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Heart Berries: A Memoir | Terese Mailhot
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Sorry book, it is me, not you! I never read ebooks, but I decided to try with this because I got it through my library. But the format didn‘t help me take the content in, I just kept swiping the pages. I need to reread it again at some time, because Mailhot writes beautifully and poetically about tough subjects, and her words need to be taken in, thought over and felt, and I wasn‘t able to do that at the moment.

#IndigenousAuthor #Booked2019

Cinfhen I‘m surprised this book didn‘t resonate more strongly with you. I get it though about reading an Ebook. There is definitely a level of detachment. 2w
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen I‘m surprised, too! Some of it hit me right in the gut, which makes me think this is more a timing-and-format-issue more than it being the book‘s fault. I think I need to reread it in print or audio at some point, to really appreciate it! 2w
Pricel101 Ebooks and audio have to be in the right application, do you agree? This is the kind of book where every once in a while you have to look away and think about what you just read. 😓 2w
marleed When well written books don‘t rank above a solid B (4 stars), it really causes me to reflect because I often think it says more about me in the moment than the book itself. 2w
CaroPi I did this one in audiobook and also got mixed feelings 2d
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Too Much Lip | Melissa Lucashenko
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4.5 ⭐

This was so good! I love how real and raw this is. Its also a really good mix of humour and serious issues.

This is my #indigenousauthor pick for #booked2019
@BarbaraTheBibliophage @4thhouseontheleft @Cinfhen

Cinfhen Already been stacked!! Sounds great 😃 2w
CarolynM I love this book so much. I wish I could make everyone in this country read it. 2w
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One Part Woman | Perumal Murugan
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I finished this while vacationing in Goa. It couldn‘t be further from my world of butter garlic prawns & sedate beaches. But this is all I looked fwd to every time I got back to my room. This book of a different time, custom and place is magnificent. The core issue of human lust, belonging, the idea of marriage-property-heir are still very present not only in rural India but across the world. #Booked2019 #IndigenousAuthor #SomethingsAreYetToChange

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Indian Horse | Richard Wagamese
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This book broke my heart. Painful story of a native Ojibway Canadian taken to an abusive and horrific residential school who finds some solace in playing hockey, but even that joy is tainted by experiences he must confront. Saul‘s story and what so many children went through will stay with me. Beautifully written. #indigenousauthor #booked2019.

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Yeah... So I thought this was kind of a mess... The story felt all over the place to me, like it didn‘t know what it wanted to be. Things were set up that ended up going nowhere. Cedar got on my last nerve. The world building was practically nonexistent and left me with more questions than answers the latter of which I wouldn‘t necessarily mind except some things just seemed so out of left field and/or so implausible given the zero ⬇️

shadowspeak17 explanation they got that it took me completely out of the story. Part 2 was mildly entertaining at least, but most of the book was a slog, and by the time Part 3 rolled around I was just ready for it to end. I‘ve heard good things about Erdrich, so maybe this wasn‘t the best book of hers to start with. 🤷🏽‍♀️

#booked2019 #IndigenousAuthor #catsoflitsy #Ember
Cinfhen I read a different book by her and loved it but it was bleak as hell 3w
Cinfhen I think this particular book was universally panned 3w
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BarbaraTheBibliophage Good on you for slogging through. May the next read be 💯 better! 3w
shadowspeak17 @Cinfhen Maybe I‘ll try that one next. I would like to give Erdrich another shot. 3w
Cinfhen Not many people liked Shadow Tag either so maybe try a different book of hers / I think this one is meant to be good 3w
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Trail of Lightning | Rebecca Roanhorse
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I read this for the #IndigenousAuthor prompt of the #ReadingWomenChallenge. Maggie is a monster slayer and must grapple with her clan powers and their consequences as well as the loss she has faced in her life. Her world has a dystopian setting after a big flood. There is a lot of action mixed with fantasy and Navajo stories. This is the first book in the series.

Trail of Lightning | Rebecca Roanhorse
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This is fundamentally a good read, in its genre. A little too YA for me, but reminds me of the best parts of early Anita Blake books. Roanhorse could improve her skill at writing dialogue. But her vision of a post-climate catastrophe world is unique and interesting, especially the supernatural elements. Might borrow not buy book 2.

Full review http://www.TheBibliophage.com
#booked2019 #clifi #ownvoices #readdiversebooks

Cinfhen Since most disliked their #ClFi pick yay for you and this works for #IndigenousAuthor too ❤️ 2mo
Addison_Reads Great review! I read this and enjoyed it, but I agree with your points on her dialogue. 2mo
Susanita I agree the dialogue was awkward, and Maggie is a little two-dimensional, but I do want to see where the story goes. 2mo
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Susanita @Cinfhen I had picked American War originally, and I just couldn‘t get into it at all. 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Cinfhen Right! I already did my indigenous author book. The #clifi prompt has been a sword hanging over my head. Gone now! 👊🏻🤪 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Addison_Reads @Susanita Glad the dialogue discomfort wasn‘t just me being picky. 👊🏻 2mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage @Susanita @Cinfhen I definitely think #clifi is our collective #leastfavorite2020prompt. I had intended to read Oryx and Crake for this. Still want to give it a try. 2mo
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Fully Booked | Emma Strandberg
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I‘m still all over the place, 16 finished... 8 to go though.

This quarter I read:

19. Hey, Kiddo - #BookAboutAddiction
2. Spinning Silver - #FairyTaleRetelling
10. How To Build A Girl - #FeaturesAMusician
16. The Walking Dead Vol.32 - #Comic
17. Down Girl - Book Gifted to Me
22. Storm Cursed - #POCMCParanormal
9. Every Day is a Good Day - #IndigenousAuthor


4thhouseontheleft I still have to complete the Irish winter prompt! Great job on the others, I also read Hey, Kiddo for the addiction prompt. 3mo
IamIamIam Great job! You're getting there!! 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @4thhouseontheleft Hey, Kiddo was a great book too. For the Irish Writer prompt I thought I‘d read Celtic Twilight by WB Yeats it‘s on serial reader and it‘s fairies, Ghosts, spirits...so I thought it would be good one to read in October. Genrebusting is the one I‘m not sure what I‘m going to read for that one yet. 3mo
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JazzFeathers 👏👏👏 l basically abandoned in the first quarter to try and clear my #NetGalley pile. Which l'm almost done doing 😆 3mo
Cinfhen Great job!! Every prompt you complete is a total win 🤗🤗 3mo
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @JazzFeathers I‘ve just been fitting them in as I go, as we near the end of the year I‘ll have to be more selective. 😉 3mo
BarbaraTheBibliophage Great job! Like my lovely co-host said, every one completed is fab! ♥️📚👊🏻 3mo
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I hope to read this one this year; it‘s been on my #tbr for far too long. #NeverForget #RedRoseSeptember

arlenefinnigan A classic. I've never got round to it either #stacked 3mo
Cinfhen Lots of people read for #Booked2019 #IndigenousAuthor and they all gave it high praise 3mo
lynneamch I want to read this one too after hearing him on NPR 3mo
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