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The Earthquake Bird
The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones
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A haunting first novel set in Tokyo, "The Earthquake Bird" reveals a murder on its first page and takes its readers into the mind of the chief suspect, Lucy Fly -- a young vulnerable English girl living and working in Tokyo as a translator. Lucy grew up in England, and still harbors painful memories of her childhood in Yorkshire. Only her fascination with music and language provide her with a final break from her past, allowing her to move to Tokyo and start a new life as a translator of technical books. There, she begins an intensely erotic affair with a brilliant and secretive photographer named Teiji. But when Lucy befriends Lily Bridges, a young woman who has also fled trouble in Yorkshire, her life begins to unravel. Lucy doesn't like being reminded of what she left behind in England. Nor does she like Teiji's friendship with Lily. Now the police have accused her of killing Lily, because it is becoming apparent that Lucy has had the motive, the means, and the opportunity.
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The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones

#lmpbc @jhod @Cathythoughts @RachelO unfortunately this is only 3 1/2 🌟 from me - I don't think I like unreliable narrators. Will be in post on Monday, and will post my picks for the next round tomorrow as I don't think we're going to get anyone else.

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Andrew65 A good time so far. 👍😊 1mo
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The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones
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Thanks @RachelO I got it 👍🏻👍🏻And I have to say it sounds great !

Tonton There‘s going to be a 🎥 movie based on the book. 3mo
Tonton Netflix. 3mo
Cathythoughts @Tonton interesting... 👍🏻I‘m looking forward to reading it this week 3mo
RachelO Hooray! Glad it arrived - hope you enjoy it! 3mo
Cathythoughts @RachelO thanks! Hooray is right ! Starting it now ..... 3mo
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The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones
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So does anyone here know what an Interlibrary loan is? I requested my library get this book as its being made into a netflix movie and I thought that fact might help them in wanting to get it (as bird box had a huge influx after the Netflix show) but the request was denied (like all the other books I have requested at my local library to carry >_>) and I still don‘t understand how to use link+ and hey push that service like crazy.

