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All Hallows' Eve
All Hallows' Eve: Hampton - The Final Battle | J. P. Carol
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The third book of the All Hallows' Eve series follows the characters back to their own dimension where they prepare to face and battle the Dark Dimension to preserve that which is theirs. But they are not alone. Their newfound friends both magical and ancient have returned with them to change the outcome of a battle that had foretold for centuries.
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I finally have a moment to post about my awesome #allhallowsread box! @wen4blu everything is perfect!! I‘m so excited for the books, especially Silent Scream. All of the other goodies are perfect. I‘m especially excited to have my own supply of chocolate peanut butter treats that I don‘t have to share with my kids. 😊😊 Thank you again!
And thanks @MaleficentBookDragon for an awesome swap!

wen4blu Hooray! Glad you liked everything! Happy Halloween. 1mo
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#AllHallowsReadSwap and #NightmareSwap packages are on their way! Both estimated to arrive by Friday. Fingers crossed they make it safely! 🤞🏽

LibrarianRyan yeahhhhh 1mo
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#basicwitchswap & #allhallowsreadswap in the mail! (along with my passport renewal).

Both boxes have some unwrapped items. ☠️ So no opening until 10/30 for #allhallowsread and 10/31 for #basicwitch

TheBookKeepers Eeeek yay!! So exciting!! 2mo
TheBookKeepers My box arrived! Will keep it stored until 10/31! 🍁🖤🎃 1mo
wanderinglynn @TheBookKeepers Yay! So happy it arrived! 1mo
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@MaleficentBookDragon is doing her #AllHallowsReadSwap !

Sign-Ups are OPEN for this year's #AllHallowsReadSwap - https://forms.gle/bB2ea3GQEkYB1njJA
until Sept.29th. Matches will be sent on Oct. 1st.
Opening day is OCT. 30th so we will all have a new scary book for Halloween.

This year I simplified it. Choose from 2 categories: 1 Book and 1 Goodie (like my #JolabokaflodSwap) -OR- Minimum of 3 Books and 3 Goodies.
Let's have some scary fun!

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@Joy0201 thank you so much for this amazing #AllHallowsReadSwap!! All of this is just so awesome!!!! I'm so excited!!


Sorry it took me so long to post I just got back from being at my sister's playing nurse for 2 weeks. Thank you again @Joy0201

Joy0201 Yay! So glad you like it! And hope your sister is well. 13mo
MaleficentBookDragon Yay! 🎃👻😈♥🦇 13mo
99problemsbutabookaint1 @Joy0201 my sister is starting to get there. It was hard leaving her but it was time to comhome to my kiddos! 13mo
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2nd part of my amazing story!Can you see all this? 5 books which I already love and 1 is signed?Scarf, kitchen towels, socks, notebooks, pencils, candle, book box full of candies?diet, I'm so sorry for you, and those figurines b/c I love El Día de Los Muertos since I watched Coco the movie!Can I read all the books today? I wish! Thank you again @ferskner I really appreciate everything! Thanks @MaleficentBookDragon for the swap#Allhallowsreadswap

EH2018 Amazing swap! Enjoy! 📚💕 13mo
Gissy @EH2018 Those books were in my tbr! I'm so happy to have them! Did you see all those chocolates? I have more in the fridge! 😱I'm going to gain 20 pounds☺️ 13mo
ferskner I'm so glad you like everything! I was a little worried about the books because I struck out on hardcovers, so I'm thrilled you're okay with them. 13mo
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gradcat Omigosh! These swaps are magnificent! I really must get involved, lol! 13mo
JoScho So many goodies 🖤👻 13mo
Gissy Thank you! @JoScho I'm worry, I don't know if you liked your gifts😬I tried to be practical since you said live in an apt? 13mo
Gissy @JoScho There two items from Society6 which is an online store with nice bookish items. I hope you like them🤞 13mo
JoScho I am waiting to open it when I get home. I am sure I will love everything!!! I love society 6. 13mo
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This is looking much more promising!!!
I am only missing 3 responses (and that may be my fault); everyone else has responded that they have sent their packages. Yay! 14 people have received theirs and let me know. Now make sure you tag me when you receive yours too.

I've emailed the three people I haven't heard from yet. There is still time for an overnight shipment before opening day on Wednesday.

Li_21 Still waiting for mine hopefully I get it soon! 13mo
m.galehuxley I‘m still waiting and also hoping that my match received their box! 13mo
Nazgul93 I'm still waiting for mine! 13mo
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Look what came in today. It‘s driving Josh nuts that I won‘t Open it.


@cewilf @MaleficentBookDragon

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👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽 Yay!!! Beetlejuice box for the WIN!! I can't believe it made it here in such good shape! 🎃🤘🏽🖤
Thank you @LibrarianRyan !! 🧡🖤🧡🖤🎃🎃🎃
Next week is forever away...
#AllHallowsReadSwap @MaleficentBookDragon

LibrarianRyan Yeah. Glad it made it. Don‘t keep it anywhere hot. Room temperature is okay but don‘t like keep it on the dryer. 13mo
Avanders @LibrarianRyan 😂😂 No worries, I don't usually store my packages on the dryer... 😂 But good heads up! I'll be sure to keep it out of that New Mexican sun! 🌞☀️💥🔥 13mo
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