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Life With Books Is Just Better!
My favourite colour?? It‘s like asking for my favourite book...I Can‘t just pick one! I love them all! (Except for the tagged book which I haven‘t read yet)
So here are some of my favourite books in my favorite colour : #RainbowColor 🌈for #ColorMePretty #FavoriteColor
Sorry I‘m late as usual 😅🙈
#booknerd #bookish #bibliophile #readerslife #AussieReader #bookworm #bookwormsproblem 🤷🏻‍♀️📚

brit91 Love this!💖💖 4mo
BooknerdsLife @brit91 Thank you! 🙏🏼❤️🌈 4mo
janeycanuck Fantastic pillow! 4mo
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Matilda | Roald Dahl
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I have very sweaty hands, so sometimes when I read a hardcover without its jacket, the words on the bookspine got rubbed off afterwards. Last night I‘ve decided to hand sew (hate using sewing machine) my first #bookcover to protect the book & listen to this fun lovely #audiobook while doing so! This book never gets old! Not the best needle work but at least I can read my hardcover with ease☺️
#BookwormsProblem #booknerd #Bibliophile #readinglife

Megabooks That is so cute!! 4mo
Sarah83 Looks awesome 😍 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Megabooks @sarah83 Awww Thank you 😘💖 4mo
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Sarah83 I have a similar one with little owls. 😍 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 You use a bookcover too? 😍 I bet yours is much prettier 🤗 4mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife yours is pretty cute. I use my cover, when I travel. 😍 I have several book buddies. Do you know them? 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 Aww thank you! That‘s sweet of you. I think your book buddies is what we called booksleeves? I have a few of those and love them! A must when I travel too 4mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife yes. That's what I am talking about 😍 should I take a picture of my sleeves, when I am at home? 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 YES Please!!! 😍😍😍❤️ is love to see them! And your Folio collection too!!! 💖 4mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife will do 😍 4mo
Cathythoughts Beautiful cover ♥️ 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Sarah83 Can‘t Wait to see your photo 🤗💕 4mo
BooknerdsLife @Cathythoughts Thank you so much!!! 🙏🏼💕 4mo
erzascarletbookgasm Cute cover. I am a little obsessed with book sleeves though. I don‘t make them, I buy them 😄 4mo
BooknerdsLife @erzascarletbookgasm Thank you 🥰 Hahaa I‘m obsessed with booksleeves too 😂🙈 I might have more than a few which I bought them online as well 😆 This is my first ever attempt to make a bookcover as I was desperate to use it for my current read & I happen to have my daughters spare fabrics in the house (edited) 4mo
Sarah83 @BooknerdsLife do you want to see the whole shelf or do you want to read the titles? 4mo
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A Discovery of Witches | Deborah E. Harkness
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I can never say no to library books...especially where there are some new books that I've been eyeing at the bookstores! ...Even when my own pile of new & old #TBR books are giving me side eyes at home! 🤣🤣 #BookwormsProblem
Starting with The FlatShare with other ebooks
Do you see anything you like here?

#currentread #newbook #bibliophile #librarybooks #romcom #YA #Fantasy #Murder #Mystery #CozyRead #readinglife #AussieReader

BarkingMadRun Loved Discovery of Witches! 5mo
BooknerdsLife @BarkingMadRun Yay! I‘ve always wanted to try this series 😊 5mo
KirstieE I spy my current read !! 🧐 I think you‘re gonna enjoy it ☺️ 5mo
BooknerdsLife @KirstieE Hahaaa Yes!! Just your post too 😁 Now I‘m excited about reading it too 🙌🏼😄 5mo
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The Song of Achilles | Madeline Miller
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This is harder than I thought😅! But think I'm almost caught up now 😌
Here are some #BlueBooks for #30JuneBooks Some of them are my favorites and some are in my #TBR pile in my room. But none of them has an #UglyCover I'm afraid 😅
Do you see any of your favorite book? Or any on your next TBR too?
#Classics #JaneAusten #StephenKing #Shadowhunter #JaneEyre
#booknerd #bibliophile #readinglife #bookwormsproblem

TrishB Lovely pic 😁 5mo
Cathythoughts A lot of beautiful blues you have 💙 5mo
BooknerdsLife @TrishB @erzascarletbookgasm @Cathythoughts Thank you so much 🙌🏼💙🥰 (edited) 5mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz I love your layout! Beautiful! 5mo
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Sense and Sensibilty | Jane Austen
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"If a book is well written, I always find it too short."~
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

