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Ninth House | Leigh Bardugo
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One of my resolutions for this year is to heavily restrict my book buying. I kinda went into a bit of a panic at 23:50 on New Year‘s Eve... these arrived today 😂 #haul #oops

The Most Fun We Ever Had | Claire Lombardo
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(Leaving dentist) Brain: "don't do the bad thing, don't go to the bookshop."
(Walking into bookshop) Brain: "don't do the bad thing, don't buy the books."
Brain (resigned): "fine, but if you're going to do the bad thing, at least don't buy more th- ...oh screw it, I quit."

#bookhaul #bookspree #oops #sorrynotsorry

Amiable Ha! Literally my brain every time I am within a 5-mile radius of the bookstore! 😀 4mo
AmyG My dentist is NEXT to a bookstore...an amazing one, too. I have an appointment on Thursday. 😳 4mo
Ruthiella I wouldn‘t be able to resist the temptation either! 😀 4mo
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Cathythoughts Nice stack. I like your taste . I‘m reading Broken Harbour by Tana at the mo. Love her (edited) 4mo
LauraAndTaraAndBooks @Amiable @Ruthiella 😆 glad I'm not alone! You guys are so great at assuaging my (admittedly short-lived) guilt 4mo
LauraAndTaraAndBooks @AmyG eagerly anticipating Thursday's bookhaul pic!! A reward is definitely deserved after visiting the dentist. 4mo
LauraAndTaraAndBooks @Cathythoughts thank you! I'm looking forward to checking out Tana's Dublin Murder Squad books after reading The Wych Elm. Apparently it's quite a different style though? 4mo
AmyG Ha! 2 new teeth...I may not be able to afford any books. 🤣 4mo
LauraAndTaraAndBooks @AmyG oh no! Will be thinking of you 💛 4mo
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On Chesil Beach | Ian McEwan
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Beginning so many and not finishing any #oops
#mygame #currentlyreading

Crazeedi I'm guilty🙄 4mo
AmyG Ha...I do that, too. 4mo
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SaturnDoo 🙈🙉🙊I'm guilty. 🤔 I need to have a personal readathon and challenge myself to finish them 🤣😂 4mo
LeahBergen Happy Birthday! 📚📚📚 4mo
ephemeralwaltz 💗@LeahBergen aaah thank you so much! 💗 4mo
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Book haul! Meaning I walked into Walmart for two things and came out with four. #oops

#ssdgm #bookhaul #newbooks

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It may look like I haven‘t been reading, but I have. Going through some judging books currently and probably shouldn‘t be posting them as liberally as I have done in the past. #oops but I received this book from Netgalley and it‘s out in Canada and the US next week, so here is my review https://trishtalkstexts.wordpress.com/2019/07/11/review-the-gamers-guide-to-gett... short version: I liked it a lot. #blogging #trishtalkstexts #reviews

Oops!-- I Did it Again | Britney Spears
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This is a formal recognition I did an oops on my post for DS9 4.19 #TheBarAssociation. It's not Venice. It's Florence. Talk about a brain fart. Sorry folks. Florence = Firenze = Ferengi. Oops. I was thinking about it this morning and then it dawned on me. What had I typed! I know better! 😩 😩 😩 #startreksummerjune #oops

Megabooks Whoops!! That makes a lot more sense! 7mo
tournevis @Megabooks I know! *kicks herself more* 7mo
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Sense and Sensibilty | Jane Austen
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"If a book is well written, I always find it too short."~
Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility

#30JuneBooks Day 2: #Shelves
Here's part of my other shelf with mostly Classics books...I haven't read all of them but I will...One Day! Sadly I buy faster then I can read! #oops & Hoping one day I can get a bigger bookshelf ?
#shelfie #bibliophile #booknerd #quote #Funko

Traci1 So pretty. ❤ 7mo
SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime I love that Luna funkopop with the glasses! so cool! 7mo
SenatorMothma Is that... a LEGO Stargate?? 7mo
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StayCurious I love this shelf 7mo
BooknerdsLife @Traci1 ooh Thank you so much 😘💖 7mo
BooknerdsLife @SoManyBooksNotEnoughTime Aww thank you! I love Luna & that Luna Funko is my favorite too 💕 7mo
BooknerdsLife @StayCurious Aww thank you! 😘💕 7mo
BooknerdsLife @SenatorMothma Wow! Good eyes!!😱 Hehe that‘s from the LEGO Dimensions game 😆🙌🏼💙 7mo
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Ambush at Corellia | Roger MacBride Allen
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I really need to stay off eBay. #oops

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Looooooook! A #kindledeal!! ❤️ ❤️ What a fantastic deal! Thank you for sharing @Jas16! 😘😘

BookwormAHN Thanks for sharing 😺 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @BookwormAHN you're welcome! ❤️ ☺️ 8mo
Well-ReadNeck Got it! Thanks!! 8mo
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Jee_HookedOnBookz @Well-ReadNeck yayyyy! You're welcome! ❤️☺️ 8mo
Geeklet Thanks! Just snagged it! 8mo
Soubhiville Thank you for sharing! I e been waiting for this deal! 8mo
BooknerdsLife Oooh!!! 😱 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @Geeklet yes! 💃🏽🎉 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @Soubhiville you're so welcome! Hahaha guess what I wrote the same thing after @Jas16 posted it! Hehe💕 8mo
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz just realised I have this ebook on my kindle already 🤣🙈 #oops 8mo
BooknerdsLife @Jee_HookedOnBookz oh...and it‘s not on sales for us :( it‘s AU$15.99 on kindle Australia 😣 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @BooknerdsLife hahahaha good then! Looking forward to know what you think of it once you get to it! 😊 How are you my friend! 8mo
MusicallyMorgan I saw this at my library today and almost picked it up. Now I‘m going to have to go back for it! 8mo
Jee_HookedOnBookz @MusicallyMorgan go go go! 😁💃🏽 8mo
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I‘m actually kind of mad about how good this was, because it was 630-odd pages, and the other books are longer, and I don‘t have time for this!! 🤣😜 #howjessreadsin2019

tina_b.ooks This has been on my TBR-List forever, maybe I should finally get to it 9mo
RainyDayReading I loved this book so much! 9mo
rretzler It has also been on my TBR list forever, but I‘m now reading several series at 600+ pages, so I think I‘m still going to put it off for awhile. One can only take so many chunksters!😝 9mo
BooknerdsLife Oh this one been on my TBR for years too!!! 😂😅 But I just started a 880 pages book #oops so this one will have to wait...again 😆 9mo
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