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Watched the series. But the books are even better!
Finished it during a nice #audiowalk

#audiobook #fishbun #yummy

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No Exit: A Novel | Taylor Adams
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Happy Friday! 🥑🍞☕️📚 #botm #noexit #coffee #avacadotoast #friday #yummy

RvnclawWhovian Love me some avocado toast 🥑 10mo
MoonWitch94 @RvnclawWhovian It was delicious 😋 My favorite breakfast by far! 10mo
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The Shack | WM. Paul Young
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Happy Sunday ! I finally get to relax and enjoy my book. #24b4monday #yummy #bookwithsnacks @TheReadingMermaid @Andrew65

Andrew65 Fishy snacks. 😊 12mo
thereadingunicorn @Andrew65 yes yummy ! 12mo
TheReadingMermaid I forget if I've talked to you about it or not, did you want to enter the giveaway sweetheart? 12mo
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thereadingunicorn @TheReadingMermaid that why I post this picture (: 12mo
thereadingunicorn @TheReadingMermaid thanks😊. Sorry I didn‘t know there way a hashtag 12mo
TheReadingMermaid No worries at all sweetheart. I got you covered 😘 12mo
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The Hound of the Baskervilles | Arthur Conan Doyle
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My son is learning a song in band called The Hound of the Baskervilles that he is very excited about and my daughter is obsessed with Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock on the Netflix show. Had to disrupt my Saturday on the couch to run out and pick the girl up from a movie so ducked into the used bookstore and grabbed these. They should go nicely with these graham cracker choc chip cookies I just made for the first time which are AMAZING. #yummy

Richryan52 Nicely done! 1y
GatheringBooks oooh! cookies and books - what can go wrong? 😘🧚🏼‍♀️📚 1y
Jbakesmcgee3 Go Green! 💚 1y
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Cogheart | Peter Bunzl
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Much needed after ugly cry from the last book! Oh yeah, homemade lemonade‘s included! #foodoflitsy #yummy

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Perfect meal to eat while watching the film adaptation on Amazon Prime! #yummy

HOTPock3tt 😋 yum! 1y
mabell Looks delicious! 1y
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Dinner and a book. Got a little ambitious for dinner tonight. I made shrimp and cheese grits. However, instead of using grits, I used riced cauliflower. Added a little wilted spinach and some turkey bacon. #Yummy #BookAndDinner

Aims42 Yum!! Are you enjoying your book? I have it on my TBR list 2y
LisaJo @Aims42 Just starting it tonight. I ate more that I read. Too soon to know whether it‘s good or not. The nice thing about a short story is that even if you don‘t like one, there‘s always a possibility you would like another. 2y
Aims42 @LisaJo yes, definitely 😁 2y
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The Candymakers | Wendy Mass
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Here it is @Reviewsbylola . Milk chocolate sponge candy. It‘s honeycomb toffee covered in chocolate and it‘s amazing! It‘s a Buffalo specialty. #yummy

BookBabe Omggggg!!! Buffalo NY? I need to try this! 2y
ReadingSusan Yummy!! 2y
tournevis We have the Crunchy candy bar up here, where is exactly this. And exactly delicious. 2y
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Mdargusch I LOVE sponge candy! 2y
speljamr I love my home town sponge candy! 2y
Reviewsbylola I was wondering if that‘s what it was. I have had it a few times. I have only had it from Kilwin‘s and they call it sea foam. Soooo good!! 2y
Texreader What is sponge candy??? 2y
emilyhaldi Omg love sponge candy!!! 2y
LeahBergen Yum. We have the Crunchie bar up here in 🇨🇦. Oops! I just saw that @tournevis said the same thing. 😆 2y
tournevis @LeahBergen Twice the Crunchie. I'm all for that! 2y
LeslieO @BookBabe Yes, Buffalo NY. 2y
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Untitled | Unknown
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I promise I‘ll stop after this one! Here are the dinner results with the cookbook! Everything is delicious!! 😋😋#IfYouCanReadYouCanCook #EatItAll #Yummy

Lova Which cookbook? 2y
ElishaLovesBooks @Lova Real Life Kosher Cooking (its not in the database) 2y
CoffeeK8 I‘m going to have to check this out. My son is super picky and I‘m always looking for new cookbooks to try with him. 2y
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ElishaLovesBooks @CoffeeK8 I hope it works out and you like it! It‘s so hard with picky kids! 2y
mabell Great job!!! (My mom took photos of me posing with my food too 😀) 2y
BarbaraBB Your girl is super cute! 2y
ElishaLovesBooks @mabell @BarbaraBB Thank you!!❤️❤️ 2y
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I tried the hot chocolate 🍫 by @tpixie in my new mug and it was delicious! Perfect for the cold days we have to suffer through here in Germany ❄️😊.

#weekend #sunday #mug #hotchocolate #yummy #cold #winter #catsoflitsy #cat

LadyChristy Giant mugs are the best! Bonus points if they are large enough to warm both your hands at once when you wrap them around! (edited) 2y
tpixie Fun! Lol your kitty 🐱 likes the peppermint smell! (edited) 2y
Christine11 I love the expression on your cats cute little face - so sassy ! 🤣 2y
thewallflower0707 @Christine11 she was so grumpy because I woke her up 😅 @tpixie I think she did she sniffed at it before that 😂 2y
tpixie Lol 😂 2y
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