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Untitled | Unknown
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Gissy Yes!📚📚📚📚🙌 2mo
Cupcake12 Love it 😂 2mo
Wesleypaker Hello how are you doing today ? 2mo
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hannah-leeloo Hey friend @Wesleypaker I'm ok thank you, yourself? 2mo
Wesleypaker I‘m doing great thanks 2mo
Wesleypaker It‘s a pleasure to meet you here I‘m Wesley 2mo
hannah-leeloo Everyone is lovely here. What books do you like? @Wesleypaker 2mo
Wesleypaker I think like a lot of books like None fiction , Have you read the book “The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks” ? 2mo
Wesleypaker Where are you from ? 2mo
hannah-leeloo I haven't read that one no. @Wesleypaker I'm from the UK. 2mo
Wesleypaker Ok Well I‘m originally from NYC but currently in Moscow Russia working as a doctor how about you? 2mo
hannah-leeloo Erm... I work with animals @Wesleypaker 2mo
Wesleypaker Wow nice Are you married do you have any kids? 2mo
hannah-leeloo @Wesleypaker this is a book club app, it's slightly uncomfortable that you've only added the women and no book posts. We have groups for personal chats when wished 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @Wesleypaker just a friendly reminder that this is a social media site for people who love books. I‘ve noticed you commenting on multiple ladies posts and this is not a dating site. There are plenty of those to choose from and this isn‘t the place for that. Thank you. 2mo
Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks @hannah-leeloo ❤️❤️ 2mo
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The Grisha Trilogy | Leigh Bardugo
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Last #bookdelivery arrived yesterday along with 6 #newbookmarks

Look at how gorgeous they all are! Finally I'll be able to read the series properly instead of #Sixofcrowsduology first like an idiot 😅

My Sisters' Keeper | Leslie Poles Hartley
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Had some new second hand books arrive today! I always love buying #secondhand as long as they're in readable condition of course!
#mysisterskeeper is a book I've always wanted to read and #sepulchre is being added to my #JamesHerbert collection.
Its so nice to come home a new #bookdelivery, not matter how small

TheNeverendingTBR Shopping for second hand books is my fave! 🙌 2y
snowpaws94 I'd be really curious to know what you think of the James Herbert one! 2y
The_Whimsical_Bookdragon @snowpaws94 I've always loved James Herbert's books, The first one I read was Secret of Crickely Hall...I was wayyy to young for that, but I've been hooked since and started growing my collection 2y
The_Whimsical_Bookdragon @TheNeverendingTBR I love looking in charity shops that have them, but I have come across a load of sites like The Tiny Bookshop that sell second hand books, donated a few to them myself 2y
TheNeverendingTBR @The_Whimsical_Bookdragon I'll need to look into this!! 🧐 2y
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The Bone Season: A Novel | Samantha Shannon
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#Bookdelivery 📚
I'm so happy, look at how pretty they are! 😍
If anyone has read my review on The Priory of The Orange Tree, you'll know how much I loved it and I can't wait to jump into the next series by Samantha Shannon and the others...well sometimes, you just fancy a bit of #youngadult 😉 god bless Facebook bookclubs
Got my nose in #newbooks whilst I wait for the rest of my order to arrive 😁📚📚

The Project | Courtney Summers
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This was finally delivered today. Can‘t wait to dive in after work.

#bookdelivery #newread

night_shift That pen holder is so cute! 2y
That-Bookish-Hiker @UnidragonFrag thank you! I got it from ModCloth. 2y
night_shift You're welcome! I'll have to check em out 👍 2y
Megabooks Loved it!! 2y
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These Witches Don't Burn | Isabel Sterling
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Yay book delivery 😍

Been wanting to read #michaelgreger for a long time and just having completed my reiki 1 I‘m hoping Penelope quest will help me with my journey 🥰 ...... although for now they will have to sit with my others in my to read stack

#toread #litsywelcomewagon #newbooks #bookdelivery #bookmail #bookworm #selfhealing #metime

Walking the Bones | Randall Silvis
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The perfect way to start a weekend.

#bookdelivery #tea

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• my copy came today. YAY book mail! I‘ve seen the movie (which I need to watch again soon) but am looking forward to reading the book. the best part is that I‘ll be reading this book for a class this semester; how fortuitous is life sometimes! •

#bookmail #bookdelivery #booklove #bookworm #booknerd #requiredreading #nonfiction #TBRtower

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The Father's Tale | Michael D. O'Brien
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What have I gotten myself into? #BookDelivery

LauraAndTaraAndBooks 😍😍😍 I just love a chunky book. The bigger the better I say! 6y
Reviewsbylola 😳😳😳 6y
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