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Oathbringer | Brandon Sanderson
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I finished another #ChunksterChallenge epic fantasy! (1248 pages). This was a very good continuation of the Stormlight Archive story, though not quite as strong as book 2, which was amazing. Still very very good and I really do love these characters! 4.5⭐️
#bookspinbingo bingo!

TheAromaofBooks Excellent work!! Over 1200 pages! That's intense!! 5d
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Its certainly a chunkster and, unfortunately, I found it rather a challenge!

I can‘t say I enjoyed much of it, but at least I can now say I‘ve read it! (All 1440 pages of small writing)

I didn‘t mind the ‘peace‘ bits so much, and some of the ‘war‘ bits were OK too, but a lot of the war stuff was a bit tedious.

Thanks for the push to get it finished! @Caroline2

TrishB Well done 👍🏻 3w
Librariana Wowsa! Quite the undertaking, but good for you! 3w
RaeLovesToRead It took me about 18 months to read this so good going!! 3w
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thereadingpal That's a huge ass book. Congrats for reading it! 3w
merelybookish Congrats! I was similarly underwhelmed. 3w
vlwelser I have this same edition. Mine looks so much worse. I think it moved a lot before I actually finished. 3w
Oryx Well done. 3w
sarahbarnes Congrats! Same - I was glad I read it but didn‘t love it. 3w
Caroline2 Well done! Yeah it was hardwork at times, wasn‘t it. 😒 3w
youneverarrived That‘s an achievement! I tried reading it once and had to bail. 3w
squirrelbrain Thanks @TrishB @Librariana @thereadingpal @Oryx - I‘m glad it‘s over! 😮‍💨 3w
squirrelbrain @RaeLovesToRead - I was aiming for a year (a chapter a day) but managed it is less than 6 months. It just felt longer! 🤣 3w
squirrelbrain Yeah, not the most thrilling of books was it?! @Caroline2 @merelybookish @sarahbarnes 3w
squirrelbrain Mine was from a charity shop originally @vlwelser so it‘s in pretty good condition, considering! 3w
Amiable Yay! Great job! 3w
EvieBee Hahaha! The so-so cracked me up! Congratulations nonetheless! ❤️❤️ 3w
squirrelbrain Thanks! @amiable @EvieBee - I definitely didn‘t want to give it a pan, and at least I stuck with it! 😁 3w
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Gone with the Wind | Margaret Mitchell
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Oh my gosh, I can't believe I am FINALLY finished with this one, which I started back in April as my #BookSpin pick for that month. This book gave me SO many mixed feelings and made me feel so many things that I have to give it a Pick even though I'll never read it again and I despised Scarlet. I'm not sure I've ever read a book where the heroine was so thoroughly self-absorbed and self-sabotaging. I did have a (very) reluctant admiration for ⬇

TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) her grit and determination, but then in the next paragraph she would do something so stunningly stupid that I just wanted to wring her neck. Also, Margaret Mitchell, what the heck was up with killing off those last two people in the last 50 pages?!?! I marked multiple passages/quotes in this story, found the writing to be incredibly compelling, absolutely fell in love with Melanie, heart and soul, and was thoroughly intrigued by this ⬇ 3w
TheAromaofBooks (cont'd) perspective of the Civil War and its aftermath. Although I found Scarlet to be brutally unsympathetic as a character, the writing here was so amazing that I stuck it out and finished all 959 pages. Glad to have this one off my list. Even though I definitely didn't love, I do think it thoroughly deserves its place on the Classics list.

#RoadTripUSA2022 - Georgia @megnews
#Fourfoursin22 - Unstoppable @lauredhel
TheAromaofBooks #ChunksterChallenge @Amiable
#BookSpin - April
#BigJuneReadathon @Clwojick
@Cinfhen just because you've been listening to me whine about this one for weeks! 😂
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thereadingpal It's a book I feel the pressure to read but won't read anytime soon 😂 glad you managed to finish it though! 3w
TheAromaofBooks @thereadingpal - Well, it took me a long time to get to it!! I've been trying to read more classics this year. I'm not sure I would have gotten through this one if I hadn't just been reading one chapter a day for most of it. That was about as much Scarlet as I could take! 😂 3w
thereadingpal @TheAromaofBooks 😂 she does seem annoying from your review! But good job. Also, most classics are intimidating but I should get into them too 3w
Chrissyreadit I did love this book 25 years ago- but also do not feel like I need to reread ever. The writing was stunning. 3w
Amiable Hooray! Congratulations for completing it! 3w
rabbitprincess Awesome work! I watched parts of the movie but have not felt tempted to read the book 😂 3w
Ruthiella Congratulations on completing this controversial chunkster! 👏👏👏 3w
Clwojick Congrats! Awesome job! 3w
UwannaPublishme I love your reviews! They crack me up. 🤣 Glad you can finally check this one off your list. 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 2w
TheAromaofBooks @UwannaPublishme - Thanks!! This one was rough going! 😂 I am really trying to work on reading some classics this year, though. My brain needs some exercise!!! 2w
UwannaPublishme Applause to you for all the classics you‘ve read this year! And I guess the sequel Scarlet is off your list???😱😉🤭😂 2w
TheAromaofBooks @UwannaPublishme - There's a SEQUEL!?!?!? 😵 2w
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@GinaKButler @CoverToCoverGirl Another one to add to future #ChunksterChallenge lists! It‘s 900+ pages.

