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I wish I could remember who posted this book on their #Top21of21 list / it‘s REALLY GOOD!! Rob Lowe is adorable, self deprecating and super entertaining. Im loving hearing about his early years in Hollywood/ Malibu. #HooplaAudio

AvidReader25 I thought this one was excellent on audio! 9mo
Cinfhen I‘m equally captivated and smitten @AvidReader25 I‘m feeling like a 14 year old star struck tween 😌 9mo
LeeRHarry I just finished this one this week - enjoyed it a lot especially the chapters about The Outsiders. 😊 9mo
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Cinfhen I just listened to the part when Rob discusses how he felt after watching the film for the first time @LeeRHarry 😢it‘s such a great memoir 9mo
marleed I loved this and only read it last summer. Unintentionally, it was a great intro to Malibu and added to the fun of reading 9mo
Cinfhen Ahhhh, that is a great lead up to the TJR book @marleed I never watched the West Wing but I am SUCH an #EightiesGirl so I‘m LOVING all the Brat Pack stories & that‘s such an unfair label…. This group sounds super supportive of each other, which is so rare in Hollywood 9mo
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Wow @Chelsea.Poole How did this book miss my #ReadersRadar ?!?! It‘s SO gripping!! So glad the cover caught my eye on your #Top21of21 list 🤩 I think it‘s even better than Maybe You Should Talk To Someone. @KarenUK @Reggie I think this book might be to your liking - but there‘s some heavy stuff. #HooplaAudio

peaknit I‘ve been curious about this one! 13mo
KarenUK I actually just bought this one! I‘m super excited! 13mo
HeathHof I added this one to my TBR recently as well. 13mo
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Cinfhen I‘m only 40 % in @peaknit @Mynameisacolour but it‘s riveting!!! I know you‘re gonna be hooked too @KarenUK I think @Hooked_on_books might be interested and @Kalalalatja 13mo
AmyG I was fascinated by this book. The things her patients lived through was heartbreaking and mindboggling. 13mo
Cinfhen Yessss @AmyG I realize I take so much for granted 13mo
Chelsea.Poole It‘s underrated, for sure! And I agree, similar to the tagged, but for me even better. I would love to read more in this sub genre. Glad you‘re enjoying 😊 13mo
Kalalalatja I already have it stacked, it sounds so good! 13mo
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Libertie: A Novel | Kaitlyn Greenidge
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#HooplaAudio #ToB22ShortList Enjoying the narration & story 🎧A freed black woman who practices medicine in NY, in the 1800‘s and her daughter & apprentice Libertie. Gorgeous cover 😍

Megabooks This is up soon for me as well. I need to come up with a review for 1y
Cinfhen I‘m happy I‘m listening via #Hoopla @Megabooks because narration is great but story is a little odd 1y
Megabooks Her debut was odd as well 1y
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Cinfhen I vaguely remember hearing about that book !! I‘m sort of surprised Libertie made the shortlist 🤷🏼‍♀️ @Megabooks (edited) 1y
BarbaraBB I have my copy of this book too! First Matrix, then Libertie! 1y
Megabooks Her debut was thought provoking but I wouldn‘t say I liked it. 🤷🏻‍♀️ 1y
Megabooks I‘ll be surprised if I love this. 1y
Cinfhen Yeah @Megabooks at this point it‘s more background noise / I‘ll be curious to hear your thoughts @BarbaraBB when u get to it!! 1y
Cinfhen It‘s actually getting better @Megabooks / the beginning had magical realism which I don‘t like but now it‘s becoming more historical fiction, and I‘m liking that 1y
Megabooks Then I‘m not sure you‘ll like this re: magical realism. I‘m enjoying it so far. 1y
alisiakae I‘m reading this next, after I make it through my back-up #bakedgoodsoncover book since I bailed on the first one! 1y
Cinfhen It‘s not my favorite from the #ToB22ShortList @4thhouseontheleft @Megabooks but the audio is well done. 1y
KarenUK It is such a pretty cover 😍 1y
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Roxy | Neal Shusterman, Jarrod Shusterman
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My #NewReleaseTuesday books! Three library #audiobooks, then I preordered Lily King‘s latest in print. I‘ve loved the two others by her that I‘ve read, so it was a no-brainer to order Five Tuesdays!

I started with the tagged book. It is a really creative way of writing about the teen opiate crisis. I‘m digging it.

The other two were impulse holds, but I‘ve really been enjoying science writing this year, so why not! 😉

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Cinfhen I was surprised to see the King available on #HooplaAudio 1y
Cinfhen I will definitely #BorrowNotBuy as im not a fan of short stories 1y
Cinfhen Other books sound good!! 1y
Megabooks @BarbaraBB did you see that king has a new one? I know you loved 1y
Megabooks @Cinfhen I only like short stories in print, so I‘m glad to have this. And you know how I feel about short stories!!!! 1y
BarbaraBB Yes I did love Writers and Lovers but this is a short story book right? I wait for your verdict! 1y
Megabooks @BarbaraBB I started it and enjoyed the first story. Will tag you in my review. 👍🏻 1y
BarbaraBB Thanks! 🤍 1y
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“This is the story of a man in a green shirt, playing a piano amongst the rubble. The photo can never tell you about what came before and what came after.”
This.Book. 💔
I don‘t have enough adequate words. Simply inspiring.
“I am a pianist, not a political activist. My revolution is music.” 👇🏽#HooplaAudio

Megabooks You are knocking through these challenges girl! I thought it was good that I had six booked prompts done, but you are slaying these!! 2y
Cinfhen I‘m always a super star in January @Megabooks by March I‘m behind the pack 😜 2y
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Hooked_on_books This sounds like echoes of the Cellist of Sarajevo, which I thought was wonderful. 2y
Cinfhen Yes!!!!!! @Hooked_on_books I meant to include that reference in my review and forgot. Both books are wonderful and heartfelt. What gets to me, is the events in this book are less than 10 years ago😢 (edited) 2y
Hooked_on_books It‘s extraordinary and awful the events of our lifetimes. What inflicted horror we humans seem to like to prove over and over on one another. 😔 2y
Librarybelle I will definitely have to read this soon! 2y
TrishB I‘m assuming this is the same book? Great review ♥️ 2y
Cinfhen Oh wow!! Yesssssss @TrishB I guess UK version has a different title 2y
TrishB Not sure why- I‘m pretty sure people would recognise Syria more than Yarmouk. Kindle decent price 👍🏻 2y
Cinfhen I have a hunch the author, Aeham Ahmad probably wanted Yarmouk in the title as he doesn‘t really like giving the country of Syria any kind of attention / recognition @TrishB 2y
Kalalalatja I‘ll have to try and find the audio, your review has convinced me! 2y
Cinfhen I hope you find the audio @Kalalalatja it‘s really good and it knocks out a bunch of challenge prompts 😊😆 2y
TrishB Ah that makes sense. 2y
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an intense listen about Nora who is physically, mentally, and verbally abused by her father and about friends who are trying to save their friend. Found the audiobook on Hoopla #hooplaaudio #libraryreads