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#NFNov #NC
#TIL "After New York and California, more movies, documentaries, and TV shows are filmed in North Carolina than any other state."
Can you name a film made in NC?
@Clwojick @rsteve388

BookNAround The Hunger Games. (And my daughter has a friend who was an extra in it.) 1mo
Scochrane26 @BookNAround I was going to say the same thing! I hiked at triple falls, & someone said that was where they filmed. Btw, I have two close friends that I met at different times who were both extras in A League Of Their Own. Filmed in Evansville, IN. It‘s a weird coincidence. 1mo
rsteve388 The south seems to be popular for Movies and TV. Cause I think GA is a big area for TV?! 1mo
Clwojick 4 pt. DIRTY DANCING!!!! 1mo
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#NFNov #NC #NorthCarolina
Fun fact of the day:
#TIL Avery County is known as the Christmas tree capital of the world.
@rsteve388 @Clwojick

Mariposa_Bookworm I miss North Carolina. 😭💔💔 1mo
Clwojick 4 pt. 1mo
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Voyager | Diana Gabaldon
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Another summer reading spot #NC #vacay

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I would recommend this book as an introduction to mental illness, for young readers.
Another beautiful book for my home state. #NC #NorthCarolina #MiddleGradeMay @SaturnDoo @megnews

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Road to Tater Hill | Edith Morris Hemingway
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Set in my home state of #NorthCarolina. I highly recommend this heart-wrenching tale. 10 year old Annie deals with grief after the loss of her newborn sister. The part about the "rock baby" really got me?
#NC #MiddleGradeMay @megnews @SaturnDoo
*After the two of read today, I should probably try to find some more lighthearted reads.

SaturnDoo This one looks good ❤ stack add 👍 7mo
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The Longest Ride | Nicholas Sparks
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I saw a post for #ReadingUSA2019 yesterday. I would like to do that eventually, but I have several reading challenges for this year.
I decided to do a reading across your home state instead. I haven't decided how many of these I'm going to do yet. #NorthCarolina #NC #GroveParkInn #WakeForest
First up is The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. I like the movie & I'm sure the book will be even better.

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Alease Toomey sat at her dresser, putting on lipstick , getting ready to take her son up to see the electric chair for the first time.

Doggone, I love a book with a first line like that. First up for my 2019 Challenge, which Miss @Librarybelle is in charge of. 50 States ..can be where the book is set or where the author is from. Let‘s see if I can stick with it and pick off some states.

#50states #1 #NC

jessinikkip Im doing that challenge too, trying to do it totally with the books setting 11mo
tpixie Wow! That‘s a sentence! 11mo
tpixie Kansas: Wizard of Oz or In Cold Blood @jessinikkip @kaye 11mo
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Kaye Good luck @jessinikkip @tpixie Are you guys going in any particular order or just where the books take you ? 11mo
jessinikkip @kaye @tpixie I will be doing this challenge and the AtoZ challenge. I have been wanting to start with my book for California so mostly where the books take me. I have a list of all the books I own by state, just gotta read them lol 11mo
squirrelbrain @kaye @tpixie @jessinikkip I‘m doing this too! I have 9 physical books already on my TBR shelf that fit, plus a couple on Kindle. I‘ll just pick out whatever I feel like at the time! Good luck! 11mo
Librarybelle That is a fun first line! I can‘t wait to see what you have to say about this one and your other #ReadingUSA2019 selections! 11mo
Kaye You guys are much more organized than me. I‘ll probably just bumble along with a state at a time. It‘ll probably be easy to do the first few but as you go on, it might be harder to find the remaining states. We‘ll have to be cheerleaders for each other. You guys wear the skirts. I‘ll do the cheering. @jessinikkip @tpixie @squirrelbrain @Librarybelle (edited) 11mo
Cathythoughts Happy New Year Julie Kaye ♥️🎉🎉 11mo
Kaye And the happiest of New Years to you, @Cathythoughts ♥️ 11mo
tpixie @kaye @jessinikkip @squirrelbrain Good Luck! 🍀I‘m not doing it, but I‘m from Kansas!! 🌾 11mo
Kaye Oh, okay. I thought that you named those books as possible picks for you . 👍🏼 @tpixie 11mo
BookNAround Clyde Edgerton is great. I saw him give a performance once (and it truly is a performance rather than a reading) and it was the best thing ever. 11mo
tpixie @kaye yeah- I wasn‘t clear on that! 🙃🤪 11mo
Kaye @BookNAround That must‘ve been really neat to see him in person. 11mo
BookNAround @kaye It was really cool. I had no idea what we were in for when I went either. 11mo
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On the Nature of Things | Titus Lucretius Carus
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Been doing a lot of reading by flashlight thanks to #HurricaneFlorence. So thankful to be safe though! There's a lot of flooding in our area now, but our house is on high ground. I guess it's not the worst to wrap up in a blanket and read in the dark! Stay safe, y'all! #NC

Lcsmcat I‘m glad you‘re safe! 1y
Caterina @Lcsmcat Thanks, I'm glad you are too! We've had no power for much of the last three days, but the flooding and downed trees only got bad last night and today. How're things where you are? 1y
Lcsmcat @Caterina We‘ve had it easy. We only lost power very briefly, and flooding has been very localized. I‘m headed back to work today. I hope your power is restored soon. 1y
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I‘m so excited to delve into this book and hopefully many more by Lovett. I loved hearing his perspective on Alice and wonderlands history, and it was such a joy to meet him!
First book festival ✔️
first author meet ✔️
first signed book✔️
first time meeting littens ✔️
First time on TV ✔️
😍 a great day 🙌🏻
#bookmarksfestival #NC

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Hey North Carolina peeps. ✌🏻I picked this up today at my local bookstore (which I love) @Sudalu @Sudalu91 #Page158Books. Looks pretty interesting. #nc #northcarolina #wakeforest #tarheel

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