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Stockings and Spells | Nancy Warren
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The snow has arrived which means it's officially the season for handicrafts and a #CozyChristmasMystery ... with vampires.

julesG Looks very cozy. #crochetersoflitsy #hookersoflitsy 😁 4w
rubyslippersreads I got the first book in this series as a Kindle freebie; it sounds like fun. 🧛‍♀️ 4w
ShyBookOwl @rubyslippersreads it is! Book 1 was my intro to cozies and this is still my favourite cozy series. 4w
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Six of Crows | Leigh Bardugo
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#audioknitting, need something easy to do, so I'm making an infinity scarf. Also, re-reading the tagged book, can't concentrate on something new right now.

Tanisha_A Lovely colours! 😍 3mo
julesG @Tanisha_A All leftovers. Want to do stranded knitting. What you see in the picture is merely the provisional cast-on. 😁 3mo
peaknit I‘m working on a Soldotna crop sweater...I‘m calling it my Never Ending Sweater! Can‘t wait to see more progress on your scarf. 3mo
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julesG @peaknit My two attempts at sweater knitting are still on the WIP-pile. 🙈 3mo
Beholderess TFW I crochet, not knit, but knitting rolls better from the tongue, so I‘m tempted to join the hashtag :) 3mo
julesG @Beholderess Two times out of three I type croTchet 😉 There are a few # for crochet: #audiocrochet #crochetersoflitsy #hookersoflitsy 😁 3mo
Crazeedi That's so cool, I wish I could crochet!❤ 3mo
Freespirit Post a pic when it‘s finished @julesG 3mo
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Different reader, different setting but still very enjoyable and a good length for a wee crochet project. I‘ve still got two hours to go on the audio - might need some wine to accompany it.

julesG What did you make? Looks like a bag or loop scarf. #crochetersoflitsy #hookersoflitsy 😁 4mo
Kaddele It‘s a little bag - it‘s this month‘s project in the Little Box of Crochet. It‘s a cute summery thing - it still needs a couple of tassels but I‘m nearly done. 4mo
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Crochet | DK
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I crocheted my first beanie for myself. I‘ve been struggling since I started crocheting to read the pattern for this but I finally figured it out. I figured it out all by myself. It finally started to make sense to me. I just had to be patient with myself. I‘m happy with how it turned out so next time I decide to crochet another beanie, it will be easy. I‘m still a beginner at crochet but with practice, I will get better.


julesG 👏👏👏👏 Turned out very nicely. #crochetersoflitsy (😉😉😉 #hookersoflitsy 😉😉😉) 5mo
kelli7990 @julesG Thank you 5mo
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Warlight: A novel | Michael Ondaatje
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I‘ve been learning to crochet over the last couple of days. And, of course, I‘m listening to an audiobook at the same time.


wanderinglynn It looks great! 👍🏻 11mo
thebluestocking @wanderinglynn Thank you!! (I‘m still figuring out the turning stitches.) 11mo
Djspens I wish I'd paid more attention years ago when my grandma tried teaching me to crochet..... 11mo
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thebluestocking @Djspens Ha! My grandma tried to teach me when I was young too. I didn‘t take to it then, but I did find it fairly easy to pick up from a few YouTube videos. 11mo
BrittanyReads Ah! 😆Good luck! I just recently started myself! 11mo
Aimeesue Took a while sitting with it, but in the end I thought Warlight was an incredibly good book. 11mo
jenni_elyse Oh yay! You‘re learning! I‘m so happy! 11mo
thebluestocking @jenni_elyse Yes! And you were definitely part of the inspiration. I‘m totally enjoying it, but I might have some questions for you! 11mo
jenni_elyse No problem! I‘m happy to answer any questions you may have. 11mo
RealLifeReading Yay more crocheters on Litsy! 11mo
thebluestocking @jenni_elyse Thank you! I‘m having trouble with the edges. 11mo
thebluestocking @RealLifeReading Yay! Happy to join the ranks. 11mo
AceOnRoam Ohh great hobby. It's great for audiobooking! 11mo
thebluestocking @AceOnRoam Definitely! I cruised through several hours of audiobook yesterday. 11mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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After a long day at work, I decided to wind down with a movie and crocheting. I've been working on this blanket off and on for a couple months now. Thankfully my cousin isn't rushing me to finish it.

