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The Secret Keeper | Kate Morton
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🤦🏽‍♀️ You guys, this was such a fail, but I forgot to report on my #twointhree challenge! School has picked up so quickly and I‘ve already been sucked into hundreds of pages of reading for my classes. On Labor Day weekend, I finished one book, and then I finished two books later that week.
PS, I was invited to join a local book club! Is there any higher honor than that??
 @Samplergal #college #bookclub

Samplergal Not a fail. You finished a 📚!! And a couple later. Enjoy your book club! 1y
tammysue How fun! 📚🤓📚 1y
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Lady Susan | Jane Austen
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Just under the wire! It‘s just barely still Monday here. Lady Susan was so much fun to read! #twointhree #ladysusanreadalong #janeaustenreadalong

Samplergal Congratulations 🎉🍾! 1y
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Radical Acceptance | Tara Brach
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I accept that I am not a Buddhist. I accept I don‘t practice. I also accept I am an incurable skeptic. So I continually attempt to test whether or not I know myself. I bet this is a super helpful book for some folks. It gave me a few things to think about, which I am always grateful for.
Book 2 for #TwoInThree!
A kind lady once recommended
More than a year later, I am free!

Catwoman: Soulstealer | Sarah J Maas
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So I didn‘t finish 2 for #twointhree @Samplergal but I got one done. Considering my track record for finishing books since school started I‘d say it was still a successful weekend! (Found out there was a neat poster in the back of the book!)

Samplergal It still was great finishing one! Congratulations! 1y
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Parnassus On Wheels | Christopher Morley
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Second book finished, but barely! This book was a fun read, and I'll definitely be rereading it sometime! #TwoinThree


BookNAround Such a fun one! 1y
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I'm a little behind on #twointhree but it's ok because I was doing other things like watching the entire first season of American Vandal (so funny) and hanging out with my dad.

I did read an entire 51k word fanfic. That counts right? Now I'm trying to finish this and there's so much 😭. @Samplergal

Samplergal Litsy police aren‘t on duty. All good! You finished one and hung out with your dad. #priceless 1y
Joy0201 ❤️❤️❤️American Vandal 1y
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The Queen of Blood | Sarah Beth Durst
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Samplergal It‘s 160 pages towards a finish. Litsy police are still at the beach. 🏖 No worries! 1y
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Moon Called | Patricia Briggs
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My #tbr stack. I've been lazying it up this holiday weekend and I've completed no books for #twointhree Oops 😳

#Stacks #SisForSeptember @CaliforniaCay

Samplergal But you‘ve stacked two, right? 😉 1y
madamereadsalot1 I love the Mercy Thompson series! 1y
MirrorMask @madamereadsalot1 That's good to hear!!! 1y
Tonton Great stack! 1y
MirrorMask @Tonton Thanks!!!😀 1y
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The Color of Magic | Terry Pratchett
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This was my second Pratchett book (the first being Good Omens, which I have read and recommended many times). This book is just a sort of introduction to Disc World by way of a series of escapes across the land and water. I thought I‘d have it read in one sitting but it took me a week. I hear that the other books are more fun so I‘m looking forward to them. Book one for #TwoInThree challenge

jmofo I do love when writers who work in jokes intimate feelings of futility. 1y
PickwickPlockPlock The later books are better! 1y
Graywacke I have some affection for these early books, but they are awkward starters. He‘s masterful later. Great quote. I‘ll be thinking about it at work tomorrow... (edited) 1y
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jmofo @Graywacke the consensus is that they improve. It‘s exciting to think better‘s coming. I had to start somewhere and I plan to attack the series in published order, unless you have a better suggestion. 😬 1y
Graywacke @jmofo no suggestions. I was going to read them in published order too, after having read several, but I got stuck in Wyrd Sisters, (which plays on Macbeth, which I haven‘t read) and stopped there. : / 1y
jmofo @Graywacke hrmm. That is interesting. I think the witches from Macbeth were in turn based on the three fates, who I dig thinking about. Have you read the Incarnation books by Piers Anthony? 1y
Graywacke @jmofo I‘ve heard the name Piers Anthony. But that sums up what I know about him. Fates - hadn‘t thought about that. I mean, of course... Maybe I need to give this book another try. 1y
jmofo @Graywacke honestly, the few incarnation books I have read were a bit disappointing for me but they are interesting reads so I‘ll probably finish the series. I‘m not a completist so that says something. I‘m up for buddyreads, usually, if you feel like picking up the Sisters in a bit. 1y
Graywacke @jmofo I‘m thinking about it...(worried about all my other reading. 😁). When are thinking if reading Sisters? 1y
jmofo @Graywacke it looks like Sisters is the 6th book, so if I‘m amazing November at the soonest. I‘m not generally that amazing, so if you want to read it after November, you call it and I‘ll get there. 1y
Graywacke Phew. I was afraid you were thinking like now. November works. But later also is fine, maybe better. I‘ll join when you‘re about to get started. Just message me. (I‘ve requested some annotated versions of Macbeth from the library. Maybe i‘ll read one and be really prepared. 🙂) 1y
jmofo Hoo dang @Graywacke that is ambitious and super cool. Have you seen the movie Scotland, PA? It‘s a weird take on Macbeth. Let‘s say late November at most earliest. 1y
Moray_Reads They get so much better! 1y
Graywacke @jmofo I haven‘t heard of the movie. Something to check out? 👍 on late November or later. 1y
Graywacke (there‘s a Macbeth read along this month...just noting. See @GingerAntics ) 1y
jmofo I saw that. I‘m not sure I can winch Macbeth in now but possibly this Winter. 😳 have fun with it, @Graywacke 1y
Graywacke @jmofo Readers delusion on my part. 1y
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