bookishdawg Massie is a wonderful writer 👍🏻 3w
Amiable @bookishdawg That‘s good to hear—especially when you have 900 pages to get through. 😀 3w
CoverToCoverGirl Thanks for sharing and helping me grow my TBR list. 🦋🙂 3w
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Amiable @CoverToCoverGirl Always happy to share the Chunkster love! 😀 3w
KCofKaysville @Amiable Loved this book many years ago. Taught me quite a bit of Russian history 3w
Amiable @KCofKaysville Excellent! It‘s on my list for a future Chunkster Challenge. 👍🏼 3w
GinaKButler Ohh...I‘ve read Nicholas and Alexandria by him. It was fantastic! 3w
GinaKButler ...and, I was recently telling @Kelly326 that I‘d like to read more about Catherine the Great. Looks like he has a biography about her as well. 3w
Amiable @GinaKButler It looks like “Nicholas and Alexandra” is #3 in the series —I‘m going to have to read them in order! I‘m OCD like that. 😬😀 (edited) 3w
Kelly326 Nice… next year @GinaKButler. 3w
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June #bookspinbingo list. Lots of car time traveling for baseball tournaments this summer, so 5 audios on here. I should also finish Don Quixote my 2nd quarter #chunksterchallenge book.

TheAromaofBooks Yay!!! 4w
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I‘ve finally finished! A soft pick. I loved some of it, other parts felt like a slog. I defo prefer Anna Karenina. But sooo glad to have finished at last! #chunksterchallenge #buddyread

squirrelbrain Yay - well done you! 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
Caroline2 @squirrelbrain such a relief to finally be done with it! 😆 (I honestly think the BBC series was better! 😬) 1mo
jenniferw88 🎉🎉🎉 1mo
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BarbaraBB So good! 1mo
Cazxxx I‘m about 25% in and not loving it but not hating it either. I will finish it but I‘ve given myself til the end of the year and it‘s been easier as an audiobook 1mo
TrishB Well done 🎉🎉 1mo
Amiable HOORAY!! Great job! 1mo
MaureenMc 👏👏👏 1mo
ReadingRachael Yay!!! Yay!!! Currently working my way through this one too. Anna Karenina is one of my all time favourites….I don‘t think I‘ll like this nearly as well but it has been on my TBR for years so I‘m glad to finally be getting around to it! 1mo
Cathythoughts We‘ll done 👍🏻 1mo
Caroline2 @Cazxxx Yeah, I read a bit every day (and took a break for a few months) so it‘s taken me about a year to finish it!! 😆 🤦‍♀️ 1mo
Ruthiella Impressive! 👏👏👏 1mo
Biohaz74 Well done 1mo
Oryx Nice work! 1mo
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Words of Radiance | Brandon Sanderson
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This was phenomenal. I enjoyed book 1, but like all epic fantasy book 1‘s, it was heavy on world building and introduction of characters, so it took a long time to get to the action. This is 1300 pages of action and amazing characters. This is a beautiful high fantasy world and this book is added to my favorite reads of all time. I am a full on Sanderson fan now! 5⭐️
#Chunksterchallenge - 1310 pages!
#NSR22 - epic fantasy

TheAromaofBooks Woohoo!!! That's a serious chunkster!!! 2mo
Amiable Great job! My son loved this book, too. 2mo
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Infinite Jest | David Foster Wallace
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It all starts here…

Goal: 10 pages a day average. Wish me luck!


RaeLovesToRead @Branwen and I also tackling this one! If you tag me when you finish, I'll do you a #pickleschallenge post to celebrate 😉😀 It's a big one! 2mo
Megabooks @RaeLovesToRead oh awesome!! I plan to take a few months, so it would be great if you and @Branwen want to discuss anything we run into! And I‘d love a #PicklesChallenge post 🤩🤩 2mo
AmyG Good luck! If anyone can read this, you can.👊🏻 2mo
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britt_brooke That‘s a good plan! Please keep tagging me along the way. I hope you have a good experience! 🤞🏼 2mo
Cinfhen Good luck, Meg!!! I agree with @AmyG my $ is totally on you!!! 2mo
sarahbarnes I hope you like it! 2mo
Ruthiella Good luck! 👍. I found parts of it enthralling, but definitely a challenge as well. 2mo
LeahBergen Woohoo! 👏👏 2mo
BarbaraBB You rock girl! You can do this! 2mo
Megabooks @AmyG @Cinfhen @BarbaraBB thanks for the votes of confidence friends!! I‘m on page 17! 😀😀 2mo
Megabooks @britt_brooke I will! So far I like it. He has a rhythm unlike any author I‘ve read. @Ruthiella 2mo
Megabooks @sarahbarnes me too!! 2mo
Megabooks @LeahBergen so excited! 2mo
Amiable That‘s a good steady pace. You‘ve got this! 2mo
Megabooks @Amiable thanks for the vote of confidence and your advice in the past. 👍🏻😀 2mo
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I've been having a hard time adulting and instead living on Fraser's Ridge for the last couple of weeks. How do you keep from jumping right into the next book? Can you tell I've been living in that chair? Time to be in the present... for as long as I can stand it. #chunksterchallenge

LindaLappin great photo 2mo
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