Samplergal Beautiful! I knit but can‘t crochet at all. Those colors are nice. 12mo
cassiopia @Samplergal thank you! I'm trying to teach myself to knit, but so far it's not going so well 😄 12mo
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The War I Finally Won | Kimberly Brubaker Bradley
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I started this on Sunday during a bit of downtime in my rehearsal. But now I find myself torn between reading it (I‘ve been dying to read it since I finished the first one months ago) and working on this wedding gift for a friend. It‘s crocheting up quickly, so no worries about making the deadline (early February) but the yarn feels so soft and it‘s hard to put it down!

@IamIamIam @BrittanyReads #crochetersofLitsy

ravenlee @robinb This is the one I mentioned a few days ago. I‘m glad you have some special ones. I can only hope the ones I make can be as appreciated! 12mo
IamIamIam 😍😍😍😍😍 That's so gorgeous!!! The ripple has confused me so far and I've tried at least 3 times! My class asked how to do it but I pulled up a pattern and we were all stumped! Lol, it's an introductory class so I'm not outmatched by talent. 😂 12mo
gradcat That is a beautiful quilt? Throw? Whichever it is, you‘re very talented! I love the colors, too! 12mo
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robinb @ravenlee Oh my...this is gorgeous! ❤️ And I don‘t blame you at all...I‘d be hard-pressed to put something that soft and inviting down to! 🤩 Lucky couple! 😊 12mo
ravenlee @IamIamIam Thank you! This is the pattern I‘m adapting https://www.yarnspirations.com/bernat-star-blanket/BRC0302-005594V.html - I‘ve made it several times as a baby blanket (my almost 8-year-old nephew still snuggles under his, which only covers his chest now!) and this is my second time as a full-size. It‘s pretty easy to follow. Have you tried ripples from the tagged book? I‘ve done a couple successfully, with a little trial/error. 12mo
ravenlee @gradcat @robinb Thank you! I find it difficult to sit still, so my mom taught me crochet as a kid, and I self-taught knitting in college. Now the problem is what to do with all the blankets and scarves I can‘t stop making! 12mo
gradcat @ravenlee I want to learn how to do that! I quit smoking about 8 years ago, and I‘m forever searching for something to do with my hands while I‘m reading...is it something you can do without looking at it constantly? 12mo
IamIamIam @ravenlee Ooh, I just downloaded it! I'll going to give it a shot. I had a star pattern for a tree skirt that I have yet to get to but, of course, I bought enough yarn to make 5 of them about 4 years ago. Also, you can donate your scarves & hats to local nursing homes! I'm still angry that our school won't take handmade items for the winter drive they run. 😡 12mo
robinb @ravenlee look on the bright side, you‘ve always got wonderful, warm gifts on hand for gift-giving to friends and family! And everyone loves homemade best! ❤️👍 Ever thought about places like St. Jude? I had a friend who got together with other friends every year and made scarves and caps to donate there. 12mo
BrittanyReads Thanks for tagging me! This is beautiful. What a thoughtful gift!! 12mo
ravenlee @robinb @IamIamIam I donated about 30 hats and scarves last winter to a coat drive for the homeless. My problem is more that I have made all these blankets, and didn‘t realize how many I have, so my closets are overflowing and it‘s hard to part with any of them! It‘s a good problem to have, though. 12mo
IamIamIam @ravenlee It really is a good problem! I do my local nicu for baby blankets and the VA women's clinic. Where are you located? My MIL ships blankets to an organization in Florida called High Risk Hope also. 12mo
robinb @ravenlee wow, that‘s amazing to be able to donate that much...good for you!!! ❤️😊 12mo
ravenlee @gradcat I‘d say yes and no - at the start it takes a lot of watching and counting but it gets better. But I think knitting is much easier to do by touch, once you have a little experience. 12mo
hermyknee So cute! This is why I love audiobooks - multitasking! 🤗 12mo
cassiopia That is so pretty!!! What pattern is this? 12mo
ravenlee @cassiopia I included the pattern link in a comment above - it‘s a star blanket from Bernat. I made a couple as baby blankets and liked it so much I enlarged it! 12mo
cassiopia I will definitely check this pattern out after I finish the two I'm currently working on. 12mo
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Untitled | Unknown
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Set aside my reading today to work on some blankets for the furbabies at an Animal Shelter. 💕🐶🐯

SaturnDoo I make crocheted blankets for 🐶🐶 at the animal shelter too with my scrap yarn. And for 🐱🐱, I make double strand mats with scrap yarn ❤💜❤💜 Yours are very pretty. 2y
MiyakoBunny This is awesome 👏🏼 😍 2y
Dpotter @SaturnDoo Thank you. 😊 I use all my scrap yarn for my blankets too. 2y
Dpotter @MiyakoBunny Thanks! 😊 2y
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