bromeliad It's a van network that goes between a bunch of libraries in a single region. You sign on with your library card, request the book be available for pick up from your preferred library, and the van picks it up from a different city's library and brings it to your location. ☺️ It is super easy and helpful! 3mo
Sweetkokoro @bromeliad So I already do that with my local library network, does it go to libraries outside of my network? Because I have checked my libraries catalogue and the book isn‘t available in the 16 libraries that are associated with my card, which is why I requested they add the book to their catalogue. 3mo
bromeliad Ohhh. Yeah, either this is just the same thing on a larger scale, or it's a separate system, but is able to do drop offs at your preferred locations. Maybe you need to register for a new library card? I've had to do that sometimes. 3mo
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Sweetkokoro @bromeliad I just got the card this year, I‘m thinking with this being an automated response they don‘t realize I already checked their catalogue and none of the libraries have this book, because it‘s not in their catalogue. I wasn‘t even able to find it through hoopla or Libby, I‘m starting to feel like my library has a very small selection in comparison to other states/counties. 3mo
Sweetkokoro @bromeliad I figured it out, interlibrary is the circle of my 16local libraries and Link+ connects my card to libraries outside of my library circle and delivers them to my local library, so I was able to find the book finally! Yay! 3mo
bromeliad 🤩👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 3mo
LibrarianRyan Yeah. I checked link and it was there. Also, if you ever find a book is not in you local library or link, you can ask (in person) for them to do a statewide or a national ILL (sometimes called an OCLC request). Some libraries are getting away from OCLC, but there are paper forms to request. They may ask for a small fee for shipping if they can not get it through their delivery system. 3mo
LibrarianRyan FYI, my guess is you library can not buy this book because of age (originally pubed 2002), that it‘s a British book and they can‘t get it through their jobber (library vendors), that they can only get it from amazon and they have a no amazon policy (more common than you think), or that they can only find used copies, which libraries rarely purchase. Don‘t be too down on you library as they are doing the best they can with what they have. 3mo
LibrarianRyan Also FYI, if it is a hit on. Netflix. , a movie tie in edition will be printed and then the library will probably pick it up. 3mo
LibrarianRyan Also because I can‘t help myself, many hoopla books (except comics) are not as prevalent because they cost the library more in the long run, and I checked, I couldn‘t order it for our ebook collection, it‘s not available. But being that it‘s a mcMillian, it would probably have a meter that the library can not justify for such an old title. 3mo
Sweetkokoro @LibrarianRyan that‘s a lot of info. And my library doesn‘t have a “no amazon” policy as they have a function that uses amazon it just has to be approved. It‘s hard to not get frustrated with my local library as their answer for most requests is normally no, and thats with talking to others who go there. And we don‘t seem to have the nicest librarians around here either :/ but I found it and hopefully they will approve the transfer through link+ 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro interesting. 3mo
Sweetkokoro @librarianryan My library also has from what I can tell one of the worst contracts with hoopla, we get 5 borrows a month (it used to be 3) with hardly any selection, im not too fond of hoopla honestly it very rarely ever helps me. 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro Hoopla is play for play. It‘s not a contract limit. The library has to pay for each check out. 2.99-5.99 per audiobook, .99-2.99 per graphic novel, 3.99-7.99 per video, and I‘m not sure what ebooks are but I do know that many libraries shut off the ebook portion. Your library has full access to the entire hoopla collection, however between Amazon meddling with exclusive contracts, and publishers like McMillian putting embargos ⬇️ 3mo
LibrarianRyan On when they will sell ebooks and eaudiobooks to libraries, it limits what a library can add to its collection for example, Blackstone audio which is one of the larger audiobook houses, has an exclusive contract with audible for the first 6 months of a books release. No library can purchase those titles which includes its availability with Hoopla. ⬇️ 3mo
LibrarianRyan As for the number of items you can check out, this is done by averages. What actually happens is a library sets a budget, either day, month year, etc. and when patrons use Hoopla it adds up the charges until it hits the daily budget and then shuts its off. This Dailey budget is then compared to the number of users and a limit is set. If they didn‘t set limits just a hand full of patrons could blow the budget, leaving no one else access. 3mo
LibrarianRyan The Hoopla clock normally resets about midnight library time. My guy works nights so he checks his out at like one in the morning. If I don‘t check mine out before 10 am I normally have to wait til the next day. 3mo
Sweetkokoro @librarianryan I see. I still unfortunately find Hoopla unhelpful and useless :/ 3mo
LibrarianRyan Other library ebook systems are a price per copy use, like Libby. But those prices are really high, like $60-80 for the new James Patterson, etc. the. You have meters. Some like Scholastic are timed, use that ebook as much as you want for two years, but after 2 years you have to rebuy it. Or are metered to say 36 uses, then rebuy. But the. The embargo‘s come into play again. Tor and Macmillan have a new library policy that says a library may buy 3mo
LibrarianRyan One copy of a new ebook. They get to keep it forever. To buy any more copies they have to wait 4 months and then all those extra copies are metered. This policy just went into effect last month and more publishers are adopting similar policies. Most ebook collections at libraries are shared. For example, in central Illinois the Cloud Library portion of eReadIllinois has over 150 multi-type, varying population ranges, etc using 1 collection. The 3mo
Sweetkokoro @librarianryan Yup I read about that change Tor and Macmillan put in. I don‘t read ebooks often so it doesn‘t effect me. But I get it there is a lot of behind the scenes stuff I clearly I don‘t know about this... 3mo
LibrarianRyan Power of the collective is that they can add tons more books and variety to their digital collections, but then Are hamstringed by the publishers. Can you imagine 1 copy of the newest Red Rising book in a collection serving almost a million people? We libraries are fighting for access but we need help fro P.O. patrons to help in the fight. You have probably seen me say I am anti Amazon. This is part of the reason. For a glimpse check out this 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro there nothing wrong with finding it useless. It used to be better. But it‘s not Hooplas or you libraries fault. Blame Amazon and publishers. 3mo
LibrarianRyan @Sweetkokoro I love having this conversation because even some libraries don‘t pay attention to what is going on. It‘s a fight. It has been a fight. While the general public sees libraries as allies and doors, publishers see them as enemies and dungeons, and the reason they are not seeing profits. But it‘s the big guys turning the head of the publishers away from the real problem, and telling them to blame the little guy. 3mo
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The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones
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#lmpbc #groupy
@Cathythoughts @RachelO @jenniferw88
Any preferences or 'please no's!' from these four?

mcctrish I really liked The Mothers, there‘s a lot going on in it 5mo
RachelO Yes please to all of them! Bottom 2 on the tbr already; tagged -never heard of - sounds great!; The Mothers - sounds like a good bookclub out-of-my-comfort-zone read. So no help whatsoever then 😉 5mo
Amor4Libros I liked The Mothers a lot, too 5mo
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Cathythoughts All look good to me ... exciting 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5mo
jenniferw88 Again, any look good - 3 are not on my radar at all, but The Mothers has been on and off the tbr, so if I had to choose I'll pick 5mo
jhod @Libby1 hi Libby! I chose the earthquake bird last time, any preference on the other three?! X 1mo
Libby1 Hello, @jhod ! They all look interesting. I think I lean towards Moonstone, but I‘m happy with whatever you choose. 😊 1mo
jhod @Libby1 great!
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The Earthquake Bird | Susanna Jones
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Made a couple more online purchases for #cupidgoespostal today so obviously I had to get myself something too... Saw this recommended on a blog this morning and it looks great!

Tamra This sounds good! 10mo
Tonton Movie now in postproduction! 10mo
jhod @Tonton ooh, good knowledge! 10mo
BookishMarginalia Pretty cover! 10mo
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