#30JuneBooks Day 2: #Shelves
Here's part of my other shelf with mostly Classics books...I haven't read all of them but I will...One Day! Sadly I buy faster then I can read! #oops & Hoping one day I can get a bigger bookshelf ?
#shelfie #bibliophile #booknerd #quote #Funko

Traci1 So pretty. ❤ 5mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime I love that Luna funkopop with the glasses! so cool! 5mo
SenatorMothma Is that... a LEGO Stargate?? 5mo
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StayCurious I love this shelf 5mo
BooknerdsLife @Traci1 ooh Thank you so much 😘💖 5mo
BooknerdsLife @SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime Aww thank you! I love Luna & that Luna Funko is my favorite too 💕 5mo
BooknerdsLife @StayCurious Aww thank you! 😘💕 5mo
BooknerdsLife @SenatorMothma Wow! Good eyes!!😱 Hehe that‘s from the LEGO Dimensions game 😆🙌🏼💙 5mo
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"Beware that evil in the woods..."
Was planning to read this in December (during holiday season) but just realised it's due back to the library soon... So might have to start earlier...
#librarybook #bookwormsproblem
#fantasy #TBR #readinglife #aussiereaders #bookquote #quotes #booknerd #TheGrinch #funkopop #lovereading #bookaddict #lovebooks

TheBookBabes This is my absolute favourite. You will love it. 12mo
BookaholicNatty I love the cover of this!!! I haven‘t seen this cover before! 12mo
BooknerdsLife @TheBookBabes That's so nice to hear :) I'm only at the beginning but really loving the writing already :D x 12mo
BooknerdsLife @BookaholicNatty Awww thank you :) I do love this cover too, think it's Aussie Edition? But we dont get any hardcover here tho, only paperback :( 12mo
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The Haunting of Hill House | Shirley Jackson
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Finished Spinning Silver on Friday and I'm now trying to decide what to read next (besides my other current reads!) Should I go for #Rebecca by #DephneDuMaurier or #TheHauntingofHillHouse by #ShirleyJackson ?? Heard so much about the Netflix series too. Should I read the book first even tho it's only loosely based on the book?

#Thriller #Horror #TBR #booknerd #bookwormsproblem #Halloweenread #bookandfunko #funkopop

twohectobooks I haven‘t watched the series yet but I HIGHLY recommend the book. Rebecca‘s great two. Jackson and du Maurier are two of my absolute favourite writers. 13mo
BooknerdsLife @twohectobooks I love them both too! That's why it's so hard to pick! XD Normally I'd read them both at the same time, but I'm already reading two other great books 🙈 I've decided to start The Haunting of Hill House first ;) 13mo
twohectobooks Awesome, hope you like it! (Also just noticed the typo in my previous comment, yikes!) 13mo
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BooknerdsLife @twohectobooks Thank you! I‘m sure I will :) Hahaa😆 that‘s ok. I made tons of typo everyday too 🙈🤣 13mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz Been wanting to read Rebecca like forever! And I like the cover you have! 12mo
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz Ooooh Me too!!! Been wanting to read Rebecca after My Cousin Rachel but been distracted by, thus pushed back by other books each month! 😓 Thank you😘 I love this edition too! 😍 12mo
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Crime and Punishment | Fyodor Dostoyevsky
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Just saw these two at Costco the other day!!! 😍 Why didn't I see them before ordering the more expensive copies online?? 😭😭 Anyone else collect this #WordCloudsClassics edition?
#BookwormsProblem #booknerd #bibliophile #tbr #classicsread #russianclassics #lovebooks #lovereading

AWildMandaPanda I have two boxed set collections and I love these editions :) 1y
BooknerdsLife @AWildMandaPanda aww I love those box sets! They are gorgeous! 😍 1y
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Anna Karenina | Leo Tolstoy
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Here's what my bedside table looks like😩🙈 I know, horrible!!! 3 Piles of books, both read and unread cause I can't sleep without them🤣 (plus I simply don't have anywhere else to keep them) Im desperately in need of some new bookshelf😭
What books do you have on your nightstand?
#readinglife #bookwormsproblem
#TBR #currentread #bookworm #booknerd #StephenKing #VBSchwab #lovebooks #lovereading

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Untitled | Unknown
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Right? 😂
Happy weekend to you all 🤗💖 Hope you all got some reading done and better yet, got some great book hoarding ..
Oh I mean books haul done as well 🤣🤣💖
#bibliophile #bookworm #bookwormsproblem #booklover #AussieReaders #ReadingLife

Sophoclessweetheart Enjoy your weekend 🖤☀️ 1y
BooknerdsLife @Sorceryandswords thAnk you darling😘💖 you too! 1y
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