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Sexing the Cherry | Jeanette Winterson

#Reading1001 4⭐️ really enjoyed this one although I can see why others might not like it.

As usual Winterson‘s writing is magical and really makes you want to believe everything her characters tell you.

Full review here https://www.goodreads.com/review/show/3148481346

Suite Francaise | Irne Nmirovsky
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This book is slowly growing on me. #1001books #reading1001 #tbr1001

CafeMom I am glad that it is slowly growing on you. 5d
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I spent a good part of my weekend listening to this audiobook and working on a puzzle. The puzzle was fun, the book not so much. I often found myself lost and rewinding to figure out what was going on in all the drunkenness. Sometimes, I kept listening because I just didn‘t care. In the end I read a few summaries and listened to some sections again, but I still don‘t care.

#audiobook #1001books #Reading1001
#ReadtheWorld #ReadingtheWorld #Mexico

jewright Ouch. 6d
ladym30 Your puzzle is lovely!❤️ 6d
arubabookwoman I had to read that in college, now nearly 50 years ago (I think the prof had done his PhD thesis on Lowry), and I hated it. It was a big mess. I can't believe it's still around! 6d
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ljuliel Such a nice puzzle 🧩! Very pretty. 6d
Daisey @ladym30 @ljuliel Thanks! This one was a lot of fun. 6d
Daisey @arubabookwoman I can‘t even really say that I hated it; I just could not get invested or stay focused. It has been interesting to read widely varied reviews. 6d
CafeMom Congrats on the puzzle. I am glad that Volcano is not on my list this month:) 5d
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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
📚 4 books finished this week! So far this year my reading has been very focused on book group choices, readalongs, and #ReadingEurope2020.

📖 #FellowshipofTolkien readalong
🎧 Under the Volcano #Reading1001
🎧 The Unwomanly Face of War
📖 The Magician of Lublin

📚 The plan is to continue my current books around a busy school week. I have a few in mind if I finish something.

Cinfhen You‘re making great progress!! Which countries have been your favorite books?? 1w
Daisey @Cinfhen Thanks! I appreciated Independent People but my favorite so far is a current buddy read. It‘s difficult and heart wrenching but so good! The author has lived much of her life in Belarus. 1w
Cinfhen I think that author wrote another book that‘s on my TBR 1w
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Cinfhen I‘ll look for your tagged book/ thanks 😊 1w
Daisey @Cinfhen She‘s written several that sound interesting. I went with this one for now because of the buddy read and audio access, but the first to catch my attention was 1w
Cinfhen Yes!!! I‘ve seen that title too!! Will definitely see what I can pick up from this author/ thanks 😊 1w
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#Reading1001 I have a conflict here I think what Levi is doing with this book is important but I don‘t think it belongs on a list that has “contributed to the development of the novel” because it is not a novel it is a non fiction historical book and if this is included why isn‘t Anne Frank?

That aside what this book does well is show how Hitler used language and forced behaviour to make one group of people appear like animals.

A tough read.

RachelO I hope you‘ve got some Sue Grafton lined up for your next book! 1w
BookwormM @RachelO you know me too well 🤣🤣I have just sat down to start reading S is for Silence 1w
sprainedbrain Huh. Why IS a nonfiction on the list? 🤔 1w
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#BookReport #DaiseysReadingWeek
🎧 Independent People - #ReadingEurope2020 #Iceland
📖 The English Patient

🎧 #ATreeGrowsInBrooklynBuddyRead
🎧 Hunger
📖 The Magician of Lublin (My at school book, so could be a slow read.)
📖 #CovertoCover postal book club book
📖 #FellowshipofTolkien Readalong

📚 Continue current reads
📖 Start The Girls at 17 Swann Street - #LitsyBookClub
🎧 Start 1 of these for #Reading1001

The English Patient | Michael Ondaatje
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Supper tonight included soup, salad, and finishing this book. It describes the experiences and memories of four people in an Italian villa just after the retreat of the Germans at the end of WWII. I was saddened yet fascinated by the war time experiences of each character and especially intrigued by the descriptions of dismantling bombs. The writing style took a while for me to adjust to, but I appreciated the vivid detail and literary allusions.

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She | H. Haggard
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Solid adventure story dated by its casual racism and sexism but apart from that a satisfying adventure story.

I swear some of the scenes in Indiana Jones came straight out of this book. Unlike in Indiana Jones our heroes are wise enough to question the desirability of immortality.

Ignoring her impossible beauty and looking at She as a woman this also contains a touching love story

CafeMom I have this book on my Kindle sounds like I should get to it. 3w
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Independent People | Halldor Laxness
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📚 Finished 3 books to end 2019

🎧 #ATreeGrowsInBrooklynBuddyRead (through chapter 14)
🎧 Independent People #ReadingEurope2020
📖 The English Patient #Reading1001 #TBRTakedown
📖 The Fellowship of the Ring #FellowshipofTolkien

I hope to stay on track with group reads, finish current independent reads, and move on to an upcoming as I finish one of similar format.

jewright I want to know if The English Patient is worth reading. 3w
Daisey @jewright I‘ve just started, but I‘ll be sure to let you know what I think. 3w
Cinfhen Great week and so glad to find a recommendation for Iceland 😁 3w
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BarbaraBB @Cinfhen It‘s a chunkster though 😀. If you want more options check out 3w
Cinfhen Ohhhhh, I don‘t want a chunkster 😝 @BarbaraBB thanks for your suggestion 3w
Cinfhen And it‘s a shortie @BarbaraBB !!!!!! 3w
BarbaraBB @Cinfhen definitely 😉 And it is beautiful - as is Independent People by the way! 3w
Daisey @BarbaraBB @Cinfhen I'm enjoying Independent People for the most part, but it's just over 20 hours on audio. 3w
Cinfhen I found anything more than 12 hours and I start to get antsy 🤪 3w
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My #JanuaryTBR. A lot of carry overs from December:

1 for #StarWarsBuddyRead
2 for #LMPBC
2 for #OokBOokClub

1 for #FellowshipOfTolkien
1 for #Reading1001
1 for #AuthorOftheMonth
1 New Release

and 3 Series I‘m STILL working on catching up on #SeriesRead

And as always, whatever doesn‘t get read moves into my February TBR pile. 😂

Crazeedi looks like you have a list of group reads like I do!😉 4w
Daisey The Grass is Singing is on my January list for #Reading1001, but so far down that I don‘t think I will be able to get to it. 4w
Riveted_Reader_Melissa @Daisey I don‘t know if I‘ll get to it either. I‘ve been really slacking with Reading1001 lately. 3w
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