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The Light Between Oceans | M. L. Stedman

Wow. This book. Absolutely beautiful and so emotional. I. Just don't know how else to explain my feelings for this book but it will always be a favourite for me

Hello Lighthouse | Sophie Blackall
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#Movember Day 9: #LaIslaBonita reminded me of this Caldecott Medal book. Fats‘ review: the book “is a beautiful tribute to lighthouses and lighthouse keepers around the world. Written in verse, the book portrays the duties of a lighthouse keeper: tending the light from sunrise to sunset, sounding the signal to warn ships when it‘s too foggy, doing household chores, meticulously recording what happens each day in a logbook.” https://wp.me/pDlzr-k0t

mdm139 Loved this book 3d
TracyReadsBooks Absolutely love this book and the fantastic illustrations! 3d
Cinfhen I remember this gorgeous book 😍🤩🥰 3d
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The Light Between Oceans | M. L. Stedman
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I‘m posting this in response to @ljuliel ‘s Challenge to #LetsKeepLitsyActive by posting a book that moved us emotionally.

Could post many but The Light Between Oceans challenged my moral compass and made me cry long ugly tears! 😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢 Such a great book and stayed with me. ❣️😍

What book moved you emotionally? Amy emotions. #BooksMoveUsEmotionally

TheBookHippie I‘ve thrown a few books in my day as all #BOTMBUDDYREADERS know. However Girl in Pieces had me sobbing in recognising myself as a teen and all the teens I mentor now and in the past 5d
Andrew65 @TheBookHippie Can certainly see why! And I always worry about your walls and ornaments. #ChuckMyBook 5d
TheBookHippie @Andrew65 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I‘ve only debated books so far ...😱 5d
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Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks I‘ve stacked it. 5d
EadieB @Andrew65 I was moved emotionally by 5d
Andrew65 @EadieB That‘s one I haven‘t read yet, think I am in the minority. 5d
Andrew65 @Alwaysbeenaloverofbooks This is another I need to get to. 5d
OriginalCyn620 Thanks for the tag @Andrew65! When I think of books that moved me emotionally, dog stories come to mind, the first one being 5d
Crazeedi This year this one, but there are others... 5d
TheAromaofBooks Gah, this book got me, too! I thought the author did a really amazing job making Isabelle a sympathetic character even when I disagreed with her. I cried buckets over this one. 5d
Crazeedi Also this one stuck with me because I couldn't believe someone who grew up in these circumstances made something of herself 5d
MrBook 😁👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 5d
Cinfhen I LOVED your tagged book!!!! This one tore me up 5d
Andrew65 @Cinfhen Yes same for me with Sarah‘s Key! 4d
Tove_Reads I read it on the train, but had to stop because I kept on crying. Had to finish the book and the crying at home instead. 4d
Tove_Reads This one is nearly impossible to process 4d
Andrew65 Some great books to explore. Thanks @Tove_Reads 4d
gradcat @Andrew65 It‘s the memoirs for me, like @crazeedi ... particularly the tagged book & “Mayhem” by Sigrid Rausing. Great convo topic, Andrew! 👍 3d
Crazeedi @Cinfhen @Andrew65 I have Sarah's key on my shelf, have picked it up and didnt know if I wanted to cry yet.... 3d
Crazeedi @Tove_Reads wow so many I haven't read! 3d
Andrew65 @gradcat @ljuliel started it I just sought to support her by spreading it. 3d
Andrew65 @Crazeedi I got quite angry in this book. What some citizens can do to others! 3d
ljuliel Thanks Andrew ❤️ 3d
Crazeedi @Andrew65 I totally get rhat 3d
Cinfhen It‘s definitely an #InfiniteTissueRead @Crazeedi you could read it for #Booked2020 #ABookAboutGenocide 3d
Crazeedi @Cinfhen thanks for suggestion!!! 2d
gradcat @Andrew65 Where are these prompts? I have to admit, I‘m really out to sea on this ... all of this is in aid of #KeepLitsyActive right? 1d
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This was my #readharderchallenge #cozymystery. For what it is, it was a fine little read, though I discovered that cozy mysteries are not my thing.☺️. Is it a requirement that they talk about food so much? I also thought the middle of this book dragged on a bit where there was no progress toward “solving” the mystery and just a lot of talking about it. But it was a light enjoyable listen.

Hello Lighthouse | Sophie Blackall
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This HF book follows a lighthouse keeper throughout the years. His life changes drastically as time goes by, but the lighthouse remains constant. The illustrations created by Sophie Blackall won her the 2019 Caldecott Medal. This book would be great for PR & RA. UDL 1.1, “Offer ways of customizing the display of information,” works here, because each page is so different than the last in terms of how the information is organized. #UCFLAE3414F19

JennaMichelleCohn ESOL strategy 42, “Have students use timelines to arrange and sequence important facts and information,” would work well here because the story takes place over many, many years, and there are a lot of events that take place throughout these years. 6d
JennaMichelleCohn https://www.hachettebookgroup.com/landing-page/hello-lighthouse-educator-guide/ I really like this website, as it provides a great guide to having students get into the mind of a lighthouse keeper (or engineer) and use that creativity to write narratives and letters. 6d
Tinks I love lighthouses, but your brief synopsis reeled me in with wanting to read it. 6d
katiehamlin This book looks so good, I want to read it! The resource seems really good for this book. 5d
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The Light Between Oceans | M. L. Stedman
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I‘m resurrecting my book bowl (I didn‘t have a jar) in an effort to help me focus on books I own. I love and use the library so much that I neglect the books I have on my shelves to read. I also have a hard time picking books from my own shelves so the book bowl will help.

bookful I do the same thing!👏👏 @Bookzombie 7d
Karkar Do you ever pick one out and say nope, then you pick another one and another one? I feel like this could be an issue for me. Lol 😂 I am so bad at sticking to something like this. 7d
Bookzombie @Karkar Yes, I have and will probably again. Lol. It‘s definitely not a fool proof plan. 🙂I also have had my husband pick it. 7d
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Bookzombie @bookful 🙂 Do you always stick with your first pick? See @Karkar ‘s comment above. 7d
marleed library books are like dipping into someone else‘s cookie jar! Since book fitness challenge round 2, I started a commitment that‘s worked well. For every 2 Library books I must read one book off my shelf. It‘s actually kind of fun now. 7d
Bookzombie That‘s a good commitment. I might have to do something similar. 7d
bookful I stick to the ones I pick, I pick 7 out a cup and then see which ones i want to read out the 7, I dont throw it back in and I get excited if the ones I pick I want to read , I have books I bought I need to read those before any more purchases lol @Bookzombie 6d
readordierachel I like that idea @marleed ! 6d
Eyelit Same!!! I need to give my library a rest for a bit and focus on my own books. The jar idea is a good one! 5d
Bookzombie @Eyelit I can‘t take credit for the jar idea. I saw it somewhere years ago. 🙂 It‘s so hard to not pick up library books. 5d
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The Light Between Oceans | M. L. Stedman
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