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Hidden Bodies | Caroline Kepnes
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I'm giving this a #canteven because I can't even stand to put it down. Caroline Kepnes is a genius in her style and the creation of #joegoldberg I have about 100 more pages to go, so unless the ending is trash this already is a 5 🌟 in my mind

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Darkside: A Novel | Belinda Bauer
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Not for me. 😒 Soooooo boring. I should have bailed 🗑. Was hoping the end would be rewarding 🤦🏻‍♀️. Don‘t think I will follow this author. #bail #pan #belindabauer #darkside #boring #wasteoftime #canteven #notforme

The Fountainhead | Ayn Rand
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My #bookhaul from my trip with @TracyReadsBooks ! Always a fun time! Such a good stack and all the books but The Fountainhead were on sale! And this “rocket” bookmark was made and given to me when I got home from work by my 7 year old son because he “knows how much I like bookmarks for my books.”🥰♥️😍 #canteven #mamasboy #helikesreadingtoo

DivineDiana What a thoughtful gesture of love! ❤️ 11mo
ElishaLovesBooks @DivineDiana thank you! I thought so too! 💕 11mo
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Where the Amazon original series fails, I had hoped the book would deliver. I'm so disappointed. Life is too short to read a bad book. I love the idea--this surmises the Reich had won the war--the US is divided between Japan and Germany. The Amazon series has plot holes to drive a Mac truck through. Phillip K. Dick annoyingly verbose. #nope #canteven

Pride & Prejudice | Jane Austen
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This book introduced me to the most laughable #stupidman in literature - Mr. Collins!

This is a song from Danish National Treasure, Thomas Helmig. I‘m not his biggest fan, but he does make some catchy pop songs. If you want to have a listen, then here‘s a link for you https://youtu.be/q9Wt4MAPv0A

Disclaimer: the song and video is from 1994, not all Danes look like this 😂 #SeptemberDanes

LeahBergen Thank God for your disclaimer! 😂😂 (His little beaded necklace 😂😂). 1y
Avanders When I click on the link, it says it's not been made available for my country? 🤷🏽‍♀️ I've never seen that before! 1y
erzascarletbookgasm Poor Mr Collins! And your disclaimer 😂, he‘s actually not too bad, dress sense, considering the era (those tight curls 😂) 1y
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Lcsmcat @Avanders I got the same message. I‘ve never seen that before! 1y
DivineDiana @Lcsmcat @Avanders As did I ! 🤔 1y
Moray_Reads So 90s! And what is going on in that video?! 😂😂 1y
Kalalalatja @Avanders @Lcsmcat @DivineDiana that is so weird! It seems to only be for Americans 🤔 I have no idea, why it should be a problem, but if you want an idea of what he looks like, a quick google of Thomas Helmig should give you plenty of wonderful 90s pics 👍 1y
Kalalalatja @LeahBergen I can‘t even deal 😂😂😂 @erzascarletbookgasm the worst part is, he still looks kinda the same 😂 @Moray_Reads I have no idea! Today was the first time I watched it, and it made noooo sense 😳😂 1y
Cinfhen ReAlly??? Pride & Joy!?!? 😂😂 1y
Kalalalatja @Cinfhen what can I say, some even find him “hot” 😂 #canteven 🙄 1y
DivineDiana @Kalalalatja Found him singing the song in 2008! 1y
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The Vanishing | Sophia Tobin
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I‘ve read two books with creepy houses and the EXACT SAME TITLE and I didn‘t realize until later! Does this kind of stuff happen to you???

#sametitle #vanishing #coolbooks #canteven

GypsyKat That‘s crazy! 1y
Reviewsbylola Ha! I‘ve read the tagged book and the other is on my TBR. How funny! 1y
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Super excited to finally get into food wars! especially because it‘s the first manga I‘m reading. Knew it was about the culinary world but I wasn‘t expecting recipes to appear while reading 😂😂😂😂

#manga #cooking #foodwars #culinary #recipe #canteven #mpls #twincities

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From #canteven in the morning to #bookhaul in the evening! #moosemoose has arrived and I officially have too many books to read. I‘d better step up my #audiowalk game!

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How can anyone get any reading done with so much cuteness taking up all the space?

#canteven #readingvacation #relaxing #dogs #summerbreak #champaign #IL

The Beauty | Aliya Whiteley
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🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤This is the weirdest thing I‘ve ever read. A blurb on the back is the best description I think. “The brilliant gender-bending, post-apocalyptic horror fable the world needs right now. This book messed me up in the best way possible.” #sogood #love #canteven #genderbender #discoverthebeauty #brilliant

BarbaraTheBibliophage Sounds awesome! 2y
readordierachel That description and that cover 😍 I'm sold! 2y
ohyeahthatgirl I covet this book so much. My library doesn't have it yet so I feel like I'm going to have to cave and buy it. 2y
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