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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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I‘ve actually had this read for about a week now, but I needed time to process. I can‘t say I necessarily enjoyed this book, but it is one that I think everyone should read. It made me angry and sad but I‘m pretty sure that was the point. I am gonna “pick” it mostly bc I think it‘s important we have conversations about consent and rape culture.

Reagan That book really threw me for a loop. I agree that it is an important book, and we need to have those conversations, but man, what a tough read. 2w
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill

This book sucked me in. It was difficult to read at times, but it‘s real. It‘s heartbreaking that women deal with things like this EVERY DAY. I wanted to hug Emma, take her away from her awful parents, and stand by her. I give it ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *not an easy read*

Reagan It was a wonderful book, but a very difficult read. 2mo
SassyPants617 @Reagan-reads YES! I am into hard to get through books. Idk what that says about me...lol. The ending had me almost disappointed. It I read the afterword and it made sense. It made me ok with the ending. 2mo
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Elegance of the Hedgehog | Muriel Barbery
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#AyUpAugust A few titles I read this year that have an #animal in the title 🐒🦐🦈 🐯🦔🐲I think my favorites were the tagged book, Monkey God & Moon Tiger. My least favorite was probably the most popular book, Crawdads🤷🏼‍♀️Special shoutout to @BookaholicNatty & @Simona for each gifting me one of these books ♥️

Cathythoughts Nice cover on Moon Tiger ! I need to read that one 4mo
Cinfhen That‘s the edition I read @Cathythoughts and it was gifted to me by the lovely @Simona ❤️definitely read it, beautiful writing 🙌🏻 I think it‘s right in your wheelhouse 😊 4mo
squirrelbrain Loved Hedgehog! Sounds like I may need to read Moon Tiger as well! 4mo
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gradcat Beautiful post! Such a gaggle of great books here!! ♥️ (edited) 4mo
KarenUK Hedgehog is a fave of mine, and I just got Moon Tiger on book depository based on your review! 💕👍😊 4mo
Cinfhen I see what you did there @gradcat 😉oh no #Pressure #MoonTiger @KarenUK @squirrelbrain Hope you both enjoy it!!! 4mo
BarbaraBB Great post! I loved Moon Tiger, but Hedgehog not that much. And I really enjoyed Crawdads... ☺️😊 (edited) 4mo
Cinfhen Seems we‘re out of sync recently @BarbaraBB How‘s your jet lag??? 4mo
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen it was the worst (I could read Poisonwood Bible all night) but now I‘m back on track. And in sync with you again, I am looooving 4mo
Cinfhen Woohoo on LOVING “Rivers” BooHoo on jet lag😩 Did u end up enjoying Poisonwood Bible???? @BarbaraBB Are u back at work??? That must be hard too!!! 4mo
BarbaraBB Yes I did enjoy Poisonwood too! And I am back at work. That‘s hard indeed, especially since it is raining all day too. It‘s weird to think that only a week ago I was sunbathing on Hampton Beach... 4mo
gradcat @Cinfhen I‘m very punny, you know. By the way, just wanted to add that the tagged book is one of my all-time favorites—I see I‘m in good company, @BarbaraBB ! 4mo
Reviewsbylola I loved Hedgehog!! 4mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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This is a powerful and difficult read and I advise caution. There is no sugar-coating here and while I hesitate to use the word graphic the scenes of rape are distressing. The story is distressing and O'Neill handles it with the perfect balance of bluntness and sensitivity. Emma's interior monologue is painfully authentic and her inner conflicts cleverly portrayed 👇

Moray_Reads O'Neill has written a hugely important book here, that looks unflinchingly society's attitudes to women and to rape but one of my biggest takeaways is the internalised misogyny displayed by so many of the female characters. Because we do it too, we judge in precisely the places and ways we would most hate to be judged and, ladies, we need to do better and demand better. 4mo
TrishB Great summary, I love- hated this book. And the parents 😡😡😡 4mo
Moray_Reads @TrishB It's really well done but goodness, it's bleak and everyone's determination to do and say anything that made the situation “easier“ was terrifying 4mo
Kalalalatja Perfect review! This is one of the books that inspired me to write my thesis about rape victims decision to report the rape to the police. I got to tell this to O‘Neill last year at a book festival, and she was so nice! 4mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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This is definitely one of the most difficult novels I've ever read

TrishB Made me so angry. 4mo
Moray_Reads @TrishB so angry I feel sick 4mo
TrishB Yep, I won‘t say anymore until you‘ve finished though! 4mo
BarbaraBB Sounds horrible. 4mo
Moray_Reads @BarbaraBB it's a very difficult read but I admire O'Neill's unflinching approach. There's no sugarcoating here 4mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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When Emma O‘Donovan wakes up on her porch, naked and sunburned, #RumorHasIt she acted like a s**t and had sex at a party, while letting the guys take pictures of her. In reality, Emma was taken advantage of, raped, and humiliated, and this book is a look at how a girl reacts to such a treatment.


Cinfhen Sounds like such a hard read!! 8mo
Reviewsbylola Wow, so awful. Sounds like this book packs a punch. 8mo
ShyBookOwl This sounds like an important and powerful read... but that cover throws me 🤔 8mo
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Mdargusch Wow! Sounds devastating! Reminds me of that same type of thing that happened in Steubenville, Ohio awhile back. 8mo
ElishaLovesBooks Wow, that sounds intense! 8mo
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen @Reviewsbylola @ElishaLovesBooks it is tough, heart breaking, and it made me soooo angry! But, now with some professional insight into the subject as well, everything in the book is just way too common. It is sad, just sad... @ShyBookOwl don‘t let the cover scare you! The MC is described as a very popular, kinda mean girl type, which might explain the cover. Also, O‘Neill‘s other book also had a Barbie on the cover 8mo
ShyBookOwl @Kalalalatja interesting. Thanks! 8mo
Kalalalatja @Mdargusch it actually does have a lot of similarities to the Steubenville case, as far as I remember. Definitely a lot of victim blaming, a lot of shame and self blame, and a bit of loss of faith in humanity, as a reader 😔 8mo
Mdargusch I wonder if that incident motivated this author then? 8mo
Kalalalatja @Mdargusch I just found this article, where she, among others, mentions Steubenville as an inspiration https://www.google.dk/amp/s/www.thejournal.ie/louise-oneill-asking-for-it-interv... 8mo
emilyhaldi 😕 8mo
gradcat Again, another great choice. 8mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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Books read for this season! #booked2019

Female Detective: Aunty Lee‘s Deadly Specials
Fairytale Retelling: Ash
Reminds you of your Happy Place: From the Mixed up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Related to a Podcast: Adnan‘s Story
Irish Author: Asking for It
New to you Author: No and Me

Cinfhen Yay!!!! Well done 👍🏻 9mo
mhillis @Cinfhen Thanks!! Looking forward to starting the next set of prompts!! 9mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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Congrats on your milestone @Moray_Reads ???

I‘m trying not to be a cliché, so I‘m not going with P&P. Instead I‘m going with the tagged book, and its namesake by Kate Harding. I read the two books at the same time, and they motivated me to write my master‘s thesis on rape victims, and fuelled my dream of one day working with treatment of rape victims psychological trauma.


Moray_Reads I have both of these books on your recommendation but haven't been brave enough to read either yet 😣 I really hope they help to start you on your career the way that my choice helped me. Your turn will come. Thanks for entering ❤️ 13mo
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