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Library haul from today! I‘m starting with the tagged, hopefully I can read it and Ruin and Rising at the same time!

The Time Traveler's Wife | Audrey Niffenegger
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I‘m loving this 😍 I want a physical copy so I can reread 🙈

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The Vanished Birds!! Released today and I already read a chapter. I'm hooked. I can't contain my excitement - It's already so good and well written! So much heart to this book!! And geeze there's so many good books coming out this year. My TBR is shaking 😅

#scifi #fantasy #sciencefiction #space #timetravel #sciencefantasy #thevanishedbirds #2020

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Thanks for the tag @Eggs ! #thoughtfulthursday

• I have been going thru a myriad of medical tests to hopefully find a cause/cure to a lot of issues I‘ve had. I am very optimistic about it all so yes, the year has been good. No resolutions. One day at a time.
• Tagged, plus Single Thread, and wrapping up a few others I stopped reading for #wintergames
 @Come-read-with-me @Crimson613 @Scochrane26 @Curly_Caffeinated_Reader @GingerAntics 😘

MoonWitch94 Thanks for playing ☺️ 5d
Curly_Caffeinated_Reader Thanks for the tag ❤️ and I hope you get answers to your health issues. I known how frustrating that can be. 5d
Eggs 💕💕 Hope you get answers and a great solution💕💕 5d
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Ice storm has the world outside coated and the hubby is at work...so it's just me, coffee, a book, and (barely visible) a hound curled up in her recliner. 💜

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In the mix of this storm. Electricity flickering. Already spent some time under the stairs during the tornado warning (now expired).

So trying to read the tagged book to stay calm.

DaveGreen7777 Hope you get through the storm unscathed! 😔 7d
readordierachel Sending good thoughts. Stay safe. 7d
ljuliel Hope it‘s almost over and all is ok ! 7d
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LiteraryinLititz Hope it passes soon! 💜 7d
Crazeedi Stay safe!! 7d
Bookzombie I‘m hoping it passes quickly. Electricity flickered here as well. I didn‘t know about the tornado warning. 7d
bookwrm526 Stay safe!! 7d
Texreader @Bookzombie I‘m up in Canyon Lake. Family stayed in SA. There‘s a warning now near Seguin. (edited) 7d
JamieArc Stay safe! We‘re facing an ice storm this weekend, so crossing our fingers our electricity stays on and there isn‘t too much flooding. (Perfect weather for staying in to read though). 7d
Curly_Caffeinated_Reader Stay safe love! Hope it passes fast 🤞🏼🤞🏼 7d
Texreader It‘s passed us now! All safe! Think about our neighbors to the East (my parents) and north (my sister and her family). And all of you facing this storm up the I-35 corridor! Be careful out there. 7d
rabbitprincess A tornado warning in January? Yikes! Hope you‘re in the clear soon. 7d
WhatWouldJaneDo I'm in the middle of the same storm. Hope it passes you by with out too much trouble! 7d
Butterfinger Thinking of you and your family. 7d
Texreader @Curly_Caffeinated_Reader Thanks sweetie! Would you email me your address so I can send you something? My email is kamonsen @ aol.com 7d
Scochrane26 Hope you stay safe. 7d
GingerAntics We were in the same boat. I really feel like we‘ve had quite enough storms, tornados, and power outages for one 365 day cycle. 7d
mrp27 Stay safe! 7d
JacqMac Good luck and stay safe! 7d
valeriegeary Ugh.. Sounds stressful. ❤️❤️❤️ 7d
Eggs It missed us-whew-just thunderstorm and still raining 🌧 now 7d
Texreader @Eggs Thank heavens! I was thinking about you! And my family up in Round Rock. Glad you all are safe. 7d
Texreader @DaveGreen7777 @readordierachel @ljuliel @LiteraryinLititz @Crazeedi @bookwrm526 @Curly_Caffeinated_Reader @Butterfinger @Graciouswarriorprincess @Scochrane26 @mrp27 @JacqMac @valeriegeary Thank you for all the well wishes while this storm was overhead! It gave us a good soaking, that we needed, and some high winds. I‘ll assess the damage in the morning but the family is safe. And I thank you all for caring so much!! 😘 7d
Texreader @JamieArc Oh no! I hate ice storms! They are almost nonexistent here in San Antonio, but oddly we got them often enough only 90 miles north of here when I lived in Austin. Driving was treacherous and electricity was spotty. Stay safe and enjoy the reading weather! 7d
Texreader @rabbitprincess Thanks for the well wishes! Yes, it is a very odd time of the year for tornadoes! They are normally a spring nemesis. 7d
Texreader @WhatWouldJaneDo Hope you are well? We‘ve been through lots worse so I‘m hoping you are ok, too. 7d
Texreader @GingerAntics These sorts of storms scared the $&@/! out of me when I was a kid. My grandpa was picked up and dropped a ways away when he was little by a tornado. His sheer terror of storms rubbed off on me. Fortunately I outgrew that!! But it seems to me the Dallas area always gets these things far worse than us down here! I guess being closer to tornado alley? Maybe you should consider a move... 😉 7d
GingerAntics Actually, we are. lol I‘m not sure. When we first moved, I would have said Ft. Worth got hit worse. We moved just a few weeks before the Bank One building was destroyed by a tornado in Ft. Worth. I think we‘re getting more of them than Ft. Worth now. I was terrified of storms when I was a kid, too, even when we first moved here. I don‘t know if I just ended up desensitised or what. 7d
WhatWouldJaneDo @Texreader yes, just heavy rain and a lot of thunder and lightening at my house this time. Especially after Dallas got pounded so many times last year these storms really freak me out! 6d
Suet624 Goodness! Your grandpa! What a scary thing! Glad you are all okay. 5d
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“Thinking carefully is something that happens to other people.”

I love the humor in this book!

Crazeedi This is crazy! My daughter just recommended this book to me 3 days ago, she said it was really good! 7d
Texreader @Crazeedi Husband gave me the first 7-8 books for Christmas! 😁 7d
Crazeedi @Texreader aww! Lucky you! I'm definitely going to read 6d
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I‘ve read all of her Christmas short stories so now I start the series in earnest! I love her message at the beginning.

Crazeedi See my comment on your other post, I hear it's a great series! 7d
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This is a beautiful story. Quite enchanting. I listened to it, which I enjoyed, but I think I am going to read a physical copy of it at some point so I can enjoy the poetic writing a little more.

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