series. After that it just went off the rails. 2y
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