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Today‘s #LetsTravelAugust prompt had me singing Pure #Imagination this morning #Earworm.


OriginalCyn620 ❤️🎶🎶🎶 5mo
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I'm 100 pages in to Jules Verne's classic and STILL have the theme from the 80s cartoon playing in my head 😆 #earworm

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When you break out your 90's technology to watch/listen to a classic 90's rock opera. Seems apropos.

🎶five hundred twenty-five thousand six hundred minutes 🎶 #earworm #Rent #saturdaynightplans

Reecaspieces ❤️❤️❤️ 11mo
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📖 Angels Dance and Angels Die

📽 10 Things I Hate About You

🎼 Remember (Walking in the Sand) - The Eden House version

💘 #manicmonday @JoScho

JoScho 💘💙💘 11mo
AnansiGirl @JoScho I may have to change song to Bon Jovi after reading other littens choices. 😂 #earworm 11mo
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Asking For It | Louise O'Neill
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Emma is a real #BarbieGirl with everything going for her until she ends up on her porch completely naked and with a big hole in her memory.

#SeptemberDanes has begun, and I‘m already enjoying seeing all your post! Also, if you haven‘t done yourself the favour of watching the Barbie Girl music video, you should. 3 minutes of pure 90‘s joy! https://youtu.be/ZyhrYis509A

emilyhaldi This song brings back so many memories!! 😆😆 1y
Cinfhen This was my friend‘s ringtone for years!!!!!!! 1y
Kalalalatja @emilyhaldi I remember dancing and singing along to this as a kid, and not knowing a word of what it meant because I couldn‘t understand English yet, I just thought it was about Barbies 😂😂 @Cinfhen That could either be really great or really terrible! #earworm 😄 1y
Cinfhen It was soooo cheesy but perfect for this friend 💕 1y
Cathythoughts Good book ! Perfect for prompt too 1y
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Lessons from Ducks | Tammy Robinson
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@DuckOfDoom #ducksandbooks #giveaway Glad you‘re feeling better! One of my family‘s fav time wasters is this impossibly catchy song about a persistent 🦆 #earworm #hazelwood

BookishTrish The books you‘ve chosen look amazing! I‘d like to be entered to win 2y
Jennick2004 OMG...a duck walks up to a lemonade stand...my kids sing this all the time 😝 2y
BookishTrish @Jennick2004 Mine too. And sometime my dad too. 2y
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benchley1 Do you think this store, has any lemonade? Fraking love this song 2y
FantasyChick My kids went through a faze where they played this song constantly...my poor ears. It's just so damn catchy though 😂🐥🍋🍇 2y
sammisho "Hey got any grapes" This will now be stuck in my head all day. My kids love this song 2y
TK-421 And he waddled away.. waddle waddle 🎶🦆 2y
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This morning one of us was working & one of us was 'helping"--otherwise known as napping next to me. ?Max says Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Although he thinks that every day should be known as "Love Your Kitty Master and Give Them Ahi ?Treats Day." ?(It's not like he's demanding or anything!) ? ?#catsoflitsy ?❤️

Dolly 😻😹 2y
rubyslippersreads Now the song from "Evita" is stuck in my head. #earworm #blameitonmax ? 2y
AmyG How could anyone not love Max? 💕 2y
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CoffeeCatsBooks Cutie! 😻😻 2y
LauraBeth If Max only knew how many people from around the world love him 😻 2y
DebinHawaii @Dolly 😽💜 @rubyslippersreads Hah! Sorry--I was singing it all last night! 🤣 @AmyG He is pretty lovable--especially when sleeping! 😹 @CoffeeCatsBooks Thank you! 😻 @LauraBeth Shhh... we don't want him to get a bigger ego! 🤣😹 2y
TNbookworm ❤Max 2y
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Pulled this book out for a challenge on a book review group on LibraryThing. Ever since then, I've had the song "When the Idle Poor Become the Idle Rich" (from the movie Finian's Rainbow) stuck in my head ? #earworm

Lcsmcat And now in mine. 😂 2y
rabbitprincess @Lcsmcat SO GLAD I'm not the only one who knows that song 😂 2y
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The MC‘s nickname is Boober and every time someone calls him that, this image flashes into my head and I start singing the Fraggle Rock theme song. 🎶dance your cares away🎶 #earworm

(Photo from Google)

Zelma I used to adore that show. 😍 2y
Andrew65 👍 2y
julesG 😁😁 2y
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ErickaS_Flyleafunfurled Boober was my fave! 2y
LeeRHarry This post reminds me of my brother's rather lewd version of the theme song - funny but wrong and not repeatable on Litsy 😏 2y
AmandaL I loved that show! 2y
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All the Bright Places | Jennifer Niven
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First thing I thought of and it‘s pretty spot on for the prompt #tuneintonovember #pinchme ALSO: thanks guys for making me remember these songs. #earworm